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Chapter 28

Their conversation was interrupted when they heard Alanna let out a loud cry for attention. Adrina headed downstairs and brought Alanna back up and she went over and sat in Becky's lap. Becky couldn't help but smile at her niece.

"No cry Aunt Becky. Baby Lucas not stinky anymore." Alanna stated thinking that's why her aunt was upset.

"Did daddy change his diaper?" Becky asked.

"Yes and Lucas peed on daddy." Alanna squealed.

"Hasn't he learned by now?" Becky asked Adrina who was laughing.

"Yes and no. He still sometimes forgets." Adrina answered.

"Mommy, me sleepy." Alanna stated.

"Okay. Let's get you and Lucas home for your naps." Adrina responded.

Adrina headed downstairs and told Randy that Alanna was getting sleepy. Lucas was already asleep in Randy's arms. Adrina made a comment about his wet shirt and jeans. Randy smirked and responded that he had forgotten to cover him up while changing him. Adrina smiled at her husband before grabbing the diaper bag.

"Maybe after dinner, the four of you can come over for dessert." Becky stated.

"Sounds good. We will see you three later." Randy responded.

Once Randy and Adrina got the kids home and in bed, Randy walked into the kitchen were Adrina was washing Lucas' bottles. He wrapped his arms around his wife and kissed her cheek. Adrina smiled sweetly and finished up the bottles. As she turned around she caught Randy yawning.

"I think daddy needs a nap too." Adrina stated.

"Only if mommy joins him." Randy responded.

"You don't have to ask me twice." Adrina stated with a smile.

Randy and Adrina headed up to their room and Randy pulled her to him. Randy kissed her passionately as he helped her out of her clothes. Adrina helped Randy strip down as well and before long they were in bed making love to each other. Once they were both done, Randy held Adrina close to him and they had just drifted off when the doorbell rang.

"I will get it." Adrina stated as she got up and grabbed one of Randy's shirts and put it on and slipped on a pair of shorts.

Adrina headed downstairs expecting to see John or Bob and Elaine at the door, but when she opened the door and saw who was standing there, she was shocked and slightly upset.

"Why are you here and what do you want?" Adrina asked Denise.

"I came here to see my grandson." Denise answered.

"Why are you coming around after not having anything to do with us in over 10 months? Oh and I know it was you who told John Sr. to treat John and Becky the way he did." Adrina responded.

"So what. I am your mother and I have a right to see my grandchild." Denise stated.

"I don't care if you are my mother or not, you are not welcome here. I do not want you around my children. Now get off my property or I will call the cops." Adrina responded.

"You only have one child. His daughter is not your child." Denise stated.

"Alanna is my daughter regardless if I gave birth to her or not. I have been the one raising her for the past year along side Randy. And I am a far better parent than you ever were. Now leave us alone." Adrina stated before shutting the door and locking it.

"Are you okay babe?" Randy asked as he came downstairs.

"I am now. That was my mother demanding to see Lucas and.." Adrina started to answer.

"I heard the conversation. You are Alanna's mother no matter what and I love you for everything that you have done for our family." Randy responded.

"I love you too. And I love our children." Adrina stated.

Over the next several months, things calmed down and everyone was able to get on with their lives. Randy and John had to get back to work and the girls and the kids traveled with them. Denise left Adrina and Randy alone after that night. It wasn't until just before Alanna's birthday that Adrina received a registered letter in the mail from a Tampa law office that Adrina found out that her mother had died in a car accident and her sister had been located in California.

Alanna celebrated her second birthday and Lucas started crawling all over the place. Adrina was able to finish her college classes and got her journalism degree. Cody was also back to work and he brought Caitlyn along with him. Adrina and Becky offered to watch Caitlyn for him while he was working. Alanna was happy to help watch her sister, brother and her cousin with her mommy and Aunt.

Randy and John couldn't have been happier with the way their lives turned out. Jay moved to St. Louis to be closer to Adrina and his grandchildren. Adrina and Randy talked about having another baby, but opted to wait a few years before trying. John and Becky had also talked about more children and they wanted to wait at least 3-4 years before having another baby. All in all, the Orton's and the Cena's were finally able to be happy and live their lives the way they wanted and raise their children in happy and healthy homes.