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I wove my way through the maze of tables, a tray of expensive drinks balance precariously on the palm of my hand and shoulder. I got to table twenty-seven, a table with four well-dressed men, and placed each beverage in front of it's respective orderer.

"Can I get you anything else?" I asked, smiling as I brushed my silver hair behind my ear.

"No I am fine, thank you," responded a man, older than the others, with black hair and white bangs.

The next man smiled and shook his bald head, as he adjusted his headphones.

"No thanks," answered a young man with red hair and an eye patch, his one green eye twinkling as he smiled back at me, "But I would love to have your number?"

I laughed nervously, and the final man came to my rescue, though rudely, "No, this little shit over here would not like your number," he snapped at me, glaring, "Why would he want the number of such a Moyashi anyway?"

"Yu! Don't be so rude!"

"I can say whatever I fucking want, Usagi, and don't call me by that name!" he retorted, brushing his own long, black hair back, crossing his arms and scowling.

"I'll come over later to see if you need anything," I said quickly to get out of that last man hateful aura. Originally I would have retorted, but while I am on the job, the customer is always right.

"At least give me your name? I'm Lavi," the redhead offered.

Despite myself, I smiled, "I'm Alana, Alana Walker," and I walked off back to the kitchen.

The restaurant that I work in, Judgment, is run by Master Cross, and is on the top floor of a multi- cooperation building. The name of our building is the 'Black Order,' and we have everything from Bookman's Help, a lawyer agency, and The White Lotus, a prestigious Business cooperation that covered just about everything. The owner of the business, Alma Karma just died, and left the entire business to his brother, who, from what I've heard, (mostly from Lenalee, and Miranda, also Waitresses at Judgment) was an upstart, taking over the business with ease, and making it even more successful than it already was.

I work for Master Cross, but because he was also my legal guardian when my foster father, Mana, died, I have had to give up most of my earnings to him to help pay off his depts. I practically run the entire business on my own, with the help of the employees, while Cross is too busy drinking.

After my shift was done, and Miranda and Lenalee insisted that I go home to sleep, I left the restaurant and walked down the fancy hallway to the elevator. I pressed the down button to the elevator and waited, but much to my dismay, the jerk from dinner came and waited as well.

The doors finally opened and we both walked in.

"What number?" I asked.


I pressed the number and the ground floor button and waited as the door closed.

As we descended, the box started groaning and rocking. The lights flashed, and the elevator jerked down a floor. My hand gripped the rail, instinctively, and the lights when out completely, the box halting mid-floor.

"Are you okay?" A voice asked through the darkness.

"Y-yeah. You?"

"Yeah, hang on," there was a flash as the Japanese man turned on his phone and the light aluminate his face as he faced the panel of buttons.

Finding the emergency button, he pressed it, holding it down as he waited.

"Hello?" a voice crackled through the box.

"Yeah, hey your fucking inept elevator just stopped, we're stuck between levels."

"Who is this?"


"Oh mister Kanda!" the voice started, "Is there anyone else in the elevator with you?"

"Yeah, a girl who works at Judgment, Alana Walker."

"Okay we will do our best to make this quick, but it might take a while, sorry for the inconvenience."

"Che. Whatever, just hurry up," Kanda sighed and ran his hand though his silky hair, "Well I think we're going to be here for a while," He said, and sat down, with his back agents the wall. He motioned with his hand for me to sit next to him. Warily, I joined him, and he locked his phone and had it facing up, so the light was distributed throughout the box.

"So, are you in charge of The White Lotus?" I asked curiously.

His eyes were closed, but when I asked his eyes flashed open and he looked sharply at me, but when his eyes met mine, they relaxed, "Yeah."

"I am sorry about your brother."

He just nodded, and then asked, "Yeah, my father left the business to him, even though Alma was ill. He thought that it would make Alma feel better, knowing that we thought he was still capable of running it. My father is a sentimental freak."

I chuckled inwardly, wondering why someone so cold could change so quickly and become so charming, "I've had many fathers."

His eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.

"I've got my biological father, my foster father, and my guardian."

"How did that happen?"

I sighed, for some reason feeling like I could be open to this stranger, "Well, my biological parents abandoned me when I was a child," I glanced at my arm, though didn't say anything about it, "My faster father found me and took me in. His name was Mana. Mana died when I was young though, and Master Cross took me in after that."

Kanda was quiet for a second, mulling it all over, "I never knew my parents either, I was just adopted by Tidol. Is Cross the owner of Judgment?"


Both of us remained silent for a wile when I decided to break it, "Kanda?"


"Why are you so open all of a suden?"

"What do you mean?"

"At dinner you were very…. Unnn…" I didn't want to be rude, so I let the sentence hanging.

I looked over at Kanda to see his face flush in the blue tinted light, "Oh, I am so sorry about that."

My cheeks flushed as well, "No, it's okay."

There was a pause, in which both of us look off in opposite directions, "So, why?" I prompted.

"Well, you see-"

The lights flashed on and the cracking voice spoke through the emergency box on the button panel, "We got you guys covered; we've got a team ready to pull you up."

"It's about time," Kanda snapped back, and the elevator rose slowly and the doors opened, but we weren't high enough. The doors were open all the way but we were too low to be completely on the next floor, we would have to climb up.

Kanda looked up at the crack of hallway visible, just big enough for someone to go through, and pressed the emergency button, "Are you sure that the elevator won't move again?" he asked.

"Definitely, it's been frozen."

Kanda shoved his phone into his pocket and skillfully jumped, pulling himself onto the floor. When he got there he held his hand down to me. Gratefully I took it and he pulled me up to join him. Right as my legs were about to clear, there was a creek, and Kanda pulled me up sharply, just missing the elevator dropping down the shaft.

My eyes were closed, and when I opened them, I realized that I was wrapped protectively in Kanda's arms.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

I nodded, and he stocked the back of my head comfortingly, us both breathing hard. Finally, after about ten minutes of us just sitting there, Kanda stood and helped me up. His face was beat-red, and I am sure mine was too

"Thank you," I said, and Kanda nodded.

I bit my lower lip and was about to turn to the stairs, when Kanda spoke, "Do you want to go out to dinner sometime?"

I smiled to myself, and turned to face him pulling a piece of paper and a pen out of my small purse, and jotted down my number, "Yeah, definitely. Call me sometime."

I smiled to him, and walked slowly to the stairwell.

"You're a very interesting guy, Kanda," I called back, walking backwards so I was facing him.

He smiled, "You're not exactly what you call 'normal,' Moyashi."

I laughed, "See you around, Kanda," and I turned around, opening the door to the stairs and started jogging down the steps.

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