A reversal role of Lingfan. Enjoy.

His stomach grumbled as he huffed to himself, feeling himself collapsed back to the ground. His eyes wandered from the surroundings to her. Her eyes were determined and intense, her cheeks were tainted red as always, and a rather irritated expression traced her face.

"My Mistress," He started on, "I'm… I'm hungry."

Ling gobbled up all the food hungrily, putting the empty plate on a large pile of other finished plates. Lan Fan, who already ate her (large) share, was tapping on the wooden table with her fingers.

Ling cocked his head to the head as he quickly slurped up his noodles, "Anything wrong, my Lady?"

"I… Do you think I'll be a good Empress?"

Ling looked at her seriously, his brows knitted. She looked down, to the floor. Her large eyes showing doubt and insecurity- not the usual strong eyes of his mistress. But then again, he was familiar to this side of her. Her insecurities surrounded her as she continued to search for the Philosopher's stone. Her dreams and determination to become Empress and lead her country to harmony. He's been there, by her side, watching her carefully.

"I think you'll make a wonderful Empress," He grinned ear to ear. Her cheeks flushed as she looked up at him in shock. He continued to grin, leaning his chin on his knuckles.

She bit her lip so she wouldn't smile but both know what her true feelings are. She nodded quickly, before speaking up, "You know… it's a long journey…"

"I don't mind," Ling shrugged casually, "As long as I stay with you. I'll be good!"

Lan Fan looked at him servant genuinely, before standing up from the table.

"…Ling," She muttered, catching his attention. She gave him a tiny glare though her eyes were telling something else.

Ling couldn't help but smile.

She's back.

She spun her heels and started walking away, "Come."

He obeyed as he quickly followed her before mentioning, "Shouldn't we pay for the dinner, young Mistress?"

"Put it in Ed's tab."