Shh do you hear that?The sounds of the rain pattering over the house?There is a legend that goes with it. It all started when a young boy name Frim moved far away from his home...He collasped on the sidewalk in desperate need of food, water, and a place to people didn't notice him, they just kept looked up into the sky and made a promise with the would give his soul up in exactly one year if he could have all of his hearts beliveing in such a foolish thing at the time he quickly forgot about it,Seeing a dog in the middle of the quickly lunged forward wisking the dog away from the fast tires bearing down on the floor on the other side of the all stopped,turned,and clutched the dog pondering what was so signifigent about saved Kishas dog one lady wispered to went on for awhile while he just sat there oblivious to what was going man roughly yanked him up."come with me" he said. With somthing in his eyes that look respectful and demanded it as 's owner will want to meet was pushed into a room where all of the windows were covered in red paper giving off a red glow."so"she said."I see you made a contract with the devil"He looked at her with confusion and fear on his face like a did she know?
"In case you are wondering how I know it's quit simple really"She grabbed his hand pushing his sleave back painted in blood red,was an eye.
"How do you know of this?" He said in a cold tone not wanting to divulge his secrets to this women whom he just met. "you were capable of touching Ishika without getting bit" She said with a amused not in her voice. But be careful. Whenever it rains he shall come to see how your fate will be judged. Who? He said inquisititivly. She smiled. My father. Frim laughed "Is everyone in this village as supersticious as you?" She beckoned him forward. "If you do not belive me stay for a year" She gave a short laogh. You shall have all you desire. An entire year had past and the foolish lad had spent his days drinking himself in and out of comas and through his life without a care. Until one day a Heavy raint came upon the village thwarting his plans of another night of drinking. Then Kisha stepped into the room with a smirk on her face. "My father wants to meet you" Then a man with blue eye walked into the room. "Hello Frim, I see you have been doing well, it seems I upheld my end of the contract. Now its your turn" ... So remember dear listeners. Unless you are not to live for long do not bargain with the man with blue eyes.

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