Warning: Just some lemonade up ahead with swearing, translations on the bottom.

Roderich felt the water engulfing his body in an icy embrace. It numbed his skin, washing away the pain. He felt numb and his mind was high, away from all that made sense. He closed his eyes calmly, sinking lower and lower into the abyss.

"Gott verdammt ihn! That dummkopf aristocratic know-it-all!" Gilbert was fuming as he ripped off his blue jacket and flung his hat carelessly from his head. Ludwig watched with mild amusement from the crow's nest. He hadn't seen his brother this mad since, since, since gott knows when. Maybe it was the time he had accidently almost steered the ship into another one.

Without a moment's notice, he watched as he brother dived into the freezing cold water. Gilbert gritted his teeth against the cold. He felt like small needles were being injected into every inch of his body. He shook his head, looking past the pain and back onto his soul purpose. His red eyes frantically searched in a sea of blue.

'That moron isn't even trying to swim. Is he trying to kill himself?' Gilbert swam to Roderich noticing the young man was unconscious. 'Scheiße!'

Gilbert grabbed hold of Roderich's waist, kicking hard to reach the surface. He broke from the water's hold, gasping for air. He leaned back to make sure Roderich's head was above the water. He made his way towards the ship.

"Ahoy ye scurvy dogs, scupper the ladder and be handsomely at it or I swear one o' ye are gettin' the cat!" Gilbert yelled. Not a moment later, the rope latter was dropped to him to grab onto. Gilbert smirked at his crew's reactions. Some part of him was glad too. He did not want to be concerned over getting out the whip again.

Slowly, he hauled Roderich's body up the ladder. The dress was soaked with water adding extra weight. For a second Gilbert regretted buying the blasted thing. When he reached the top, someone took Roderich from Gilbert so he could lug himself over.

"Argh! Get back to yer jobs befer I flog ye senseless." Gilbert pushed through the small crowd that had formed around Roderich's unconscious form.

"He's not breathing."

"Was did I—" Gilbert chocked back his words when he saw Ludwig standing beside him.

"You should do mouth to mouth, resuscitate him."

"I know that." Gilbert mumbled, kneeling down beside Roderich. He quickly made due with the constricting dress, carelessly tossing it to the side. He then untied the corset from the front, exposing the Austrian alabaster flat chest.

Gilbert caught a glimpse of it, but paid no heed to it. He had time for that later. He raised Roderich's chin up before pinching the nose and opening his mouth. Without hesitation he brought their mouths together, breathing air into his lungs.

Roderich still remained motionless to Gilbert's aggravation. He then placed his hands on the other's sternum, pounding onto it hard to get the heart pumping. By the tenth time Roderich finally responded. Water sputtered from his mouth as he was gasping for air into his lungs.

"Are you alright?" Gilbert's silver eyebrows were knitted together with concern. Roderich leaned forward, panting as he tried to get more air into his oxygen deprived lungs.

"You know Priss, you really shouldn't be going swimming in the water. You don't know what's down there." Prussia rubbed Austria's back soothingly while the violet-eyed man was still frazzled by the incident. Ludwig smiled at the scene, pleasantly noting that fact that his brother was talking normally. Gilbert must have let his pirate-self slip which he only did around Ludwig.

"Well now yer in debt to me fer saving yer life. Would ye like ta start paying fer it now or latta?"

'And the pirate side is back.' Ludwig shook his head and took it as his cue to leave.

"Wa-was?" Roderich's brain was starting to work slowly as it vaguely registered around the Prussian's words.

"I'll take dat as a yes, kesese!" Gilbert hooked his arm under Roderich's knees while the other supported Roderich's back, lifting the other up off the ground. Roderich latched on to Gilbert, his head spinning from the rapid movements.

Gilbert carried Roderich all the way to his quarters, unceremoniously dropping him on the bed.

"Was are you doing?" Roderich's question came off feebly as he was still trying to fight off the dizziness he felt around him.

"Shh pet, I'm gonna make ye feel beta."

"Hmpf, like you would know how to."

"Ah, comin' back ta ye senses I see." Gilbert started to unbutton his soaking shirt, tossing it aside along with his pants. Roderich only had his eyes closed, gripping the sheets as a futile attempt to stop the spinning. He felt the dip in the bed igniting his nerves. Cold finger tips brushed over his sides almost caringly.

"Your hands are cold." Gilbert looked down at Roderich with disbelief.

"I'm hovering over you with barely any clothing and you're going to complain about my hands being cold?"

Roderich's eyebrow arched in bewilderment, "Was?"

"Open yer eyes pet, an' ye'll see what I mean." On command, violet eyes looked up at ruby ones. His gaze looked glassy as if he wasn't completely there.

"Hmm, well you're no fun to play with like this."

"I'm sorry to disappoint, now get off." Roderich's hands came to push against Gilbert to the other's amusement.

"Oh and why would I do that? I might not take you now, but I'm not leaving without at least something, that would be unawesome of me."

"Gilbert if you—"

"Ja, say my name priss." Gilbert leaned down to brush his lips against Roderich's clavicle, biting down when he came to the tip of it.

"Gil-ah, nien get off!" Roderich pushed against Gilbert more desperately than before, but of course the Prussian didn't stop. Gilbert smirked at the fruitless attempts as he continued up Roderich's neck. He could taste the saltiness of the ocean still on the other's flesh. Roderich bit his bottom lip as his nerves were burning from the sensation of the Prussian's heated mouth against his freezing damp skin.

Prussia gripped the other's hip, holding him in place while he bit down on a tender spot on Roderich's neck. A muffled cry escaped through his clenched teeth. Gilbert's eyes glowed dangerously, his thumb moving across Roderich's bottom lip.

"Admit that you like it and I'll stop." Gilbert promised.

"Nein!" Roderich turned his face away from those lustful eyes.

"Suit yourself." Prussia bit down again on the neck, no doubt leaving another mark. Roderich's protests were becoming nonexistent from the pleasure he was deriving from this. 'No not pleasure, this is torture!' He resumed fighting Prussia. His fists pounded against the other's chest

"Hey, would you stop that—Ow! That one hurt." Gilbert grasped Roderich's wrists, pinning them above his head, "Feisty I see."

"L-let go!"

"Not until you tell me you like this." Gilbert pressed his lips against Roderich's sternum earning a gasp. Roderich closed his eyes tightly. He could still feel the cold metal around his finger, reminding him of his dear Spaniard. 'This isn't right. I can't do this. Not to him, not like this.'

The fire burned in him as his toes curled when he felt Prussia's tongue swirl delectably against one of his nipples. His heart berated his chest ruthlessly to the sensation. 'Why does this feel good?' The tongue whirled again before he felt those warm lips engulf the abused nub. Instinctively, Roderich arched his back, meeting the Prussian's mouth for more.

"Ngh…a-ah!" Roderich's stomach clenched from the overwhelming heat, "Bitte stop."

Gilbert froze his actions, looking up to meet Roderich's face. The other's eyes were shut tightly and his lips parted from panting. His chest heaving for much needed air and his hair stuck to his skin, still soaked from the ocean. Gilbert found the scene highly arousing, his hand on Roderich's hip moved to grope the other's backside but it froze from its journey from the other's beseeching words.

"Bitte stop. I-I can't do this." There was the plea again. Gilbert's ruby eyes narrowed, filled with frustration, guilt, and hatred for his 'awesome' self. He was furious at the other nation beneath him for making him hate himself for the first time. 'Why?! Why can't I touch this forbidden fruit? Eve has more balls than I do at this point.'

Gilbert shook away the thought, capturing the other's lips in a bruising kiss. Roderich could feel the pain, the hatred, and most of all the heat from those Prussian lips. His heart burned with desire yet his head was screaming with revulsion. He felt the cold hands cupping his backside, raising his body up to meet the other's. He felt the sinful friction as he loathed himself for being stirred by such vulgar actions.

'Just tell me you like it. It's not that hard, verdammt!' Prussia's thoughts were pleasantly disrupted when he heard the low satisfying moan vibrating against his lips from Roderich. 'So the filthy Austrian does like the awesome me? I mean, who wouldn't?'

"Nein, stop, oh gott bitte stop!" Austria yelled when his lips were released.

Gilbert snapped, releasing the Austrian completely as he practically ran from the scene, shutting and locking the door behind him as if he could lock away the guilt that threatened to rise. His own heart raced within his ribs. The feeling was foreign and unwelcomed by the Prussian.

'How dare he deny me! Me, the awesome me!' Prussia slammed his fist against the wall. 'Who does he think he is? Always walking around with that arrogant smug smile and nose in the air like everything around him is scheiße. I should give him the cat or make him walk the plank for his insolence. Better yet I should have let him drown. Gott verdammt ihn!' He walked stiffly to an empty room he knew no one would be in for quite some time. He needed to be alone to relieve a certain ache in between his legs.

Roderich jumped from the unexpected slamming of the door. He heard another resounding bang from the other side of the wall shortly after the first. Only when he heard those retreating footsteps did he open his eyes. His whole body shook from the cold that now berated his skin. He needed to get dry, but he found his muscles to be dysfunctional.

His mind was racing, trying to sort through everything that had just happened. 'Prussia had let me go… warum? He's not like Antonio, he would have taken me with ease, without a second thought…and yet he didn't.'

Roderich didn't know what to make of it all, but he decided to worry about it later. He got up from his position, grimacing from the slight soreness he felt on his neck and chest where Gilbert had marked him. Roderich stripped from his remaining wet clothes as he looked for other garments to put on.

Roderich's search ended when he found a spare of Prussia's pants along with one of his silk shirts. Both garments hung loosely around him like Antonio's did. He found a bright red sash to tie around his waist to keep the pants from falling down and the shirt tucked. When the task of getting changed was done, he looked briefly at his reflection. He scowled at the dark purple and red marks that lined his neck. He wouldn't be able to hide that no matter what he wore.

Disgruntled, he turned away, looking for something to do. He inspected his surroundings for the first time. The room was mostly dominated by the large bed with a red comforter. There was a small alcove to the side here he had sat earlier. The table was littered with various maps and the walls had built in shelves lined with books.

He continued his search when something silver had caught his eye. Roderich approached the chest, surprised to find it to be a flute. He picked it up, inspecting the quality. He could tell the silver was polished and well kept. The mouth piece was a bit dull as he suspected it was from the condensation produced when played. 'Does Gilbert play?'

"I wouldn't touch that if I were you?" Roderich jumped out of his skin, swiftly turning to see who the intruder was. Ludwig stood calmly before him with a glass of water. 'When did he come in? I didn't hear him?'

"Does your brother play?"

"Yes, and he's very fond of that flute. He doesn't let anyone touch it." Roderich set it down, "Here, I brought you some water."

"Danke," Roderich took the glass, taking a small sip. The liquid was soothing as it slid down his throat. Before he knew it, it was all gone.

"Danke, I didn't realize how thirsty I was."

Ludwig smile and nodded in acknowledgement, "It's no problem. Did my brother lock you in here?" Roderich nodded, "Well you can come up on deck I'm sure, just as long as you promise you're not going to take another swim."

Roderich let out a small laugh, "I promise. I don't know how to swim anyway."

"You should learn. It's a good skill to have." Ludwig turned to leave with Roderich at tow.

"I never needed to know before. Um, where are you headed to?"

"I'm headed to the kitchens to drop off the empty glass and then I head up to the crow's nest. You can join me if you like."

"That would be nice." Roderich replied. He didn't know what else to do and so far he saw Ludwig as his only friend on the boat filled with uncivilized barbarians. Roderich surprisingly made his way up the net to the crow's nest with Ludwig. He had been higher before though he was in a castle at the time with walls to keep him safe from falling. All there was was a large wooden pole and a wooden board large enough to lie down on.

"Here, tie yourself down. I wouldn't want you falling." Roderich took the piece of rope offered. He saw how Ludwig wrapped it around his waist so he did the same. Up on the crow's nest he could see far out into the open sea. They were surrounded by the dark water as the sky above them was filled with ominous clouds.

"Do you think it will storm?" Roderich asked calmly as he could.

"Maybe," Ludwig looked up to the sky, "probably, hold on. I suggest you cover your ears." Roderich did so with confusion in his violet eyes. Ludwig looked down at the crew below before yelling, "Ahoy me buckos, batten down the hatches, there's a storm brewing! Aft ye can splice the mainbrance, but don't get carried away. Ye know the Cap'n don't like drunkards on 'is ship."

"Aye Ludwig." came the joyful response from below. Roderich eyed Ludwig in somewhat of awe.

"You have quite a set of lungs on you. Does your brother mind you giving orders like that?"

"Sometimes, but not simple ones like that. I try to go easier on the crew too; it lessens the chances of mutiny."

"I see." There was a moment of silence before Roderich got up the courage to ask, "I don't mean to be rude but are you and your brother biologically related?"

"No we're not, but sometimes I forget that because of the way big bruder treats me. He treats me like we have the same blood running through our veins."

"How did you two become brothers then?"

"He found me." Ludwig smiled at the thought of it. His electrifying blue eyes were much softer than his brother's as they shinned in remembrance of the past, "Pirates sunk the ship I was on. It wasn't Gilbert but it was he who found me. He saw me floating on a piece of cargo and the rest is history. I found it ironic that I should become a pirate since it was one that had killed all those that I knew, but then I must remember it was also one that had saved me."

Roderich tried to make sense of what Ludwig was telling him, "You see Austria, not all pirates are the same. Do not judge my brother before you get to know him. He's taken an uninspected liking towards you."

'That's impossible. Gilbert liking me…that's absurd.' Roderich ignored the last comment, "You know Ludwig, you are too wise for your own good."

Ludwig laughed at this, "Maybe I am, but that's only because Gilbert raised me."

The two stayed happily on the crow's nest, talking with one another on various topics. They had gotten carried away with the time as it was getting darker out.

"Hey you two!" Both Roderich and Ludwig looked down to see Gilbert with his smug smile, "Come down, it's time for supper."

"Aye Cap'n," Ludwig cheered as he seemed like the age he was for the first time Roderich had seen him. He hastily untied the rope from his waist and started his descent down the net. Roderich watched as Gilbert reached up to snatch Ludwig from the net and spin him around. 'Maybe there is something kind in those red eyes…"

"How's me boy?" Gilbert asked when he set Ludwig down.

"I'm well bruder and you?"

"I'm just dandy." Gilbert looked up at Roderich, "Do you need help getting down, prinzessin?"

Roderich scoffed at the haughty grin he received, "No thank you, I can get down by myself danke." 'What was Ludwig thinking when he said this imbecile liked me? You don't use derogatory names to someone you like. '

Roderich made his way down steadily, making sure not to look down at the ground. When he was almost there, he felt hands wrapped around his waist to pry him off the net. Before he could protest, Gilbert had him in his arms. The Prussian grinned at the other's displeasure as he carried him into his quarters where the food was. Roderich kept his resistance at bay for Ludwig's sake.

Ludwig sat down at the table and Gilbert set Roderich down beside him. He grabbed two bowls from his tray to set in front of Roderich and Ludwig before grabbing his own. Roderich saw it was the same soup he had had earlier. He watched as the two people beside him ate with gusto. Ludwig licked his spoon before setting it in his empty bowl. Gilbert pushed his bowl aside when he was done, emitting a large belch of satisfaction. Roderich inwardly cringed.

"Hey Austria, I forgot to ask earlier, but what happened to your neck?" Ludwig looked at the Austrian with concern in his blue eyes. Gilbert burst out laughing in his unique but annoying, in Roderich's opinion, chuckle. Ludwig was confused while Roderich's face reddened in embarrassment.

"Well you see Bruder, when two people—"

"Don't tell him you dummkopf." Roderich hissed.

Gilbert laughed while putting the empty bowls on the tray before standing up with it, "Come on bucko, I'll tuck ye into bed."

Ludwig followed Gilbert out while Roderich was left in the cabin by himself with the door locked.

"You did that didn't you?" Ludwig looked accusingly at his brother while he climbed up into his bed.

"I'll tell you when you're older Luddy, but for now it's time to rest." Gilbert pulled the covers over the small boy.

"You always say that, and you know a bite from a human is more dangerous than a bite from a dog?"

"Is that so?" Gilbert stopped to ponder the thought for a bit before shaking his head, "Impossible, you really need to stop reading, if you don't you'll turn into a worm."

"Was?" Ludwig's blue eyes grew large.

"Yep and then was am I going to do with a worm as a brother?"

"I-I…that's not possible." Ludwig looked determined, but Gilbert just messed his hair before placing a kiss on the boy's forehead.

"gute Nacht, worm."

Gilbert blew out the candle before making his way back to his cabin. He could hear a deep rumble of thunder from outside. The ship swayed from the large waves. Gilbert made his way on deck to make sure everything was tied down and secure. Rain pounded ruthlessly against his body, soaking him to the skin. 'Great, I'll have to change again for the second time.'

Lightening streaked the across the sky, casting an eerie light across the ominous waters. Waves crashed along the sides of the ship, rocking it to and fro. Once everything was secure, Gilbert made his way back inside to his cabin. The room looked empty when he entered.

'Verdammt, where did he go now?' Gilbert let out a frustrated sigh and decided to let it go. 'The man can drown in the storm for all I care.' Gilbert stripped from his wet clothes and got into some dry ones. Still there was no sign of Roderich. He locked the door so the Austrian had to be in the room somewhere. He checked the washroom but no one was there. A crack of thunder resounded through the ship followed by a muffled cry. Gilbert swiftly strode back to his room. He got on all fours to check under the bed and there was the violet-eyed man, shaking in a tiny ball.

"Was are ye doin' down there?"

Roderich's head shot up to meet those ruby eyes, his nose scrunched up displeasingly, "You should really dust more often you know."

"I'm sorry, I'm not used to having people under my bed. I don't know what you do in Austria, but in Prussia we sleep on top of the bed."

Roderich scowled, "Don't patronize me." Another crack of thunder shook the ship and Roderich ducked his head again, closing his eyes shut.

"Kesese, you're not scared of thunder are ye?"

"Shut up!" Roderich clamped his hands over his ears, trying to silence the rumbling from outside. "Ah!" He felt a hand grasp around his ankle, yanking him from his sanctuary.

"Ah, stop it! Let me go!" Roderich kicked the hand away, but Gilbert was already on top of him.

"Oh belay it little master. I'm only trying to distract you from the storm."

"If that's your invitation to sex then nein." Roderich pushed the body away. Another blast was sent through the air and Roderich found himself clutching to Gilbert. His nails digging into the other's shirt, making crescent marks against the porcelain skin.

"Kesese, if you're awesome like this whenever it storms, I should make it thunder all the time."

"Be quiet, Ah! Oh Gott." Roderich hung tighter to Gilbert. "Why can't it stop already?"

"Because I'm having too much fun. Keseses-argh, jeez priss, loosen up the grip, you're choking me."

"Gut." Roderich growled. Gilbert gripped Roderich's thigh, wrapping it around his waist as he lifted him up. He dropped the Austrian on the bed, but found himself being pulled down as well. Roderich kept his grasp on Gilbert, not wanting to let go. Prussia struggled to get up, but he could pry Roderich's arms off of him.

"Argh, Roddy, let go."



"Was are you laughing about now?" Gilbert only laughed harder when he heard the annoyance in the other's voice.

"I just find the irony of our rolls reversed." Roderich ignored the comment.

"Just be quiet. You're as annoying as the thunder."

Gilbert could feel the rapid heartbeat from the body below him. 'Jeez, what could have happened to make him this scared of thunder?' His head was buried against the violet-eyed man's chestnut hair. Gilbert could help but have his senses filled with vanilla.

"Priss, is this how we're sleeping tonight?" Gilbert felt the Austrian's arms around him loosen. He pulled away to look at the violet-eyed man. A looked of bewilderment ghosted with fear were in the mauve eyes.

"Nein!" The confusion gone as it was replaced with fury. Roderich pushed Gilbert away. He resorted to pull the covers over him, trying to block the storm from him. Prussia smirked at the trembling figure. 'What a coward.'

Gilbert got under the covers, turning his back to Roderich. He could feel the other's tremors through the mattress. Gilbert furrowed his ivory eyebrows, trying hard to ignore the other. 'Would that dummkopf stop shaking already? It's like having…' Gilbert shut his ruby eyes, shutting his mind up. 'Don't think that, if you think that you will cave in.' Of course the plan of thinking about not thinking about it always leads you to thinking about it.

Prussia remembered those first few nights when he had found Ludwig. Ludwig was so young and small, still fearful of all those around him. Gilbert slept by the younger boy's side, slowly earning the other's trust. He told the small boy stories to keep the nightmares at bay and so Gilbert began.

"Argh! Priss, roll over! I gotta tell ye something."

"Was could you possibly have to tell me that you couldn't just say behind my back?" the violet-man huffed. Gilbert irritably rolled his eyes.

"Fine then, don't face me." Gilbert took a deep breath before starting with his story, "There once lived a pirate ye see an—"

"Was are you doing?" Roderich finally turned to face Gilbert. He was successfully distracted from the storm by the Albino in front of him.

"Just shut-up and listen, Priss. As I was saying, there was this pirate that liked to sail around. He plundered many villages along the coast and sank many ships."

"So the guy was a monster, keep going."

"He wasn't a monster!"

"He sounds like one."

"Stop interrupting me, it's rude ye know." Gilbert grinned as the comment had silenced Roderich, "So the guy wasn't a monster, just a typical pirate. He was good at what he did too. So good he got to the point where he owned the seas. Ships surrendered to the sight of him without even putting up a fight. Eventually he grew bored—"

"Don't tell me he grew lonely."

"Nein, he wasn't lonely. He had two younger brothers running around on board. He was content with his life…just bored."

"Okay then, keep going."

"So one day he came across this imperial Asian ship, only to find out it held the emperor's younger brothers."

"Let me guess, he kidnapped them."

"Aye, but he kidnapped the youngest one logically. The younger ones are normally the ones that are the closest to the oldest and therefore would be more profitable in terms of ransom."

"I don't think I like this story."

"Oh you will, Prinzessin, girls like you always love this kind of stuff."

"I'm not a girl."

"Kesese, then stop acting like one."

Roderich rolled his violet orbs for what seemed like the hundredth time that day, "Anyway, what happened?"

"Oh yeah, so the pirate took in the younger boy, and took good care of him. He gave him food water, ye know, the same I do ta ye."

"I'm sure he did." sarcasm was evident in his tone.

"Yes, but like you he was rebellious. He hated the pirate."


"This was something new to the pirate though. It had been a long time since someone had tried to fight him and so he grew to like the fire in the young Prince. And in turn as time went on the hatred for the other lessened. The Prince started to like the pirate too."


"Shh, Ludwig's sleeping," Gilbert sent him a warning glare, "Yes, the Prince liked the pirate too, though he would never admit it. When the time came where the news about the kidnapping reached the emperor, he was furious. He stormed the seas, looking for his brother. The imperial fleet had at last found the pirate and a battle had unleashed. The pirate put up a good fight, but alas there were too many. The emperor had the pirate at the end of his sword. He was ready to spill blood when his younger brother had stopped him."

"Was, why would he do that?"

"Mein Gott, weren't you listening? He liked him that's why and then when the other's life was in danger he realized he loved the barbarian pirate. So he went peacefully back to China with his older brother, the emperor, in exchange that the pirate would go unharmed along with his two younger brothers. The older brother consented, but took one of the pirate's brothers with him as revenge."

"Well that's a bit cruel."

"Ja, and you thought pirates were bad. Royalty are far worse than pirates. And so the small boy came to live in China with the emperor. He was treated like one of the emperor's brothers and stayed with the youngest. Time drew out and the pirate was driven to insanity. He needed his brother back and he needed the Prince he had grown to love."

"So the fool goes after them, doesn't he?"

"If you were in his position, wouldn't you?" Roderich stayed silent. Honestly, he didn't know if he would, "Well I know I probably would. I mean if someone took Ludwig, I'd go to hell and back to get mein bruder back. Anyway, we're getting off topic. So the pirate attacked the imperial city in which the two people he was searching for resided. The city was up in flames, chaos broke out. He fought through the samurais that guarded the palace. He made his way through and found his loved one, protecting his younger brother. He was going to take them both with him when the Asian boy stopped him. He wanted the pirate to leave his brother's people alone, and he wanted the pirate to ask his brother for his hand properly so no one would try to chase after them when they left."

"He wanted to marry the pirate?" Roderich's words slurred a bit due to drowsiness.

"Ja, he wanted to marry the pirate and so the man did as the other requested. He asked the emperor for the boy's hand, and of course the emperor was furious at the pirate for destroying his city. He denied the pirate his wishes and sent him to be executed. He then declared his own brother as a traitor and sent him to be executed along with the pirate."

"Was? How can he kill his own bruder?"

"A heartless man, that's who, the wealthy who view all lower class beings as scum. And so the pirate was to be executed first in front of the city with everyone watching including the young Prince, who was tied up at the time. The pirate cursed everyone that watched as he yelled at his beloved telling him how much he meant to the other."

"Don't tell me he dies."

"Ah so you're rooting for the pirate now I see." Roderich didn't answer for the embarrassment that he was indeed rooting for the pirate, "Well when the executioner drew his katana to behead the pirate, someone had tackled the man down. It turns out the Princess had slipped the younger Prince a dagger the night before and so the boy had freed himself to help the pirate. All hell broke loose as the two fought their way out of China and back on the ship. They sailed away, never to return to China."

"So they were able to be together?"

"Ja, and so the pirate sailed the seas, now complete with his Prince. And they lived happily ever after and blah blah blah, ye get the point."

Silence grew between them as Roderich contemplated the story. The storm outside had settled and Gilbert was exhausted. He was ready to pass out before the quiet whisper from Roderich stirred him.


"I asked is it true?"

"Was, the story?"

"Ja the story, was else would I be talking about?"

"Don't get prissy with me. And as for the story…it's just a story. Now go to sleep. I'm tired." Gilbert rolled over, his back facing the other. Roderich inwardly sighed. 'Of course it's not real. What were you thinking? Why would anyone fall for a pirate? Wait, Anton is a pirate. I guess it is possible then, but this was different. Antonio hadn't taken him against his will; he didn't kidnap him.'

Thoughts of Antonio sinking Gilbert's ship, rescuing him from the other pirate filled his head. He smiled at the thought, letting sleep slowly take him.

"Hurry, Anton." Roderich quietly said into the night. Little did he know that Antonio was doing just that.



Gott verdammt ihn-God damn him (German)

dummkopf-Idiot (German)

Scheiße: Shit (German)

Ahoy-Hello (Pirate)

Scurvy Dog- derogatory term, scurvy was a deficiency disease caused by the lack of vitamin C. Dog is just a mild insult or sometimes a friendly one. (Pirate)

Scupper-throw (Pirate)

Handsomely-quickly (Pirate)

the Cat- The whip, short for cat of nine tails (Pirate)

warum- why (German)

Buckos-my friends (Pirate)

batten down the hatches- put away everything and tie everything down (Pirate)

Aft ye can splice the mainbrance- After you can have a drink or two (Pirate)

Belay- stop ex. belay that talk-shut up (Pirate)

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