My first Scisaac fanfic! This is actually only my second teen wolf fanfic so I'm sorry if it's not that good because I'm still trying to get used to writing in the character's point of views! Anyways, I'm not sure if I'm going to continue this one yet so let me know if I should!

Scott was staring at Allison, again, just like he did every day. He stared at her more often than usual since they broke up because he couldn't talk to her, all he could do was stare. Isaac was tired of seeing his friend so heart broken, the sad puppy dog look that had been on Scott's face since Allison said they needed to break up was getting difficult for Isaac to take.

He stared over at Scott and watched carefully as his lips twitched into a frown, he knew why Scott was more upset than he usually was - Allison had been hanging out with some guy who recently started going to school with them. When ever Isaac brought the topic of Allison up, Scott refused to talk about her so at this point he had no clue what he could do to get Scott's mind off of the girl.

He felt bad, and he couldn't seem to figure out how Allison could possibly do this to Scott. The two of them seemed like the perfect couple before all of the werewolf drama started so it was hard to believe that they were broken up. Part of Isaac was glad they were broke up at first and he still feels guilty about that to this day but he never thought Scott would be so upset about the break up.

"Scott, if you don't stop staring at her I'm going to blind fold you." Isaac threatened even though he didn't mean it, he was just tired of watching his friend stare at a girl who wanted nothing to do with him. Scott deserved better than her, he deserved someone who would fight to be with him.

"I'm not staring." Scott answered back as he turned away from Allison and started to get his books out of his locker.

"Yes you were, and you were jealous." Isaac teased, his lips twitching up into a smirk as he watched Scott turn around to face him.

"Of course I'm jealous, we broke up a week ago and she's already all over some other guy!" He shouted as he slammed his locker door shut.

Isaac's eyes widened at the pissed off look on Scott's face, "I know it's hard." He said tilting his head to the side, "Wait a second." He said putting up a finger for Scott to wait even though the boy obviously wasn't going anywhere.

Isaac looked over towards Allison and the mystery boy before turning back towards Scott and smiling at him, "I got a great idea." He said staring at Scott who had an anxious and confused look on his face.

"Why don't you make her jealous?" He asked pointing at Scott, "Find someone who you think is hot and just make a move on them, she'll notice that you are moving on from her and then she'll want to get back together with you." Isaac shrugged, "Then I won't have to watch you have that sad puppy dog look on your face anymore."

Scott shook his head, "There's only one problem with that plan of yours." He told him as he looked over at Allison then back over at Isaac, "I'm not just going to play with some girl's heart in order to get Allison back."

Isaac smirked at his friend, "I didn't say it had to be a girl and I know the perfect person for you to pretend to like seeing as this person wouldn't end up heart broken because he would know what you were doing."

Scott's eyes widened, "I'm not dating a guy." He said right away as he stared at Isaac like he was a lunatic.

"You just have to pretend you like me okay, Scott." He rolled his eyes, "She'll be begging for you to take her back with in a few days."

Scott laughed then nodded, "Fine, Isaac, but I'm not making out with you."

Isaac laughed then smirked at him, "You don't even have to kiss me but if you want her to believe that you like me…" He started to say although what he was saying was more for his own benefit than for Scott's.

Scott just rolled his eyes then walked towards where his first class was. Isaac smirked then yelled at Scott, "See ya later babe."