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Here we are looking at a dusty road with only one vehicle on it. A bus to be precise. This bus was being driven by a large gut that seemed to be smiling the whole way where one could see his golden tooth.

"Alright time to wake up back there. It's a new day full of opportunity!" The man says with a slight accent to the five people riding in the back of the bus.

One of these people was a small man with a brown leather head piece with goggles with red lenses. He had on some leather body armor and boots with gloves. He also had a sword on his back. His name was Mordecai or known as "The Hunter."

Another one was a dark skinned man. he wore a dark shirt with an armor piece on his shoulder. He had a skull tattoo on his right forearm. He had on a black ski hat with goggles on it. His pants were Black and he on combat boots. He had on a red scarf as well. His name was Roland or known as "The Soldier."

The next was the only woman in the group. She had red hair that was styled to the left. She had golden eyes and wore a blue shirt with a red under shirt that showed her figure. She had pale skin and wore tight brown pants. She had on combat boots. She had blue spiraling tattoos over her left arm and chest signifying that she was a siren. This woman's name was Lilith or known as "The Siren."

The fourth man was a huge mountain of muscle known that wore a light blue shirt with black designs on it. He had on jeans and combat boots. On his hands he had gloves that had screws and nails over his knuckles. His head was shaved and he had a scar on the right side of his face. Around his neck was a necklace with a dogs paw on it. This man's name was Brick or known as...well Brick.

The final member of this ragtag group was a tall man. He had sun-kissed blond hair and had sapphire eyes. He had on black arm guards with burnt orange highlights. He had a chest piece that was in the same color. He had a short sleeve jacket on over his armor that was dark orange with a black flame design on the bottom. His pants were dark and armored. He had on black combat boots. He also had a belt that held a holster of knives on both sides. This man was known as Naruto or known as "The Shinobi."

These people were friends that met each other through their shared passion of finding the vault, the treasure trove that was supposedly located on this planet.

"Hmm..." Their driver said deciding to antagonize the vault hunters a little. "You with the sniper rifle and the crazy mask. You look like a truxican wrestler than a vault hunter man." Mordecai just shot him the bird. (Yes I went there)

"And you soldier man. Are those armor pieces from the crimson lance your wearing?" Roland just cleaned his knife...while still making it seem like a threat to his life.

Marcus ignored the threat and moved on. "And what about you sweetheart? What can you do? Perhaps you can make all a wonderful cake huh?" Lilith just phased a few seconds showing her siren heritage.

"You beef stick in the back...I'm not going to make fun of you. Your burps smell of blood and you growl like a wild animal." Brick simply held up a fist. This could translate to..."Shut up or I'll be scraping you off of my boot."

"And what about you little man? You don't look like much." Naruto just shrugged. "Okay well anyway. I've got some advice for you all."

'Oh my god. He never stops talking.' The entire group thought...well at least along those lines.

"Well here we are Fyrestone Depot. Time to pack up your things...who's getting off the bus?"

'FINALLY!' Where the collective thoughts.

All five of the people got up to leave the man.

"Aww...your all leaving me alone? Such a shame." The man said as sarcastically as possible with a laugh. "Don't worry about saying goodbye. Just get off my bus."

With that the bus left and the five vault hunters stood there for a second.

"Okay I don't know about you guys but that was the single longest bus ride of my life. I really hope we don't do that again." Naruto said breaking the silence.

"I hear ya...hey isn't that one of those Claptrap units that Hyperion makes?" Mordecai said.

"Hello there! I am CL4T-TP, but you can call me by my locally given name ClapTrap. I can see that you all have ECHO communicators so I will hold onto them for now. Now then if you will follow me I will show you the way to Fyrestone." The robot said.

As the little one wheeled robot moved away the group looked at each other.

"Okay then. Anyone else find that robots voice a little annoying?" Roland asked.

"What do you mean by 'a little'?" Brick asked as he was already irritated by the bus ride and then a robot comes and annoys him again.

"Let's just get this done already. Hey look over there. It looks like there's a red chest on that roof top...you guys go with the robot me and Naruto will check it out." Lilith said.

"Fine see you in a bit then." Roland said as he walked over to the pole that the robot was beside.

The walk to the red bus stop building was short and uneventful.

"Okay then I guess we just need to get on top of it then?" Naruto asked.

"Yup. Pretty much." Lilith said looking around for a ladder or something.

"No problem." Naruto said as he grabbed Lilith bridle style and jumped up on the roof like it was nothing thus earning himself a small cry of surprise from the Siren.

"How many times have I told you not to do that!?" Lilith demanded him.

"I lost count a long time ago unfortunately." Naruto replied cheekily. Between all of the vault hunters in their group Naruto and Lilith had one of the stronger bonds with them having similar personalities. Neither one of them realized this fact though. They just seemed to be at ease around each other.

"Oh well let's get this chest opened." Lilith said.

There wasn't much just an old Jakobs Rowdy Machine Gun and some ammo.

"Well I guess we could see if Roland wants it or something." Naruto said as he looked into the chest. The vault hunters all had their own preferences when it came to guns. Roland liked using combat rifles and shotguns. Mordecai used snipers mostly and had a revolver when his targets got too close. Brick used anything that caused an explosion and would sometimes just forget the guns and raise his fists, thus earning him the title berserker. Lilith handled SMGs and elemental weapons due to her Siren heritage she had more control over the elements. Naruto liked to use his knives and melee to fight. He relied more on speed than fire power.

"Yeah I guess so." Lilith replied. "Let's catch up to them then...it looks like that annoying robot is waiting for us to catch up."

"Yup." Was all Naruto said as he picked Lilith up again and ran over to them faster than any of them could follow.

"Sorry bout that guys...there wasn't much there just an old Jakobs combat rifle." Naruto said

"Hmm...pity there was nothing else but whatever. Looks like there is something here after all. This pole here can basically resurrect the dead as long as your DNA profile is on it."

"Wow. I'm gonna guess it was made by Hyperion?" Naruto said.


With that Naruto and Lilith had their DNA scanned and stored.

'Why do I get the feeling that this little adventure is going to be a lot of trouble?' Naruto thought as he and his group went with the little robot toward a gate to be opened. Oh how right he was.

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