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"Marriage, fiancé, alliance, duty, honor…marriage." the young man repeated the dreaded word. Marriage, he was to be married for the first time. Yes, married to another man for their countries to form a strong union. It was his duty as a nation to do so. There were no questions asked, no need for love, just power. The alliance would benefit both countries; making them a force to be reckoned with against the growing strength of France. The marriage would strengthen the said alliance. Therefore, the young nation found himself at the altar with another man he barely knew.

The man beside him was attractive was the first impression he had of his soon to be husband. His skin was sun-kissed gold from days of being far out at sea. His eyes were as green as emeralds and glimmered with warmth. And though he felt his internal organs twisting from anxiety, the other man's smile had ceased the internal torture. The smile made a silent promise that he would not hurt the young Austrian.

"Antonio Fernandez Carriedo," the man heard the priest address his fiancé, "wilt thou have this man to thy wedded wife, to live together after God's ordinance in the holy estate of Matrimony? Wilt thou love him, comfort him, honor, and keep him in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, keep thee only unto him, so long as ye both shall live?"

"I do." Antonio's voice was firm as he looked into those vibrant eyes of the Austrian. He looked for any signs of doubt or uneasiness. The purple orbs mirrored the every man's emotion like an open book in which he was free to flip through. There was fear hidden in those eyes, but at the same time there was determination.

"Roderich Edelstein, wilt thou have this man to thy wedded husband, to live together after God's ordinance in the holy estate of Matrimony? Wilt thou love him, comfort him, honor, and keep him in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, keep thee only unto him, so long as ye both shall live?"

"I do." Roderich replied softly, but strongly enough to be heard. He hoped his voice did not betray his true feelings though he knew they did by the way Antonio squeezed his hand reassuringly. The tender action only heightened his heart rate. It didn't throb against his rib cage yet, but if the Spaniard came any closer he knew it would.

Before he knew it, he felt his hand being raised as a silver band was slipped onto his ring finger. The cool metal hugged his finger as if it refused to be removed anytime soon. Roderich automatically said his vows he had rehearsed many times on his own, and slipped the blessed matching band on Antonio's finger. He could not look into the man's emerald eyes; his muscles were too wound up to let him do so.

"….you may kiss the bride." the words cut through his reverie like a blade. His blood pumping through his body swiftly as a hand came to raise his chin so his violet amethyst eyes met emerald. Antonio leaned down to capture the other's lips in a chaste short kiss. There were no sparks, no electrifying sensation jumpstarting his nerves, but only the sound of his beating heart berating against his chest ruthlessly.

Roderich Edelstein was now married and for how long, he did not know. Antonio pulled away, looking once again at the smaller man, but this time he was looking into the eyes of his new young wife. The intensity of the gaze told him the marriage would last a very long time.

After the celebration of the wedding, Antonio found his bride standing outside on the balcony. His gaze remained out towards the sea though he appeared to be searching for something beyond the horizon. Something so close he could reach out with his hand to just brush against it, but not fully being able to grasp it in his clutches. Antonio's demeanor dampened by the thought that Roderich was searching for freedom. Did his wife already feel oppressed?

"Hola mi querido." Antonio greeted, causing the Austrian to avert his violet eyes on his husband. Roderich took in Antonio's appearance. He had changed out of his uniform as the red jacket was discarded and replaced by a simple white shirt. Black pants hugged his hips as he strode towards him.

"Hallo Spain." Roderich replied when Antonio came to stand by his side.

"Please call me Antonio." He smiled cheerfully at Roderich who only returned it halfheartedly.

"Then you may call me Roderich."

"In Spanish your name would be Rodrigo. I quite like the sound of it, Rodrigo." He repeated as if to prove his point.

"In German your name would be Anton."

"Anton," Antonio tried the name, "I like it."

This time when the Austrian smiled he meant it as the grin on the other's face seemed to relax him a bit, "Then I will call you Anton."

"Then can I call you Rodrigo?"

"Yes, you may." Roderich relented. He didn't mind the name truthfully, and the name made the Spaniard smile so he saw no reason to refuse. Antonio took the moment of silence to move closer to Roderich, leaning in so his lips almost brushed against the other's ear.

"Rodrigo," he rolled the 'r' sending waves of warmth to crash against the shell of Roderich ear. The unfamiliar contact made Roderich shiver, igniting a spark in his lower back.

"You shame the stars by your beauty, my Rodrigo." Again the 'r' was rolled sending more shivers through the other's body. He could feel blood rush to his cheeks from the comment. No one had ever complimented him as such, causing him to be self-conscious as to the way he appeared in front of Antonio. He turned his face more to the side, trying to hide his flamed cheeks.

Antonio beamed at Roderich's bashfulness. Honestly, he found it adorable. He wanted to see the rest of the other's face flushed like a bright, ripe tomato. He moved even closer towards Roderich, wrapping his arm around the other's waist to pull him closer and hold him in place while his lips lightly brushed against the pale neck.

Roderich let out a small gasp, surprised by the feeling of Antonio's cool lips against his heated skin. He wanted to move away from Antonio, but the fear of angering his husband kept his feet glued in place. Instead his hand reached out, pushing lightly against Antonio's chest. Beneath the thin fabric he could feel the unexpected toned muscles. His hand froze.

Antonio continued his administrations, trailing soft kissing down the other's neck, feeling the frenzied pulse underneath the alabaster skin. His skin was so pale in contrast to his own olive tan. Noting this, he grew a desire to mark the skin. Change its color to a pink or red hue. He imagined it would look stunning against the pale skin and so he began to gently nip. His teeth grazed across the bitten flesh before lapping it with his tongue.

Roderich bit his bottom lip to keep from screaming or crying out loud from terror of what would soon come. He felt energy slowly being drained from his legs from being tense for so long. The ability to stand was becoming troublesome. Antonio, sensing the predicament by the increasing weight against his arm, used his other to turn Roderich to face him. Both arms wrapped around his inexperienced lover to hold him up. His lips returned to Roderich's skin, nibbling softly at his jaw. Roderich held his hands against Antonio's chest to keep some distance between them.

The lips on Roderich moved from his jaw up to his checks until he could feel them on the corner of his mouth. He immediately tensed as lips were brushed against his. The kisses were light and tender sending shivers down the other's spine. Antonio savored the softness of the other's mouth. He craved to see them red and swollen.

The arm around Roderich pulled him flushed against the other's body as the other hand moved to hold Roderich's face in place so he could place a final firm kiss upon the man. His thumb brushed against the beauty mark eliciting an unexpected moan from Roderich. He felt something wet slid against his bottom lip as it started pushing against his sealed lips. Roderich obliged and parted his lips, allowing Antonio's tongue to slide into the heated cavern.

Roderich's eyes shot wide with shock as he felt the tongue probe the interior of his mouth. It flicked against his own as if Antonio was inviting his lover to join in the exploration. Antonio enjoyed the velvety feeling of Roderich's mouth, only pulling away when the need for air became too great. He looked down at his stunned lover. He took pride of the swollen lips and the light blotches sprinkling the other's neck where he had bit him.

Roderich let out a small cry when he felt something hard pressing against his abdomen. He knew what it was as his stomach seemed to clench again with dread. Antonio grinned, loving the sounds coming from Roderich. He leaned down to swoop the man up into his arms. Roderich's heart stopped suddenly when he felt his feet leave the ground. Antonio cradled him in his arms as he carried his bride inside the villa and into the bedroom.

The bedroom was large and extravagantly decorated. Intricate tapestries hung against the walls. Large windows with the view of the ocean were opposite the king sized bed, accented with translucent scarlet drapes that flowed when the wind brushed through it. Ornate dark cherry wood furniture was placed by the fireplace. In all, the sight took Roderich's breath away, but he needed to save all the air in his lungs that he had for the thought of what was to come had made the simple task of breathing a burden.

His inspection of the room was cut short when Antonio laid him down gently on the bed. As soon as he was down, Roderich felt himself retreating backwards towards the wooden carved headboard of the large bed. The Spaniard stood by the side, slowly undressing. First he removed his shirt, revealing the toned muscles that Roderich had felt earlier. The sight of them caused Roderich's face to blush seeing the man half naked. All that was left were his breeches that were cut down to his knees.

Antonio then went to work on Roderich whose back was now pressed against the wooden headboard. First were his shoes to go followed by his white stockings as Antonio trailed kisses down the slim leg while he rolled down the thin material. He then climbed closer to his paralyzed lover to remove his white jacket. Antonio's long fingers skillfully set to work on the violet vest and silk cravat. All clothes were carelessly discarded on the floor as Roderich was left in his own breeches and loose cream colored shirt.

Large violet eyes traced the path of the Spaniard's hands. He watched as each button and tie was undone. He felt overly exposed to Antonio, wanting nothing more than to cover himself though his husband had other plans. Antonio's hand played with the hem of Roderich's shirt, slipping underneath the flimsy fabric to caress the delicate skin underneath. Roderich inhaled sharply, biting his bottom lip once more. He turned his head away from the sight only to have Antonio to latch his lips onto his neck.

A thumb brushed over a nipple producing a small whimper from Roerich. The Spaniard continued, trying to get some kind of reassurance of pleasure. When none was found, he moved on to Roderich's sides, pressing his rough calloused palms against the supple flesh before massaging gently. Still nothing, no signs of desire only fear. Antonio was starting to get irritated by his stubborn lover. He grasped the other's hips, pulling the man down closer to him. Roderich found his hands instinctively move to clutch Antonio's shoulders, keeping the distance between them.

He trembled beneath Antonio as his eyes glassed over from unshed tears. Seeing the other's eyes, Antonio reluctantly pulled away from Roderich. This surprised the Austrian, causing him to sit up. He watched as Antonio sat unmoving at the edge of the bed.

"I'm sorry Rodrigo, but I cannot consummate our marriage when you do not wish to." Antonio admitted. He looked back at the violet-eyed man to see his reaction. Roderich felt relieved but yet ashamed of himself that he could not give his husband would he should have.

"No, it is I who is sorry, Anton. I'm sorry I'm not a good lover."

"No Rodrigo, you are a great lover, just inexperienced."

"Isn't that kind of the same thing?"

"Not at all, I prefer you innocent anyway. It is endearing." Roderich nodded in acknowledgment, "Besides, we have time to consummate. There is no rush Mi querido."

"Thank you, Anton." Roderich smiled to show his gratitude. Silence fell over them as Antonio took it as peaceful while the other felt awkward. He slowly got up from the bed, getting ready to depart from the room only to feel something tugging on his wrist.

"Where are you going?" Antonio questioned quickly as if he did not want Roderich to go.

"I-I was going to go to my rooms." stammered Roderich as he was startled from the sudden outburst.

"Please don't go," beseeched Antonio, "you can go if you want to, but I would rather keep you by my side if you don't mind."

Roderich nodded thinking it was the least he could do for his husband. Antonio grinned at Roderich's compliance and watched as the Austrian neatly folded his clothes to lay on the chair before climbing into the bed. He removed his glasses, resting them on the side table and then looked at Antonio who crawled up beside him. Antonio wrapped his warm arms around the smaller man, kissing the other's temple gently. He ran his hand through the dark chestnut brown locks, feeling the silky tresses between his fingers.

"I think I like you already Rodrigo." Antonio softly spoke.

Roderich nodded, "I like you too Anton."

Antonio smiled at his lover's confession. He blew the candles out before pulling the duvets over their bodies. Roderich did not tense when Antonio came to spoon up behind him. He moved closer into the heated body and drifted comfortably off to sleep.

The sun's rays filtered through the windows, basking the room in morning light. Antonio was the first to stir from his restful slumber. He snuggled closer to the warm body beside him. Dark mahogany locks tickled the tip his nose with each breath he took. Slowly, he opened his pea green eyes to the sight of the sleeping Austrian facing him. His features were calm and peaceful. The corners of his mouth tugged up slightly as if he was having a pleasant dream. Antonio wondered what Roderich was dreaming and hoping it was of him.

Suddenly he felt the Austrian shifting away from him, causing Antonio to tighten his hold to bring the Austrian back to where he was. Roderich unconsciously was attracted to the warmth of the Spaniard's skin and snuggled into Antonio's chest emitting a small sigh of contentment. Antonio continued to examine the young man's face while he slept. His lashes were long and dark, his jaw sharp, and nose a bit pointed but cute nonetheless. His lips were small and thin but the way they were slightly parted in his sleep made them look delectable. Antonio noted that even his one curl that stood resolute among the rest last night fell limp across his face with a ghost of a curl. His skin was milky white in contrast to his wild untamed chocolate locks. In conclusion, Antonio found his new lover simply beautiful.

A few minutes into Antonio's inspection, Roderich's dream realm was fading away as he was brought back to reality. He tensed when he felt the strong arms around him. There was no question to whose arms they were. A mixture of embarrassment and disappointment of himself from memories of last night marred his peaceful features. Antonio saw this and ran his fingers through the dark chestnut locks in a soothing motion. He placed a chaste kiss to the other's temple.

"Buenos días, mi amor." By the sound of Antonio's voice, Roderich slowly opened his mauve eyes only to be met by beaming emerald ones.

"Guten morgen." Roderich replied. Antonio only grinned wider and wrapped his finger about mariazell eliciting a small gasp from Roderich. The hair curl was wound tighter around the tan finger causing a deep throated moan escape from the Austrian. His cheeks flushed bright red when he realized what he had done. Antonio only laughed and freed mariazell from his grasp. He noted the effect the curl apparently had on his lover.

"You're too cute Rodrigo."

Roderich felt the urge to hit the man for calling him cute and making him appear indecent. He felt guilty last night for denying Antonio, but now he felt rather flustered and annoyed. Antonio was oblivious to the Austrian's change of demeanor. Instead he placed another delicate kiss on the tip of the frustrated Austrian's nose, and rose from the bed. Roderich stayed put, watching as Antonio stretched. He still couldn't get over seeing Antonio half-dressed though he would be lying if he said he didn't like the view. Feeling a release in his lower back, Antonio sighed in pleasure and turned to face his wife.

"Are you hungry?" he asked, catching the other off guard. Roderich nodded finding the task of transferring words from his brain to his tongue dysfunctional. 'What's wrong with me?'

"What would you like to eat then?" Antonio mused.

"I'll just have what you're having, thank you," Roderich found his voice.

"Bueno, I'll be right back." Antonio left the room momentarily before returning with a tray of warm bread rolls and various jams. He also had cheese, milk, and some strong coffee. Roderich had dressed himself in what he wore last night and sat down at a table in the room. Antonio joined him.

"I wasn't sure if you liked coffee, but I brought some milk just in case."

"Danke, coffee is fine." Roderich took a bread roll once Antonio was seated. Antonio was amused when he saw the Austrian pour milk into his coffee while adding a spoonful of sugar. It seemed like his new wife had a sweet tooth.

Each move Roderich made was elegant and precise. He was quite regal as he had an aristocratic air to him. Antonio smiled at the thought. A moment of silence settled around them as they ate. Antonio was the first to break the silence as he was never the one to sit still for more than a few minutes.

"Rodrigo," He called out to the violet-eyed man.


"What were you dreaming about?"

"Excuse me?" Roderich looked thoroughly befuddled by the question.

"It's just that," Antonio paused, not wanting to anger his significant other, "I was just wondering since you were smiling in your sleep."

Roderich still looked a bit stunned, but he averted his mauve eyes to his food before answering the question nonetheless, "I was dreaming that I was playing my violin. I have one back in Vienna that I'm very fond of. I was also by the sea so I could smell the salt water." Roderich paused to smile, "You know the first time I saw the sea was just yesterday. All my life I've been surrounded by mountains."

Antonio took note to the small bit of color that blossomed across the other's cheeks as if embarrassed to the confession. He smiled dotingly at Roderich, loving his innocence. Roderich could be a fallen angel who's never seen the earth for all he knew.

"Do you like the sea?"

"It's too soon to say, but it does look beautiful from afar."

"Ah si, the sea is beautiful and mysterious. I love going sailing in its waters, exploring new untouched land."

"Ja, I have heard of many of your explorations. They seem interesting."

"They are." Antonio rested his chin on his clasped hands. Roderich finished his bread and jam only to look out the window of the view of the ocean. A small sigh of longing escaped his lips. Antonio perked up, as a light bulb had gone off in his head.

"Rodrigo, would you like to go sailing with me?"

Roderich was once again caught off guard, "Was?"

"For our honeymoon maybe, we can go to a small island just off the coast of my country. It will take a day to travel there and then we'll spend a day or two on the island before sailing back."

"Are we allowed to do that?"

"Why not? We could even leave today if we wanted to."

Roderich looked apprehensive. Yes he longed to sail the seas, but he wasn't sure whether he should. It was his duty as a country to put his homeland first and his desires second. Duty was the reason why he was married in the first place. As he berated himself, he couldn't help but notice he was looking out into the ocean again. Watching as the waves caressed the sandy shoreline before pulling back ever so tantalizingly slow. He felt as if the crystal blue waters were pulling him in, beckoning him to go.

"We won't be gone long?" Roderich finally met Antonio's hopeful green eyes.

"No, we won't be gone for long. Our bosses won't even notice we're missing."

Roderich smiled warmly as he was reassured, "Alright then. When do we leave?"

"As soon as you're done eating."

"Okay, well I'm done are you?"

"Si, let's go!" Antonio simply leapt from his chair, dragging Roderich behind him. The Austrian sighed, wondering what he had gotten himself into.


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