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Close family and friends were invited to the reception which was in the giant house's dining hall. I sat next to Alana at a smaller table in the middle of the room that was meant for the bride and groom. Alana grinned at me before focusing her attention to the small platform that Tidol was standing on.

"I never thought that I would ever be happier to see my son smile. Marriage is something special that we don't all receive fully, but after watching you two today, I think you have made something beautiful. To you both," He said, lifting up his glace. Smiling in that annoying way that he has at me, but today I guess that it is okay, though I won't smile back.

Next was Cross. Cross took his glace of wine, and downed it in one swallow, before demanding another one. He then walked on top of the platform. The man coughed before drawling in a board voice, "If you know me, you probably know that I love to surround myself with beautiful things, like wine and woman, for instance," He coughed, "Well one thing I love is my daughter and today is the day that I have to give her up to this long haired hooligan!"

I raised an eyebrow critically as he gestured to me with his glace. The fucking moron had shitting long hair too.

"Well," he continued, "If this delinquent does anything to hurt her, I do own a gun, and I do know people, so I expect you to take care of her," And with that eloquent speech, he sat down.

Next were Lenalee and Lavi.

Lavi began, "I've known Yu or a very long time, and never before do I think that I have ever met another man who had a more colorful vocabulary or innovative imagination... but Yu's a good guy and I don't think that I'll ever have a better friend."

Geeze was every speech going to piss me off to such an extent that I was going to become a fucking ax murderer on my fucking wedding day?

Lenalee continued, leaning over into the microphone and smiling, "I've known Alana for a long time too, and she's my best friend! I am so glad that she found Kanda and, well, Lavi and I were talking, and we both agree that they have something special," she laughed, "Kanda isn't exactly known for smiling, but somehow Alana can get a genuinely happy one out of him."

She looked at Lavi, "So at my own wedding with Lavi, our photographer took this picture of them when they weren't looking and showed it to us. She said she had never seen a couple like them and she couldn't help but take the picture," smiling, Lenalee reached behind her and pulled out a two by 1.5 food square wrapped in cloth.

"So this is our gift to you guys!" Lavi gushed annoyingly, "Photographic evidence that Yu can smile!" and he pulled away the cloth.

It was a picture from their wedding, a close up of our faces with both of us smiling. Me looking down at Alana, and her smiling back at me. Lenalee grinned and passed the framed picture to us.

"Thanks Lena," Alana said.

"You got it!" she winked at us and she reached out for Lavi's outstretched hand and the pair of them returned to their seats.

Waiters wove in between the tables and set plated down in front of people. I looked over at Alana and she was smiling happily. She looked up at me and grinned. Lavi quickly ran up to the stage and called through the microphone, "Why don't we have the first dance between the bride and groom, eh? I don't know about you guys, but I have been dying to see Yu dance!"

That idiot, I glared. I had spent years of my life, starting in Japan, practicing with Mugen. Then when Tidol took me in a nine, he insisted that I learned to dance. It was hell to say the least. Never the less, I still can say that I have some fucking coordination, thank you very much.

Together we stood up and I took my time to glare at Lavi. We walked into the center of the dance floor. Alana smiled and placed her hand on my shoulder and I put my hand on her hip.

The music stared and we glided across the floor. It was a piano song, quiet beautiful really.

I glanced over at Lavi who was wide eyed. Suck on that, Baka Usage, this is a hell of a lot better than your pitiful excuse at your wedding.

"Where did you learn how to dance, Kanda?" Alana joked.

I scowled, "Tidol."

She giggled, "Well, then in that case, we should do this more often," She laughed again at my expression, "Just kidding, BaKanda."

"You can call me Yu, you know."

"Really?" she asked, looking at me with a surprised happiness.


She smiled and leaned her head on my shoulder.

"You look really beautiful," I whispered into her ear.

"Baka," she scoffed, but nuzzled her face into my neck, planting a soft kiss there, "You look rather dapper. "

"Dapper? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

She giggled, "Fine, you look very handsome."

We danced for a little while longer then sat back down when the song had ended.

"Wait," Alana said suddenly as she gripped my arm, her eyes huge.


"I have to- I have to dance with Cross!" she stuttered.

"That sucks."

She groaned as Lenalee walked onto the podium, "Now it's time for the father daughter dance!" she said cheerfully, "Come up here Alana and Cross!"

Alana grumbled some but moved onto the dance floor ad towards a tipsy Cross. The music started and I allowed myself a brief moment of relief that the song wasn't something sappy talking about father daughter relationships. That would be weird.

Cross was talking to Alana and whatever it was he was saying was making her shrink back and her face a deep red. I carefully looked them and wondered what Cross could possibly be telling her. Knowing Cross, it was probably something involving sex.

Finally, when the song was over, Alana and Cross returned to their seats.

"What did he tell you?" I asked, smirking.

"H-he said- said… EEWWW!" she groaned.

She looked up at me see my expression and she took a deep breath, "He gave me tips…"

I chuckled, ignoring her indignant expression.


"Were they good?"

She poked me in the ribs, hard. I only chuckled and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

The rest of the party went by with people dancing, talking, eating and drinking. Johnny had a little too much champagne, and was flirting with Tapp's sister, Dopp. It was actually kind of funny. He was stuttering and his face was a brick red. Everyone was saying their goodbyes and were distracted by one another.

Someone tapped both Alana and I on the shoulder and we turned around in unison. Alana stiffened and I pushed her behind me protectively.

"Why so unhappy?" Tiki sneered. I have no idea how the bastard got in, but somehow he had managed, "I don't come here for violence, so please, calm down. I have a message from the Earl."

I glared at him, "What?"

"The Earl is taking a little… vacation. He says that it was a wonderful service. You certainly are a beautiful girl," he smirked at Alana, "Good day," and he melted back into the crowd.

I was about to go after him when Alana grabbed my wrist. I looked down at her and she spoke, "Please, Kanda, don't go. Don't let this spoil anything."

I looked at her serious expression, and nodded. I looked around; everyone was oblivious as to what had happened. Tiki certainly was a slippery twat. Alana was right. The Earl did what he did to ruin what was supposed to be the happiest day of our lives. We would not let him win.

Everyone was smiling and chatting, completely ignorant of the transaction. They all grinned as we walked through the pathway that they had opened for us that leaded to our car. We sat down and drove home.

Tomorrow morning we would take a ten o' clock flight to the honeymoon. Lenalee had packed Alana's bags so she wouldn't get any hints on the climate. The only other people who had been there besides me, were my father and my brother.

Two weeks of just being together.

I looked over at Alana apprehensively, but she just stuck her tongue out at me. I was worried, she just saw the wingman of her father's killer, but she said she wanted to ignore it, so she did. I sighed but smirked before returning my eyes back to the road. We talked about people who were at the wedding until finally we came to our apartment.

"Ooh, Kanda look!" Alana said excitedly, "There's a parking space right in front!"

I smirked and pulled into the space and we got out of the car and walked inside of the building. We must have looked odd, in our wedding getup, but Moyashi didn't seem to mind as she skipped into the lobby, her long white dress flopping with her stride.

I smirked and jogged to catch up with her just in time to see her greet the guy at the front desk with a smile.

He grinned and congratulated us on the marriage. We thanked him and Alana grabbed my hand and we walked over to the elevator.

The doors opened right away to our surprise and we walked in. Alana pressed the twelve button and we waited. She started humming and she nudged me, grinning. I wrapped my arm around her waist and kissed her hair, slowly making a trail of pecks down her forehead, and one on her nose, before reaching her soft, pink lips. She wrapped her arms around my neck and the kiss became more passionate, and all the while the elevator beeped as we passed floors.

The doors clanged open and we parted as we walked out. I reached into my pocket for the keys and inserted them into the lock before opening the door. Alana picked up the picture Lenalee and Lavi gave us, which was leaning against the wall. They must have dropped it off.

We both walked into the apartment and took off our shoes. It looked kind of funny seeing the fancy high heels and dress shoes next to the sneakers. We do have nice shoes, don't get me wrong, we both need them for work, but those were in the closet. I placed the keys on the side table by the door and walked further into the foyer. Alana looked at me and grinned before challenging, "I'll race you up stairs," and darting up the steps.

I smirked and followed. When I got up there, Alana was placing the photograph on the bureau and smiling at it.

Alana walked over to the dresser and began taking out all the bobby pins that were keeping her hair in place. I came up behind her and helped with the process placing the ones I found with the growing pile. Her hair was so soft and light, how they got her hair into that bun without hairspray, I can only guess. As each pin came out, more long white locks fell, cascading down to the small of her back.

"Thanks," she said smiling before coming closer. She looked up at me and took my hair out of its tie, smiling as she ran he fingers through the strands.

"I love you, Yu," she grinned at the use of my first name, "I love you so much."

I smirked as I pulled her closer and cupped her face with my hand, caressing her cheek with my thumb, "I love you too."

We kissed again, and Alana took off my jacket before laying it on the frame of our bed. She smirked and started unbuttoning the vest and tossing it to join the jacket.

She sighed and looked up at me jokingly, "Dear god, Kanda, how many layers do you have on?"

"Too many."

She giggled and kissed me as she worked on my shirt. I pulled it off and chucked it with the others and slipped out of my under shirt.

Alana smiled and turned around. She pulled back her long hair and I gently unbuttoned the buttons at the base of her back. She pulled her arms out of it and the dress fell. She turned to face me and our lips met again as she undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants. I kicked them off and she slipped out of her panties and we embraced, kissing as the moon light shown through our window.

I hoped Alana would like where I was taking her. It would be beautiful.

It was a great day. The best day of my life in fact.

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