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I sat on the bed staring at the white door of our bathroom waiting for Alana to come out. We had been trying to get pregnant for months now and each time Alana went into the bathroom, she felt more and more hopeless. It had to have worked this time; it just had to have worked.

Finally the door opened and Alana came out. Her face was crestfallen and I didn't need to ask her what the results were. She walked up to me and curled up in my lap. I stoked her hair gently, kissing her forehead as I felt my shirt getting wet with her tears. She shook and trembled trying to get her emotions under control, only to have them come back with another wave of sobs.

"Kanda… What's wrong with me…?" She whispered into my chest. My eyes widened at her question and I pulled her face away from me so that I could look at her.

"Nothing's wrong with you, Alana. Why would you even ask that?"

She bit her lip and looked down as more tears pooled in her eyes and spilled down her cheeks when she blinked, "What if I can't have children, Kanda?"

I kissed her forehead again, "It could just as easily be my fault you know," I whispered.

She chucked humorlessly, "I know it's me Kanda, I can feel it… I just know it."

I wiped the tears gently from her face, "Then will just have to keep trying, you know that. It just takes some people longer than others."

She smiled and nodded before wrapping her arms around my neck planting a slow kiss on my lips. It was relatively peaceful before Alana gripped my ponytail and yanked it hard before running away, laughing. I lunged and grabbed her wrist before throwing her onto the bed and leaning over her.

She made eye contact with me seriously but then broke into another it of giggles.

"What's so funny?" I asked slyly.

"Your face!" she laughed.

I lifted an eyebrow and she held her laughter back so that she could speak coherently, "Just your expression."

I rolled my eyes and whispered, "I'm going to have to punish you for pulling my hair," and I began kissing her neck.

"Kanda, stop! That tickles!" she laughed and started swatting me away. I chuckled and kissed her once more on the lips before standing up. Just as we were about to go downstairs, the doorbell rang. I glanced at Alana, curious if she was expecting someone. She shook her head and we went down to the front hall.

Alana stood on her toes to look through the peep hole. She gasped and ran to hide behind the couch, motioning frantically for me to follow. I glanced at the door and walked towards it so I could see who was on the other end, when a couch pillow collided with the side of my face.

"What the fuck, Baka Moyashi?!" I asked angrily, rubbing the side of my face.

"Do you want to die, Kanda?! Get away from the door!" she whisper-yelled desperately.

Rolling my eyes I walked over to the couch where Alana was crouched her eyes peering over the backrest and glaring suspiciously at the door.

"Are you going to tell me who it is?" I asked exasperatedly.

She shook her head, though she did sound somewhat impressed as she murmured, "How do they keep getting the address?"

"Moyashi!" I said in frustration, trying to get her to answer at least one of my questions.

The doorbell rang again, its sound echoing around the apartment.

That seemed to break her out of her reverie, and she blinked a couple times. She looked directly at me, her face deadly serious, "Behind that door is the one most feared among the female sex, and the male too for that matter. She is a creature that will stop at nothing to rip the testicles off of any male threat, and unfortunately for you, you are just that."

I looked at her blankly and she understood that I had no idea what she was talking about.

"You, being my husband, are a threat. She is extremely sensitive to any of my love interests because she has experience with the king of heartbreak himself. Despite this, however, she has never felt his cold, merciless rejection, but instead dished it out herself. She is Cloud Nine, Cross's fist girlfriend to ever break up with him."

"And you're still in contact with her?" I asked somewhat disbelievingly.

"She shows up every once and awhile to make sure I'm not being buried alive beneath a mountain of Cross's mistresses," she said, as if it was the most normal thing to say.

The doorbell rang again followed by three impatient taps on the door.

"So you understand Kanda why she came! She knows that I got married and is ready to make sure that you never have children!"

"Common Moyashi, you've got to be kidding me?"

"Kanda! Do I look like I'm kidding?" she asked her face full of panick.

I mentally cringed at the thought of this woman and stood up. I figured that my best luck would be to prove to this woman that I was worthy and what better way to do this than face her head on. I approached the door, ignoring Alana's desperate yanks on my arm trying to pull me back.

My fingers curled around the doorknob and I twisted and pulled. The door swung open and Alana traded her frantic look for a shining smile. I, on the other hand, just glared at the woman. She was thin, with light brown hair tied back. She had delicate features that were marred by a large scar that covered most of her face.

She glared back.

I narrowed my eyes.

She did the same.

"Welcome, Cloud! It has been too long!" Alana said in an overly chipper voice that made my skin crawl.

"Yes, it has been," she said in a cold voice, her eyes still analyzing my face.

"I don't think you've ever met my husband," Alana said nervously, "This is Kanda."

"Hmmm…" she said, her lips pursed. She brushed past both of us and began scanning the apartment. Her eyes rested on something on the floor, and picked up the pillow that Alana had chucked at my face earlier. She thrust it to my chest and walked deeper into the apartment. I exchanged looks with Alana and saw that her mouth was open in shock.

'Are you shitting me?' I mouthed at Alana.

She just shrugged helplessly, 'She's always like that.'

My eyes narrowed at the woman who was rummaging through our house and paced forward into the family room, where Cloud was nudging the couch with her toe.

"So may I ask you what you are doing here Cloud?" Alana asked.

Cloud picked up a vase off of a side table and began examining it critically, "Cross finally found it important enough to inform me that you got married, and I wanted to see if the man was up to standards."

There was a silence where Cloud continued to stare at the vase and Alana and I exchanged looks. I gave her the look that clearly said, 'what the fuck Moyashi?! This bitch is insane! She had to get out of the house now!'

Alana then responded with a look, 'Don't do anything Kanda or else she will kill you!'

I just rolled my eyes, "What the hell are you doing?" I said to Cloud, "Aren't you going test or judge me in some way? See if I'm worthy?"

Cloud just looked at me, her face blank, "I already have."


Alana stepped in and tried to clear the waters, "I'm sorry that you weren't at the wedding Cloud, I didn't know where you were so I askCross to deliver the message."

Cloud only nodded, "Yes, I am well aware, and I apologies myself. I was in the Amazon researching the aquatic life living there."

"Cloud is a zoologist," Alana explained to me.

The woman nodded and continued her examination of the apartment.

"So Cloud," Alana started, "How long are you going to be in town?"

"Two weeks, give or take," she answered placing the vase that she was looking at on the coffee table, "I'll be needing a place to stay."

"You can stay here…" Alana offered, though she did sound hesitant.

Great, just what we needed, some bad shit crazy woman poking through our stuff who is judging me to test whether or not I am a fit husband. Absolutely fucking fantastic.

"That would be lovely," Cloud answered curtly.

Alana than went on explaining how in a few hours she would have to be leaving for work, but that I would still be here in the house. So now I was going to left alone with the bad shit crazy woman. Perfect.

Suddenly, Alana's phone rang. She pulled out the clunky used phone, as she refused to let me buy her a nicer one despite how we were actually married. She opened the flip phone and answered it. Her eye brows knit together and she groaned, "Cross, that's absolutely ridiculous. There is no way I'm doing… that."

I looked at her curiously but she only spoke into the phone again, "Yes… I understand," and she hung up.

"Is everything fine?" I asked.

"Yeah, just Cross being Cross."

I crunched my hand into a tight fist, trying to control my anger and not make a scene in front of Cloud. Alana seemed to understand and winked, "Everything is fine BaKanda don't get your panties all tied up in a bundle."

She kissed my jaw and ran up the stairs, calling over her shoulder that she was going to get ready.

I sighed through my nose, watching her disappear up the steps before my eyes flashed to Cloud. Cloud had made herself comfortable, sitting neatly on the couch with her legs crossed.

It was silent. I stood there with my arms crossed wile Cloud continued on with her relaxed position, only moving to stretch and bend her knee. It was like that for about ten minutes before Alana came back down the stairs putting on earrings as she went.

I blinked twice when I saw her. Her eyes were accented with eyeliner and mascara and she was wearing a very tight, very short black dress. To finish off this new look, her lips were painted cherry red.

"Kanda? Have you seen my bag?" she asked completely oblivious to my reaction. She turned around to look for it, revealing that the back of the dress was open, the edges adorned with black lace.

"Kanda?" she asked again turning around again. She noticed my look and rolled her eyes, "Common Kanda, Cross just told me that all the female staff were required to wear something, like, well… this," she said, motioning to her dress.

"But that's completely sexist and inappropriate!" I fumed, snapping out of my faze, "So help me god Moyashi, I will go to that restaurant and tell Cross myself to shove it up his ass!"

Alana only giggled and gave me a quick peck on the lips. She laughed again and I fumed, knowing that my lips were probably stained red now that they had touched hers. She waved goodbye to Cloud wile I rubbed furiously at my face.

The door closed and I was left, yet again with the woman.

"Oh please don't rub off that lipstick," Cloud sneered, "You look absolutely gorgeous with a splash of color on your face."

I just glared at her, knowing that if I said anything to upset the woman, Alana would be upset, and in a much more disappointed way than the way she got when I yelled at Lavi.


"Please, don't get testy. It is not fitting for a young lady, such as yourself, to get upset. It is bad for your skin," Cloud snickered.

"Seriously, is that the best you can do? Insulting my masculinity isn't going to work."

"Oh, so your confident in that area, then pray tell, Kanda, why have you two failed to conceive a child?"

I glared at her, "Did you ever think that maybe we don't want to have children?"

"Really?" Cloud asked, seeming mildly surprised, "Alana always struck me as the motherly type."

There was silence where I tried to control the boiling in my stomach and Cloud stared at a wall. Suddenly, there was a ringing, and Cloud picked her phone out of her pocket.


She talked to whoever it was on the other line and said, "I'm sure that will be fine," and she said our address.

I looked at her disbelievingly and she only smiled back, "I'll see you soon."

Cloud hung up her phone and returned it to her pocket, "That was my friend, she just wanted to say hello to me while I was in the area."

"So you gave her our address?"

"Well how else would she get here, idiot?"

"You don't just go around giving around other people's addresses!"

"Is somebody PMSing? Seriously, you need to calm down. I know this girl and she knows Cross."

"Great, so she's a whore!"

"Kanda! Just because they know Cross, doesn't mean that they've slept with him."


Again there was silence where the clock ticked and Cloud stared at the wall. After about fifteen minutes there was a knock at the door. Cloud stood up to get it, which made sense because she knew the woman who she was letting in. I could hear them chirping happily followed by their footsteps as they entered the family room.

"This is Kanda, Alana's husband."

"Oh," said the woman, smirking. She was blond, and had blue eyes. She was wearing a very short skirt and very high heels, "I'm Stacy."


The girl seemed unperturbed by that lack of enthusiasm and happily sat down on the couch to be joined by Cloud.

"I'll leave you two to it," I said blandly and stood to leave only to have Stacy grip my arm and pull me down next to her.

"Please don't go, we only just met," she said her blue eyes wide.

I looked at Cloud and she gave me a look that clearly told me to sit down or face the wrath Alana, most likely after they told her a grossly overly exaggerated story.

Sighing, I sat down and ignored to two woman who were talking about god knows what.

"I love those cookies! I haven't had any since I was last in America!"

"No way! You have to have some!"

"I'll go get some now, Kanda will keep you company!" and Cloud was gone with an echoing bang of the door.

"Looks like we're all alone…" came a quiet voice.

"Hmm." I said, not really listening.

Suddenly there was a shifting and next thing I knew, Stacy was in my lap.

"What the hell?!" I all but shouted trying to push her off just to have her cling to my neck.

"You need to relax…" she purred, placing her lips onto my neck.

"Like hell I do, woman!" I said, finally getting her off of me and wiping my neck vigorously.

She landed on the couch still but she still slinked closer to me on all fours, "Is it because of Alana?"

"What kind of question is that?" I asked as I tried to keep her away from me.

"Well, she's not home right now, is she?"

"Dear god!" I yelled finally getting her away long enough for me to stand up and practically sprint to the door.

She caught up and wrapped her arms around my waist and sliding to block my way.

"What's the rush?" she asked, "I can make you feel good in ways your wife can't supply."

She griped my shoulders and pushed up, wrapping her legs around my waist and pressing her chest into my face.

"Get the fuck away from me!" I cursed, pushing her over my head, to have her flop onto the ground only to have her lunge again.

I dodged and finally made it for the door, wrenching it open and running as fast as I could away only to collide with a cookie-laden Cloud. The cookies went flying only to land into Stacy's awaiting arms.

I looked at Cloud furiously, "Your friend is insane, and I want her gone!"

Cloud only looked calmly at Stacy, "Well?"

Stacy sighed, "I tried everything, but no luck."

"Hmm," Cloud smiled before looking at me, "I guess you passed. Stacy, thank you. You can leave now if you want, and you can keep the cookies."

"Thanks Cloud, it was lovely seeing you again."

They exchanged hugs and Stacy retreated into the elevator which was still on our floor after Cloud had used it.

Once she was gone, Cloud turned around and headed for our apartment.

"Cloud, what the hell was that?!"

"Congratulations, you passed Kanda."

"You have got to be shitting me!"

"Sadly no."

Cloud let herself in and made her way to the couch. She sat down and looked up at me, "Oh come on Kanda, don't look so upset, you gained my trust."

"Yeah, whatever. I'm going to take a shower now to wash off… that… and I swear to god Cloud, if you send some random ass girl into that shower I will blow a fucking fuse."

"Yeah, yeah," Cloud said uncaringly stood up to get something from her bag which was resting against the wall, "Maybe I'll join you."

"Cloud…" I said warningly.

She only laughed and pulled out her laptop from her bag, "Have a nice shower then. I have to work on my report."

So I left her to take my shower


After I had taken my shower and gotten dressed, I glanced at the clock that was on the bedside table. It was ten.

I picked up my book and walked down the stairs to see Cloud sitting on the couch typing on her laptop. I sat on the couch opposite her and cracked open the book. We sat in silence, both occupied by our tasks. I checked the time yet again to see that it was ten thirty.

"I'm going to pick up Alana, if you want to come, you can."

Cloud looked up or the first time since I had joined her, "Huh, you blow-dry your hair, you really are a woman…" she mused.

"Go fuck yourself Cloud," I snapped, "and no, it air dries fast."

"Whatever you say, Kanda," she smirked, "I'll stay here. You should get some time with your wife."

I looked at her skeptically, "You aren't going to test me again, right?"

"No!" she laughed throwing a pillow at me, which I easily dodged, "Now go. Don't make Alana walk home alone, after all, she is wearing red lipstick."

My eye twitched at that and I turned on my heal to quickly exit the apartment, ignoring Cloud's laughter behind me.


Three weeks had passed since Cloud had left for Africa to study a buffalo migration. It was really quiet. I was sitting down on the couch reading, wile Alana was doing god knows what. I thumbed through the book, not really paying attention to what I was reading. I was really contemplating making Alana go to a doctor with me just to see if anything was wrong.

It wasn't that I was impatient or anything, it was just that every time Alana read a pregnancy test, she got so… sad.

Suddenly, I felt arms wrap around my chest from behind the couch. I closed the book as Alana kissed my cheek. I twisted so I was facing her and pulled her over the backrest of the couch. Alana yelped and landed on the cushions with her head in my lap. I leaned down, and planted a kiss on her lips.

"Moyashi?" I started in between kisses, "I really think we should consider going to a clinic."

Surprisingly, she smiled, and caressed my cheek with her hand, "Well, I think we'll have to..." she mused, "'Cause, I think we're going to need a lot of help."

"Common, not too much help." I responded, feeling kind of miffed that she thought we needed that much assistance.

"Yeah," She said, "A lot of help. I think we'll be spending a lot of time there."

I looked at her like she was insane, which she was, "Why?"

"Well, it's recommended you see your own personal doctor every month or so, to make sure everything is going okay."

I looked at her critically trying to judge if she was saying what I thought she was saying, "Moyashi, you better not be joking…"

"Kanda, I'm pregnant."

I let out a sigh of relief that turned into a small chuckle. I kissed her passionately and Alana wrapped her arms around me.

We did it.

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