Ok, remind me why I'm doing this again? Oh yeah, because I'm enjoying WO 3 and need to get a creative spark back. So then, with that in mind...what can I say about this?

Well, characters from Friends in warfare are in, so expect to see Su and company, in a different appearance (well, saying that I'm Fu Xi in that and Fu Xi is in WO2 and 3...yeah) and I don't really know where to place this, but it's going to have it's place...fighting demons. Hehehe. And it's going to be a few chapters covering one battle...

Oh, by the way, let's see who I can drag into this. I'd like to use like...2 other series outside of those present in WO3...got an idea for one of them, and maybe the second. But if you want, drop me a line, give me ideas.

But anyway, LITERITURE HO!

Hope Amidst Chaos

Part 1


5 years ago, we walked away from it all.

From the chaos, the death

the battles...the pain

but we also walked away from something else.

The relationships we had built, the friends we had made.

We made a big choice...

...now it seems to be dragging us back...

My head spun in the darkness as I slowly stirred awake. My head felt like I had taken a bad cocktail of alcohol the night before, the dirt beneath me being an appealing option when compared with waking with this nagging pain in my skull, but I knew I had to. For one staying down here and sleeping when I could go home and find my bed was a choice not to be made. Either way it wasn't the best place to stay either.

I place a hand on my head as I lifted myself up, feeling the grass under my hand as I stood, groaning a few times. I knew one thing, I was clothed, that was a good sign. Felt like the same shirt I had worn the other day...some socks and a heavy leather jacket...and jeans, always a good answer. Heck, I think I'm even wearing my boots. As the pain starts to subside I can finally make something out.

The sound of bird song around me...normally a good sign, but...well, if this is the time I think it is, they should be a while away, not right in my ear. Pieces of my memory come back as I open my eyes, seeing where I am.

I was stood in a forest...and not just any kind of forest...a bamboo forest. I'm not in England anymore. It's foggy as hell, I could be walking into a wall of god knows what with the vision I have. Let's see...Last thing I remember was...Running. I had met up with Simon and Sarah for a drink to catch up on old times, we talked about the days of the war in the Three Kingdoms...what we missed and what we didn't...and then the people at the bar, save us just...vanished. And I don't mean they left I mean vanished. No fancy effects just here one second gone the next. I was the first to realize, standing up and looking around, freaked out with the pair joining me.

The next thing we noticed was the lack of traffic outside...in fact outside was black. We couldn't see a thing. No sound either. The soldier in all three of us was screaming at us that something was off. Next thing I knew BAM! Something hit me round the back of the head.

Next thing I woke up here...and I'm not a heavy drinker. I looked over my clothes once more, finding my fingerless gloves...relatively clean. I quickly dusted myself down, finding new additions to my clothing. First off, a layer of chain mail between two shirts. My jeans have more tears, but under these are proper plates. My right arm is lacking the sleeve with the left arm having armor on. I don't know what's going on...but this is ominous in and of itself.

I heard some stirring nearby, hearing a few groans. I instantly ran towards it, finding Sarah in her black skirt, trainers and low cut top. Her brown hair barely touching her neck as she raised herself up, doing the same thing I had a few seconds before.

"Where..." she spoke, turning and seeing me. "Craig...where are...?" I shook my head, sighing.

"I don't know..." I told her honestly, looking over her and seeing the armor on her arm...the one conveniently used for her archery. "But I know one thing...having this armor on isn't normal considering last night" She nodded, lowering her hand.

"This looks like...Mian Zhu..." I looked at her, raising an eyebrow. "The woods outside Cheng Du...I know where we are"

"We're back in China?" She nodded.

She led me wherever she thought she was the right route out, walking silently thought the bamboo forest. China...we left this place...why have we been dragged back? She stopped occasionally, putting a hand on a branch at times in order to get her bearings. For what it's worth, fighting her here before taught me not to question her for my own good. The amount she managed to outsmart me here before nearly got me killed.

It was almost eerie, walking through the fog in our silence, half confusion over what was going on keeping us silent, half worried about what this meant. Sarah sighed as she kicked one of the bamboo strands, putting her hands on her waist as she turned to me.

"This is weird...I can't find the route" She told me. I raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean 'can't find the route'? You lived around here for years! If you don't know the way then who does?" I asked her, putting a hand on my head again.

"I don't know. But this...isn't normal...even by the standards of what we had" I noticed a broken pole of bamboo on the ground, picking it up and holding it over my shoulder. It was long enough to be some sort of quarterstaff...or at least something to bash a few heads in with. I know Sarah had learned some martial arts during her time in Shu but...well, 5 years. I'm rusty, what about her?

As if on queue, I heard something nearby break, turning quickly towards it with the pole lowered. Sarah took my flank, standing in some sort of martial-y stance, fists forward. "Who goes there?" I challenge, hearing more breaks as it got closer. My eyes somewhat shut as I made out two shapes coming towards us.

"Nice way to say hi Craig" I hear Simon speak. He becomes more visible as the fog eventually gives way to show him to us, along with a figure I hadn't seen since we left this place.

"Laura?" I ask, seeing the girl perk up as I said her name. She was still looking like she had the day we left China.

"Ok, gotta admit I didn't think this guy was telling the truth when he said he was Shinra" She speaks, sighing. "I take it that's Nu behind you"

"Good to see you Su" Sarah speaks. I hold my hand up.

"OK guys, on subject, what's happened? Where's Ling Tong?" She sighed at this part, scratching the back of her head.

"I don't know...last I saw him we were somehow in Liang after running from The Wu Territory" Ter-fricking-riffic. I sighed, looking around the trio.

"So...you went from Wu, to Liang, to...apparently Yi over the course of 3 territories...wow, that sounds...bad" She gave me an evil look as I kinda ruined her story.

"That sounds kinda familiar on our end as well" another female voice chipped in. I turned quickly, seeing another European. I wonder...

"Melissa?" The woman was wearing a revealing top along with jeans dirtied by sand and armor in odd places. Next to her was a male figure wearing a lot of armor...Derrick...last I knew he was killed by Guan Yu at Fan...or was it Ping? Meh, he died at Fan either way, so I can understand the actual armor.

"You know it Hun" She put her hands behind her head, sighing. "Artistic gal here isn't lying, I'll give her that. I ran from Guan Du to...some weird place...to here"

"Oh, so it's not just her then..." I got a kick to the shin at that point, hopping as I felt the pain. "Laura you annoying little..." I groaned a few times, walking around a bit to wear it out.

The other started talking again as they tried to figure out what was going on. I walked nearby, resting against a rock as they spoke. I had enough on my mind before this...but now...

CLICK! My ears perked up at this, turning around to the rock I was near as he noise emanated behind it. "Shut it guys" I told them, the 5 of them falling silent. I moved slowly and carefully around the rock, finding a kneeling soldier holding something as he wore peasant clothing. I lunged at him, grabbing the thing off him and booting him back. I looked over what I had grabbed as he fell.

"Is this" I found a trigger, along with a hole on one end and a brace for a shoulder, along with an archaic iron sight, and a smoking...thing. "A matchlock?" The guy I took it off stood back as I heard hundreds more clicks. We all looked around, seeing more of them appearing in the fog. "Oh boy"

"Well, looks like we got another 6 of 'em" I heard someone speak. I don't think it needed saying upon seeing the hundreds of riflemen, as I dropped the gun. "Surrender and we'll take you prisoner..."

Such a great start...

I don't know the parts on a Matchlock. I know what it is, and I know the muskets and such, but not the parts, nor the reload and such. I know how to fire one, pull the trigger after aiming.

Anyway, yeah, intros. Something had to happen. Not sure what I'm going to do for weapons yet but I'll have them ready. Su I may have as she was before. The others are kinda clean slates, even myself, but don't expect us to use the fire arms.

But do expect to see regular WO characters. :)