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Chapter One

Right Words

Dr. Maura Isles rushed for the bottle as the newest member of the Rizzoli clan cried. She of course was happy it wasn't her whose ear he was screaming directly into. They had been up all night first returning to the hospital with the baby concerned that it had been swept away from the hospital mere hours after his birth. He had checked out and was able to return home with them.

"I can't believe she left him like he was trash on our doorstep," Angela frowned. She wanted so much for the baby to be her grandson and yet at the same time she couldn't help but be drawn to the crying infant in Jane's arms. He had bonded quickly with her and in his worst bouts of crying would only go to her.

"I can't believe he doesn't have a bottle in his mouth," Jane groaned. She had gotten the least sleep out of all of them. Maura hurried over the bottle having insisted on glass bottles and organic baby formula. Jane was content to head straight for a regular grocery store for Good Start if it meant he was fed and silent.

"There you go little guy," Maura told him with a smile. The smile didn't reach her eyes though, she feared that he would grow up to be just like Dennis a serial killer. And with Aunts like her and Jane he would be ten steps ahead of the police every time.

"He won't become like him even if I have to mother this kid myself," Jane told her. Maura gave her a small smile, leave it to Jane to know what she was thinking about. Yesterday had been the worst day of her life, but life gave her no rest. It had thrust a newborn into all of their arms.

"Where's Tommy, Ma?" Jane asked. "This is his baby he should be putting in some work."

"I don't know, but I called Frankie, he said he'll bring supplies over." They had run out of diapers and didn't have a steady supply of milk as it had been late after all when they left the hospital.

"Ugh I gotta get some rest today, I've already called out of work today."

"I'll make us all a good breakfast to keep our energy up." Jane plopped down on the couch with a sigh. The baby cried a little at being jostled but otherwise continued eating. Maura sat down as well wondering how well this baby would blend into society and tell stories about how perfect they all were before he killed them all and remained ahead of the police.

"Seriously Maura I'm gonna hit you if you don't stop thinking my nephew is a serial killer." Maura pretended as if she hadn't thought that.

"I didn't think that, besides aren't you at all worried this is your Father's baby, this could very well be your brother." Jane glared at Maura.

"I refuse to entertain that idea until the DNA results say it's not Tommy," Jane told her. Jane got a little more comfortable the whole idea of the baby in her arms as her brother was too much for her at the moment. She still had to sort through her feelings of almost losing the love of her life. Only two weeks ago, she had and Maura had been cuddling in her bedroom stabilizing their protons and electrons. Now this week Maura had practically fallen back into the arms of a guy who had been an asshole to her and tried to kill Maura. She could have lost her, she didn't know what she would do without Maura in her life. Aside from almost dying she didn't know how to address the issue of their relationship with her best friend. They hadn't had a moment of peace or a moment of alone time to address any issue between them personally. They likely wouldn't until they were standing over a cold dead body at the morgue.

"All right fair enough, this week has been pretty tough." Jane nodded. The front door opened to admit Frankie with several bags.

"Oh Frankie let me help you." Angela hurried over taking several bags. "Did you get the bassinet?"

"Yeah Ma," Frankie sighed. "I got everything as soon as it was open this morning." Frost came in with two more bags behind Frankie.

"Hey guys," He greeted. They waved as Jane nodded to him.

"Thanks for helping Frost."

"No problem, Frankie sounded desperate enough and you already had a lot on your plate." They nodded. " Come on Frankie let's get the bed." Frankie left out again before they brought it back in.

"Oh where could Tommy be," Angela frowned. "This could be his son."

"Don't worry Ma, I found Tommy this morning," Frankie scoffed.

"Well where is he now?" She asked him concerned.

"Korsak's got him at the hospital getting a cheek swab," Frost told her. There was a knock at the door and Angela hurried over. When she opened it Tommy was leaning on Korsak completely inebriated.

"Tommy!" Angela exclaimed. He grinned at her.

"Hi Ma!" He yelled.

"Tommy hush, you'll scare the baby," Jane scolded.

"Baby?" He asked stumbling over. He leaned close enough for Jane to smell the alcohol on his breathe and squinted at the baby. "Hey what's the baby doing here?"

"Hey back up Tommy go sit over there, last thing the kid needs is his first sight of you to be drunk," Frankie told him annoyed. He moved his brother to a seat, who was being very compliant.

"Sorry guys, I tried to sober him up, believe it or not he was worse than this," Korsak commented. "Do you want me to take him anywhere?"

"No, he can sleep it off in my bed," Angela commented. Korsak nodded.

"All right, I have to get into work Cavanaugh will have a fit if I take a half day with Frost." They nodded.

"Thank you again," they told him. They got Tommy settled in Angela's bed finding him to be absolutely no help.

"Frankie how could you let your brother get so drunk," Angela scolded not knowing what else to say. Frankie scoffed.

"Me?" He asked. "I was up all night looking for him Ma, he was suppose to be at the hospital looking after his baby. Don't scold me, scold him for having Janie up all night feeding his kid."

"We don't know it's his kid," Angela defended.

"Than someone needs to call Pop because I don't know about you but I didn't sign up for diaper duty for a second brother."

"I didn't sign up for diaper duty for even the first," Jane quipped.

"Shut up Jane," Angela told her. She turned back to Frankie. "So what just because it might be your father's you wanna abandon this innocent baby?" Frankie looked agitated.

"No of course not, he's my brother or my nephew which means I'll be there for him. But don't yell at me as if I created this mess. I didn't divorce you and I certainly didn't have unprotected sex with anybody in the last six months." Angela growled frustrated as she turned back to her cooking.

"You two stop fighting. Ma, Frankie can't watch Tommy every little second, he's a grown man he's made his choices, and right now Frankie, Frost, Maura, and I are dealing with them the same as you are. Tommy can't be the baby anymore because he's got a baby."

"I told you no one calls me grandma until the results come back."

"Well don't worry the lab will have it back soon," Maura told her. Jane shook her head at Maura and whispered.

"Not a good time." Maura nodded. She for one was glad for the headache of their lives. Because of the baby , Lydia, Tommy, and now Angela and Frankie's argument she had less time to dwell on the unpleasantness of yesterday and more importantly the unpleasantness that her relationship with Jane. Well she say the unpleasantness of the circumstance she had created for them. She had fell back into her old pattern of men, forgetting that they were supposed to be more than best friends. And Jane so sweet hadn't said a word except to frown at her association with Dennis once more. How could she have let her make those choices after their night of cuddling, but that didn't mean anything, what had they done that was definite except intensify their feelings for one another.

"Frankie hurry up with the bed," Jane told him interrupting her thoughts. Jane was so tough yet so vulnerable. Maura knew she must have hurt her on some level. She had even hurt herself in the process.

"We're almost done, hold on." They finished putting the bassinet together before they stood up. Jane quickly lowered the little boy into his new bassinet after they made sure it was steady. She backed away slowly and Angela put the half finished baby blanket on top of him. They were all poised to back away to the safety of the table when the door bell rang, and their ears were assaulted once more by his cries. This time Maura stepped up to take him, he allowed her to comfort him at little moments like this. Angela hurried to the door.

Maura had remembered what Jane said she wouldn't let him become like Dennis, she would show him all the love in the world so he would want for nothing. She supposed that's what made all the difference and Lydia's mother would probably abuse the boy. If Jane was going to love him than so would she, she would make sure he wasn't hurt and take him to every museum and zoon and carousel ride possible.

"Now it's my yarn," Angela groaned coming back in with the Amazon box. They all groaned inwardly. Once he was quiet again and resting they all headed for the table as Frost departed taking a plate with him to work.

"So what are we going to name him?" Maura asked.

"Maybe we ought to let pop and tommy decide that." Jane looked as if she'd murder Frankie.

"No, way I stay up all night with him listening to him wail, and the drunk and Pop whose already MIA on us get to name him. No, I think we've all earned the right to name him," Jane told Frankie.

"Jane's right we're taking care of him now, now I've always thought that Lukas was a beautiful name." Jane and Frankie made a face.

"Ewww Ma really come on Lukas Rizzoli, no, no."

"How about Anthony, isn't he the patron saint of lost children." They all made a face. "What?"

"So he can have a typical Italian name, Tony Rizzoli, gold he may as well be a mobster."

"Well obviously we're too tired to decide now or you'd like the name Lukas, eat your breakfast."

"Ma, there isn't enough sleep in the world to make me like the name Lukas." Jane started eating a long with everyone else.

"Well we can't all go to sleep," Frankie commented somebody's gotta stay in here with him.

"Glad your volunteered Frankie, you're so sweet," Jane told him with a grin.

"Hey, no come on Ma, you gonna let her do that?" He asked. Angela didn't reply as Tommy came back inside. Re

"I'm gonna be sick." He puked on Maura's floor. Maura hurried for a towel before it got on her rug.

"One of you watch the baby I'm gonna go sit with Tommy." She took him back to the guest house as they cleaned up his mess as usual.

"Come on Janie you watch him," Frankie begged her. Jane looked at him exhausted.

"No, way I've been up all night Frankie, you have a turn with him."

"He doesn't know me," Frankie argued.

'Well now's the time to get to know him and do the dishes," Jane told him as she finished washing her hands. "Maura and I are resting." She pulled Maura towards her set of bedrooms. She of course headed for Maura's bedroom. Maura without a word sought out the pajamas that Jane sought she was already in a borrowed shirt because the baby had spit up on her one too many times.

"You can shower in my bathroom." Jane nodded. They took turns showering each checking on Frankie and the baby until the other was done.

"Jane, can you stay in here with me?" Maura asked. Jane looked at Maura she had been about to exile herself into the guestroom when Maura had surprised her. They both knew this was the first time they had been alone with virtual privacy in awhile. Jane almost hoped she didn't want to bring up the issue, she was almost too tired to deal with it. However how many times had they agonized together over the way guys avoided the issues and let the problem grow becoming this void between them. "I'm really scared to even close my eyes alone." Jane hugged her and rubbed her back lovingly.

"You don't have to explain to me," Jane told her with an understanding smile. Hoyt had made her feel the same way, she was glad Maura had seen her serial killer die. The closure it brought was a feeling she couldn't even explain. Until Maura felt it her skin would crawl and Dennis would be lurking around every corner. They crawled into bed after Maura drew down the shades. They cuddled with Jane's arms around Maura spooning with her. They fell silent taking comfort in the others presence.

"I'm sorry Jane," Maura told her after awhile. Jane forced back a yawn as it had come at the wrong moment.

"No, it's…."

"No don't make excuses for me, I'm not usually this close to people I date or men rather, so when I saw Dennis again regardless of us I went out with him." Jane was silent as she registered what Maura had said in a foggy brain.

"I can understand that, and we never made clear what exactly we were doing here Maura. I know words aren't good for either of us, but we have to find the right ones here." Maura nodded.


"So you tell me what are the right words?" Maura shifted and turned in Jane's arms. She wrapped her arms around Jane naturally.

"I don't know, but I know that I want you here in my life, and I know that I want to go beyond our friend barrier. I want to be exclusive. I wanna find out if one day I'll be a legal member of the Rizzoli clan." Jane suddenly had the urge to chuckle not because Maura's declaration was funny, no she loved it, it was words she had waited to hear from so many men and never did to know they were in it for the long haul. No what made her chuckle was something so much simplistic.

"I'm sorry for laughing but I just imagined you saying Hi. Dr. Smartypants Rizzoli Chief examiner of the British Commonwealth and forensic expert for the Boston police department."

"Wife of Detective Smartypants Rizzoli, detective in homicide," Maura finished sticking her tongue out at Jane. Jane replied in kind before they both fell into giggles. They both settled down comfortably in each other's arms, nothing had to change except the fact they would probably have sex.

"So you aren't going to start diagnosing medical conditions in me are you?" Jane asked.

"I don't know are you gonna keep your guard down around me?" They looked at each other knowing details that no other partner of their friend's had known. They laughed remembering every mishap that had occurred between Jane and her male callers, and every diagnosis Maura had sent a man packing with.

"I think we've established that nothing has to change it's not like we don't do everything together."

"Yeah true, and once Ma get's over the fact that I probably won't marry a guy in a big Catholic wedding, you'll get peanut butter and fluff for lunch." Maura looked as if she might enjoy it.

"Hmm really I always did like your peanut butter and fluff sandwich squares." Jane chuckled.

"You'd think it was caviar or something."

"What it was delicious, I didn't grow up with these things."

"Well Ma will make you lots of other things like peanut butter and fluff once she realizes in more official terms you are her daughter. She won't hold back anymore."

"She's not holding back now?" Maura asked surprised.

"Oh no just you wait, she'll stop asking to do things." They laughed some more.

"Hey if you two are gonna giggle all day in there you can come watch the baby," Frankie called through the door.

"Eh Frankie shut up and go watch the baby." They heard Frankie grumble before he went back to the living room.

"Ooh I'm so excited I'm going to have siblings." Jane chuckled.

"Slow your role first let's sleep, then we'll work on us as a couple." Maura nodded. They settled down and soon both closed their eyes in sleep not noticing when Angela came in the room to check on them. She smiled at them both thinking it was such a common sight to see them curled up one another especially now after Maura's near death experience. She thought of Maura as a daughter and she was so happy that tonight she still had breathe left in her body to bring joy to her broken family. Angela quietly tip toed out back to the living room where she settled a blanket on Frankie who had fallen asleep watching the baby. The baby in question was resting peacefully in his arms as if he had always been there same as he had Jane. She wondered how he would react to Tommy or her bastard ex-husband. The baby hadn't taken to her as well just yet, but she thought he sensed the battle raging in her head.

What would she do if the baby shared a common father with Tommy instead of being his son? Why should she Angela raise her ex- husband's bastard child? He had wanted to get an annulment and call their own three children bastards, so much for love. If he hadn't loved her, he should have loved their children more than anything in the world as she did. She sighed of course if it were Tommy's she was going to have to help him step it up and that she had no problem doing what so ever. Angela sat down and began to knit another half of the blanket with her new yarn content to watch over her possible grandchild.