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Breanna woke up from the rays of sunlight flashing right onto her closed eyelids. She heard movement in the tent. And she turned her head and looked over finding her best friend, Jenna, already up and moving. Her blonde hair looked like a rats nest on top of her head. The long-sleeved with shirt she wore was obviously worn out. There were to large whole near the wrists where her thumbs were, there where dirt and grass stains on it, and on the bottom part of the hem the fabric has started to fray. Her black cotton shorts, looked relatively new.

Breanna sat up while she pushed her red bangs out of her face. She huffed which caused Jenna's attention. Immediately those big blue eyes flashed up to her. "Morning." Jenna said handing her the bottle of water they shared.

Breanna took it gratefully and took a greedy gulp before putting the cap back on and setting it on the floor. "Morning." She told her back, standing up and stretching her arms over her head. "How did you sleep?" Breanna asked worriedly. She knew that Jenna was paranoid and had trouble sleeping just from the regular horror. Now basically being in one, could not be good on the poor girls' nerves.

Jenna shrugged her delicate shoulders putting on her black Reebok sneakers. "Alright, like normal. Stayed up half of the night and then finally went to bed when I couldn't keep my eyes opened anymore." Jenna told her tying up her sneakers.

Breanna changed from her pajamas and put on her denim shorts and red tank-top. It was hot. And how her friend was wearing long sleeves she didn't know. "I know it's bad to let our guard down." Breanna told her sitting down next to her. "But right now everything is fine-knock on wood-and I think we should do everything we can to soak up the good before the bad gets here." Breanna said with a small smile.

It's true that Breanna was always an optimist. She always liked to look on the bright side of things. How couldn't she? Things could only get better. And if they did get worse than it could only go on for so long before its get better. Breanna was so...innocent and naive to things. She was adorable. She was almost 24 and she still looked 18.

Jenna sighed but nodded to her friend. She didn't want her to get upset, she was a very sensitive girl. At first Jen thought that something must have happened to make her like that but nope, she was just an overly sensitive person. "Yeah, I guess you're right Bre." She told her standing up. "I'm gonna go hang with Glen for a bit."

Bre nodded tying up her brown construction boots. "Kay-kay. Have fun." Jenna left the tent after that on her search for Glen.

Bre put up her curly mess of hair into a ponytail. She subconsciously swept her hand over her cheekbones to cover her freckles but forgot she couldn't just sweep them off her face.

She stepped out of the tent and saw that the camp was awake and buzzing. She looked over to the RV and saw Dale was sitting on the chair with a pair of binoculars in his left hand and his gun in the right. Bre loved Dale. From the instant she met him he took her under his wing and she loved him for it. Reminded her of her Dad.

Bre smiled as she walked up the ladder going on top of the RV and stood next to him. "Hi Dale! How are you today?"

He smiled as he looked down at his favorite red-head. She was such an angel. She truly kept the hope in the group going. "Hey Bre, and I'm doing good. Yourself?"

She grinned and looked out at the trees and sighed. "I'm good." She saw a man come out of the trees. Short, disheveled, brown hair, he was tan, he wore a sleeveless plaid shirt and jeans. He had his crossbow behind his back and he had a number of dead squirrel that were cut open that he held walking to the camp and placing them near the fire where Lori and Shane were.

"Who's that again?" Breanna asked Dale pointing to the man.

"Daryl Dixon." He answered. "And him"-he pointed to Merle leaning against an old pick-up truck smoking a cigarette-"is Merle Dixon. Two of the men on this camp you do not want to get in with." He told her sternly.

She sighed. "But obviously Daryl can't be that bad. I mean, he just brought food for our group."

Dale looked down at her. Her big green eyes glittered with confusion. "Sweetheart, if he's anything like his brother I wouldn't want anything to do with him."

"But he might not be liked his brother." She told him having a very valid point. "Not everyone is like their siblings. Oh! it's like having an older sibling be really bad in school, and you are all nice and do your work but you automatically have something against you, and your teachers don't like you."

Dale shook his head at the young girl, he didn't know where she got her analogies from, but they were damn entertaining.

"He can't be as bad as his brother." Breanna said in a determined voice. "I'm gonna get to know him, everybody deserves a chance."