When Willie opened his eyes he was surrounded in darkness. He laid there still for a moment, flirting with unconsciousness, with only the sound of his own breath let him know he was still alive. He was confused, disoriented and scared. He was flat on his back and went to raise his hand in front of his face only to have it drag across something above him. Taking both hands he quickly reached up, palms making contact with a hard surface above that could not be budged. Attempting to sit up he realized he was unable, he had no room to move.

Fear turned into panic. He began pounding and clawing at the satin cloth that was stitched to the wooden slab above him. His knees knocked up against the barrier and panic quickly turned to terror. He thrashed his hands from side to side, smacking against the sides and top of whatever he was confined in. His back was throbbing and his legs felt numb. His heart pounded out of his chest, he had been screaming so loud that his voice grew horse, stolen by the darkness. Oh please p-please let this be a dream… Tears streaming down his face he fought to escape for what seemed to be an eternity, to the point of exhaustion. He felt nauseous, dizzy, his head throbbing and spinning out of control into the night, slipping back into unconsciousness.

When he awoke a second time he didn't open his eyes, he was afraid to, afraid to move, afraid to know if the dream was over. His hand was shaking as he reached it slowly up towards the sky, his eyes tightly squeezed shut and his heart racing. He gently felt the satin material above him and his stomach instantly turned into knots. No! Oh Pl-Please No! He let out a sorrowful cry as he quickly pulled his arm down and his heart sank deep into his chest with a fear he had never known before. Not a dream. His mind began to race and he was in pain, his head ached and his arm felt as though a white hot knife had slashed him open. He reached for his wrist and it was wet, he could feel the sleeve of his coat was soaked and sticky. His eyes widened in the darkness and in that terrifying moment he let out a scream, Wh-What have I done?

He remembered. He remembered breaking into the Collins family tomb thinking that he could make a big score and get the jewels, wanting to find his way back to the sea and leave that wretched Collinwood forever. Leave Jason, leave those people that hated him, and start a new life far away. He remembered breaking the chains away from the coffin. He remembered opening the coffin lid to find… IT. The thing reached its arm out of the coffin and wrapped its long alien like fingers around his neck, jolting him down to his knees as his chest met the side of the coffin with such inhuman force his breath was knocked out of him. Gasping for air he was suddenly face to face with IT. Willie's eyes grew wide and he began to shake, filled with terror. The other steely hand clawed at his wrist and drew it up towards its mouth. No.. N-Nooo Please Nooooo. The thing pulled his arm up and savagely sank its teeth deep into his flesh. The pain had the force of a lightning bolt coursing through his body. He remembered trying to scream and not making a sound as the grip on his neck grew tighter and tighter. He tried to pull away and escape but the thing had more strength than any man he had ever known. With every struggled movement the thing just held him tighter. He could feel himself being drained and with every heartbeat he felt the pulsing of his blood exit his body, a throbbing sensation deep in within his head , until finally he was discarded by IT and thrown into the corner of the room as if he were a child's doll. He head met the cold cement wall and he instantly felt nauseous and slid onto the floor, surrounded by a fog that carried him into unconsciousness.

Willie froze as he lay confined in the darkness realizing with dread where he was. I-I'm in the coffin…I-I-I'm in the THINGS coffin!…. Suddenly it became difficult to breathe and the closeness that was surrounding him felt tight, suffocating him in fear. He began to shake uncontrollably and frantically tried to look around for a sign of light. He was sweating and could feel the cold sweat drip down and sting into his eyes. He was petrified straight to his core and then he began to sob and thrash back and forth in pure terror, tears and sweat streaming down his face, pounding at the coffins lid with all of his might. I gotta get out….it's not done with me….it's comin' back for me …I-IT'S COMIN BACK FOR ME !