First chapter!

Maybe I'll keep my readers from After; I hope I do! I'd hate to loose y'all and have to start all over again!

Tell me what you guys think. I'm working on my chapters, too! This, naturally, is just a prologue. It's not going to be long. It's introducing the story, the plot base and things such as that.


"Alright, Mr. Grey." I mumble, staring down at my 17 month old son. He had his powder blue eyes- so similar to my own- narrowed up at me, his lips pursed out. I resist the urge to roll my eyes; he's so independent. "Walk up the stairs by yourself, if you think you can. Don't cry when you fall down," I end with a joke, giving him a tiny smile as he lifts his chin up high and begins his journey up the seventeen flight of steps.

Leaning against the wall, I silently stare after him and recall the morning events. Now that my sweet, baby Theodore has figured out how to walk, he's also decided that cribs weren't his style. I don't believe I'll ever forget Christian's reaction to waking up and finding his son prodding his face curiously with his toy keys.

"He's too big for the crib, baby." I'd tried to explain, but my mercurial Fifty simply shook his head and denied the fact that Teddy is growing up. After a few moments of attempting to make him see face, I finally used the one thing I knew would get to him.

"What if all of Teddy's play friends have big boy beds and Ted is still in a crib?" I had pretended to admonish. "Your son would be the laughing stock of the park, Christian."

That had changed his opinion fairly quickly.

"Mama," Ted's voice calls, effectively pulling me back into the present. I glance up to see him halfway up, where the banister ends, holding his chubby hand out rather begrudgingly. "Help."

I wink at him, not moving. "Thought you could do it on your own?"

"Mama." His tone is curt, and I'm immediately reminded that the only thing my son gained from me was his eyes. "Help. Now."

"Oh, alright." I say with a heavy sigh, knowing how they annoy Teddy. "I guess I'll help you this one time.."

I trudge up the stairs, scooping him up and tickling his tummy. He laughs, squirming in my arms and I instinctively hold his feet away from my stomach.

And just like that, my good mood has vanished.

The reminder of the next Grey heir growing inside my belly causes my entire brain to chill over, and I hurriedly take Ted to his room. Laying him in his crib, I give him strict instructions to stay in it until we're up, and that he'll have a big boy bed in the morning if he does so.

Walking into the long hallway, my hand subconsciously moves to my abdomen. Christian and I hadn't exactly planned for another child, wanting at least a three or four years difference with Ted. But, unfortunately, Dr. Greene had received a bad batch of shots. They recalled them about two days after I'd taken mine, and she'd called my right away.

That was a week ago.

I took the pregnancy test the morning, and it was positive.

I'm honestly afraid of what this child will bring. I know Christian more than likely wont react very well. Given, he's a lot more open to the idea of a child ever since Teddy. I actually believe he secretly wants another, but doesn't know how to bring it up. He just doesn't understand that not every baby will be as calm and quiet as Ted had been, and the personas will be totally different.

Heaven help my little baby if it's a girl.

Hell, for all I know, he may not even want another child. But the mental picture of Christian playing dress up with a tiny girl in copper pigtails and big, grey eyes causes me to smile softly. I slide down the wall, onto the floor, lost in images of the future that I'm uncertain will actually happen.