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Back to the Way It Should Be

Chapter 1: Early Morning Surprise


To say Sakura Kinomoto was shocked would be the understatement of the year. Who could blame her? Last time she checked, she was trying to create the Opposite Card with Tomoyo, Syaoran, Kero-chan and Yue and it was night time. She could remember a burst of power when she was almost done creating the card. She recalled passing out. When she regained consciousness, however, she found herself in an intimate embrace in the arms of the person she'd never dreamed of being in- in the arms of her undeniably handsome Moon Guardian- and that it was already morning.

Yue, hearing a loud thud and an ear-deafening scream, woke up. He looked around, noticed he was in his Mistress' room and saw Sakura on the floor. Immediately, Yue sat up, shock evident on his face. Last time he checked, he was with Sakura, standing on guard while she was creating the Opposite card. If his memory serves him right, something went wrong during the creation of the card and he rushed to his Mistress' side to protect her from a sudden burst of power. Then, there was darkness. What in the world happened after that?

"Mistress?" asked a confused Yue.

"Yue-san…. Where- what- why- how- why were we sleeping in the same bed? Where are the others? Is this a dream?! The Opposite card? And what happened to you?!" panicked Sakura, standing up from the floor.

Yue raised an eyebrow and tried finding a mirror to look at his self. When he did find one and took a good look at his self, Yue's eyes widened even more, if that was even possible. His eyes weren't cat-like, though they were still in their usual silvery pale blue color, and looked like that of a normal human's. His silver-white hair wasn't tied in its usual ponytail and only reached up to his waist. To top things off, he wasn't wearing his guardian robes. Instead, he was wearing a slightly unbuttoned pale blue pyjama top and pants that were in a darker shade.

Yue composed his self. He shook his head and replied, "I don't know Mistress… This doesn't feel like a dream."

Just when Sakura was about to say something, another voice spoke in a familiar heavy Osaka dialect.

"It's still early in the morning. What's up with you two?" Kero-chan floated in the air between Yue and Sakura. His arms were crossed over his chest and wore the strangest Kero-chan look on his face.

The Sun Guardian's face looked as serious and emotionless as Yue's! Sakura and, yes, even Yue stared incredulously at Kero-chan, lips slightly parted in shock.

"Nanda?" Kero-chan curtly questioned in the same way Yue would have.

Sakura's mouth hung open. What was wrong with Kero? What was happening?

"Kero-chan? Is that you? What happened to the Opposite Card?" questioned Sakura, taking Kero from the air and then pinched his cheeks, "Are you okay? Why are you imitating Yue-san? "

If Yue got insulted or annoyed by this, he didn't say anything. He just folded his arms over his chest.

"I'm fine! And what do you mean by the Opposite Card? There's no such card!" Kero complained and freed himself from Sakura's hold. The "stuffed toy" threw a little glare at Sakura and rubbed his sore cheeks. He wondered why Sakura asked what she just did earlier. Imitating Yue? And what Opposite card? He couldn't understand where she was coming from.

"Anyways, what's up with you two at such an early time in the morning?" Kero asked, putting a hand on his hip, once again in the same way Yue does.

Sakura frowned. Things were surely turning out weird. First, she wakes up in Yue's arms. Next, Kero-chan's acting like Yue and he doesn't remember a thing about last night. What more things would surprise her out of her mind this day?

Yue was just as exasperated as Sakura. He didn't like how things were turning out. He thought this was just an illusion and tried checking if it was. Fortunately or unfortunately-he didn't know what seemed fit for the situation he and his Mistress was in right now- they weren't in an illusion. Another thought crossed his mind. Maybe this was the work of the Opposite Card? And, what more was in store for his Mistress and him?

"Are you going to answer or not?" questioned Kero, snapping the Card Mistress and the Moon Guardian out of their thoughts.

"Eto... Why isn't Yue-san in his usual clothes and what happened to his hair? And why were we sleeping together? And what happened last night with the Opposite Card?" asked Sakura.

Kero looked at Sakura as though she suddenly grew out three heads. She wasn't serious… was she? Kero glanced at Yue for help. Yue appeared as confused as Sakura was, though it wasn't actually shown in his face. Kero let out a long, annoyed sigh. Did his Mistress hit her head too hard earlier when she fell off the bed? Was Yue having amnesia or something?

"Mistress Sakura, you and Yue are LOVERS," explained Kero, "You split Yukito and him months ago. The Yue you're seeing now is his false form. Yue's now living with us and he's staying in your brother's room since that brother of yours moved to an apartment with his girlfriend. And about him sleeping with you, YOU were the one who asked him to do so last night since you couldn't sleep. And as I've said before, I know nothing of the Opposite Card you're talking about and surely such a card wasn't mentioned nor created last night."

Yue's eyes widened more than saucers and his mouth hang open. He and his Mistress? Lovers? That was absurd! As much as Yue refused to admit it, he's grown rather fond of his Mistress, cared about her more than to his liking, and that he was harbouring feelings for her that were stronger than the one he had for Clow. But the big point here was that his Mistress was in love with Li Syaoran!

Sakura was even more dumbfounded than Yue that she was rendered speechless. All she could do at that moment was stare at Kero-chan with her jaw dropped on the ground and her face in an awfully mad blush it put a red traffic light to shame. Not only that, she didn't miss it when her heart skipped around 6 beats when Kero-chan mentioned that she and Yue were lovers.

"If I were you Mistress, I'd get over my shock right now and start readying for school. The same goes for you too Yue. And, Yukito's going to arrive after little while to go to school with you two," Kero spoke up, seeing that none of the two was going to snap out of their surprise soon. After that, the Sun Guardian immediately returned to his makeshift bedroom in the drawer of Sakura's study table, knowing that Sakura was going to scream in again. Better safe in his bedroom where his Mistress' scream won't be as ear-deafening.

Kero was absolutely right. A few seconds after Kero went in his bedroom, Sakura's brain registered the word "school" and so she reacted like she usually would when she finally found her voice:


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