Had just settled down in bed when I heard a knock at the front door. It was the night before Halloween and I had an erie feeling and the huge full moon didn't help. I looked to the clock on my night stand it was 12:01 who could that be I wandered angrily

As I slowly got up and out the door the knocking started again but harder. As I started down the stairs I saw Puck already at the door he slung it open and exclaimed

"What do yo-" he broke off when he saw who it was. I got closer to see who it was. And then I saw why he broke off mid sentence in the doorway was a gorgeous tall girl almost his height in a black cloak with long wavy dark brown hair. Her striking hazel eyes flickered from me to Puck curiously

" Hey guys is here?" she asked with a thick southern draw Puck stood there staring with his jaw dropped. She reached out and shut his mouth. " Careful darlin, you'll catch flies" She said flashing a perfect smile

" Ya I'll get her" replied puck slowly not wanting to take his eyes off of her. We stood in silence eyeing each other quizzically, until puck returned followed by granny "oh hello Blake dear I didn't expect you so early"

" Sorry bout that I expected more traffic" she replyed

" dont worry about it come in make yourself at home." said granny. Blake walked in shivering

" oh lord it's freezin out there it doesn't get this cold back home all year!" exclaimed Blake " Could you get my bags for me honey" she continued smiling charmingly at Puck. Taking off her cloak revealing a tight gray long sleeve shirt and dark jeans tucked into black square toe cowboy boots.

"Blake this is Sabrina my granddaughter and Puck my adopted son." said granny proudly

"nice ta meet ya" blake drew beaming as she shook our hand

" Blake will be staying with us for awhile, she's your age so shes going to be in your school, Sabrina she'll be staying in your room with you. Alright you go get settled in and I'll introduce the rest of the family in the morning. " granny explained

" why is she hear and why does she have stay in my room!" I thought out loud

"let's jus say I ran inta some trouble back home so momma sent me to an old family friend" Blake explained

" right, now off to bed lieblings. "