It's been two months, and things are quiet.

Albeit, too quiet.

"No, Ros." Christian mutters, his voice carrying through his opened door office. "It's not exactly hard to figure up.. Get Raylon on it, then.. No, it's what I pay him for. He'll do it.."

I sigh, hoisting Phoebe up higher on my waist as I wipe down Teddy's latest 'project', which consists of construction paper, scissors, glitter, glue, and grass. Undoubtedly, I support creativity, but I really think it's time for our little Picasso to learn how to use a sponge.

Phoebe squirms in my arms, grey eyes gazing towards the mess in fascination. I twist a bit, angling her away from the task at hand as I send my husband a plea for help across the hall.

Christian quickly ends his call with Ros, crossing the hall and grabbing our daughter from my arms. She smiles in excitement, moving her mouth silently as she stares at him.

"Ted do that?" Christian asks, nodding his head to the once expensive table.

"Yep. And by the looks of it-" I give it one final scrub, before giving up with a smile. "He found super glue."

My gorgeous Fifty winced, before letting a breathtaking grin take over. "These are memories."

"For some odd reason, I do not believe the pieces of furniture he tends to ruin will agree." I sigh, grabbing the sponge and tossing it into the sink. "Speaking of our little guy, where is he?"

Christian kissed Phoebes bronze hair, throwing his chin up. "His room. Probably making more crafts for Mommy."

"Well, as long as they're for Mommy.." I relent, moving into Christian's warmth and nuzzling his chest. Phoebe's hand hits my cheek as he wraps his free arm around my waist. I grab her fingers, bringing them to my lips.

"There's a pretty baby." I coo, blowing a raspberry on her tummy through her shirt. She opens her mouth in a giggle, and, as always, no sound escapes. I smile sadly, and Christian grins, completely unfazed by her silence.

"Mom!" Teddy yells, stumbling down the stairs, brandishing a piece of paper in his hands proudly. As he waves it, blue and green glitter flies unceremoniously off and onto the floor. I sigh dejectedly.

"Yes, baby?"

He runs over to us as fast as his two and a half year old legs will take him, and holds out the paper to me. He glances shyly up to Christian.

I raise an eyebrow.

This is new.

Looking at the paper, I have to stiffen a giggle. He'd colored a picture of a dog in between what I can only guess is himself and Phoebe. Phoebe wore a dress with green sparkles on it, and Ted wore a suit with blue glitter. Suddenly understanding why he hadn't wanted to show his father, I send him a wink.

"I think your son wants a pet, Christian." I say, wrapping my hand around Teddy's head as he clings to my leg, smiling sheepishly at his father.

Immediately, Christian frowns.

"Like a.. fish?" He questions, tilting his head to the side.

"No." I hand him the paper. "Like a dog."

Christian's eye widen. "Oh, no."

"Oh, yes." Teddy mimics. Christian shoots him an exasperated look.

"How about we get you another fish, Ted?" He probes. "They're just as fun."

"No. Dog." Ted narrows his eyes, hiding his face in my leg again. "Like Uncle Lelliot."

Christian blinks. "Uncle Elliot isn't a dog, Theodore."

I laugh, "No. Elliot and Kate adopted a dog about three months back, remember?" Teddy had fell in love with Butch the moment he'd seen him. I knew it'd only be a matter of time before we had this conversation.

"Oh, right.." Christian fumbles to find a response. "Well, Ted.. I don't know.."

"Please!" My little Blip shouts, jumping out from behind my leg. "Please, Dad, please!"

Christian balks, staring at me for help. I shrug, joining Teddy and poking my lip out.

"I've always wanted a puppy, too." I respond.

Christian looks between us two, and I already see his barriers breaking down.

"Alright." He sighs, snuggling Phoebe closer. "Alright, you win. We can get a dog."

"Yes!" Teddy exclaims, hopping around. "Yes! Puppy!"

Upon seeing her brothers excitement, Phoebe grins and bounces up and down in her fathers arms, celebrating with him. I wink at Christian, who shakes his head and sighs, running a free hands down his face.

I know everything's okay, though, when I spy a wide smile between those long fingers.