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Next was lunch Kendra and Hanna led me to their table to drop off our stuff I scanned the room for Puck or Sabrina but had no luck.

"So what brought ya to this hell hole." asked Hanna once we got in line for our food.

" I got kicked out," I said with a sarcastic smile "so instead of letting me go where ever, I got shipped off to an old family friend across the country."

"that sucks," responded Hanna

"Who'd she send ya to?" chimed in Kendra after poking several people then pretending it was someone else

"Mrs. Relda Grimm-" I started but was cut off by Kendra

"Nu uh! As in Sabrina Grimm!" she exclaimed. I could feel her anger quickly rising and found myself meeting a whole nother Kendra "She. I. Ugh I can't stand her!"

"And she hates us, this could be fun." added Hanna with a mischievous smirk

"What happened?" I ask in curiosity, but then again curiosity killed the cat.

"It's a long story," started Hanna but was cut off by Kendra

"Well she was just like rude to us and she's a stuck up bitch!" explained Kendra in exasperation

"She was are friend but then shit hit the fan and ya. One time she kicked me in the face in soccer then she was like your fault." finished Hanna vaguely still leavin me hangin

"Oh, I don't think she likes me" I replied

"There she is!" exclaimed Kendra "Let's go mess with her."

"I don't wanna start stuff, I have to live with her, and we share a room." I tried to persuade them

"Heyy Sabrina!" yelled Kendra. Sabrina glared in our direction then spotted me and changed her expression from disgusted to more of a, super I'm gonna kill you, you stupid bitch, pissed off look. Yep this'll be a fun stay at mrs. Relda's house. All this went through my head as Hanna and Kendra laughed histarically.

Ok so kinda short sorry but I had writers block i wasn't sure how i wanted this to all go down, but I promise next chapter will be super long cause it'll be like the rest of the day and all hallows eve.