John Bender looked over at the ice princess sitting with her Gucci bag at her desk and he wanted to kill her.

Not that he could tell Inspector Garrison that as he sat awaiting interrogation in the conference room. He'd been picked up from his house two hours after completing detention at the high school and hauled to the station.

Garrison looking all serious hadn't told him much information but Bender had been on probation twice for hoodlum type offenses. Nothing serious, in fact he played up his record to get some respect in the hallways at Shermer High School.

But he'd overheard an officer staffing a desk that Claire Standish never made it home from detention. They'd found her Gucci purse with some makeup items spilling out of it and no other trace of the teenager. Mrs. Standish had wept as detectives had stopped by her house explaining that it just wasn't like her daughter to go anywhere without plenty of eyeliner.

By nightfall, they still hadn't found the missing former prom princess and the bloodhounds were called out to see if they could pick up a scent. Then while the bloodhounds circled the school grounds several times, the detectives went looking for suspects.

Bender naturally had been first on the list because Mr. Vernon had told on him and how mean he'd been to Claire during the detention period.

"He's a slacker, a wannabe hoodlum," Vernon said, "But he's a failure at being bad so he stepped it up to include murder on his nefarious list."

Garrison dutifully penned that down on his notepad.

"Where can I find this delinquent?"

Vernon gave him his father's address. They'd picked him up eating his fried chicken TV dinner in front of the tube with his father passed out on the couch. Bender didn't put up a resistance once he saw the handcuffs.

Now he sat here waiting to be interrogated about what he'd overheard involving Claire's disappearance. The spoiled brat had probably had second thoughts about handing him one of her earrings as payment for their tussle in the closet.

This was all so jacked up but what was Bender going to do?