Studio Amigo Jail: 2 years later after the first SEGA All-Stars Racing Chao Cup Grand Prix.

In their prison cell, Ryo and Beat were often getting into fights with the other prisoners. The jail owner gave the prisoners disgusting dinners as food for them, and the prisoners often got into fist-fights. One day, Beat strangled a prisoner to death, and was punished brutally by a police officer. That night, Ryo told him that he and Beat would have to stay in jail for 3 more years. Ryo had grown a long beard and often used scissors to cut it short. Beat had often shaved his beard so he couldn't itch. He soon tore off his jail-clothes and put on his regular clothes and grabbed a switchblade from his pocket. "If we want to escape now, then, why not?" he asked Ryo and stealthily snuck out of the cell as Ryo followed him behind. Beat lurked behind a guard and wrapped a plastic shopping bag around his face, and continuously punched him in the face. "Beat, not to be mean...I don't think you should be doing this..." "Relax, Ryo! It'll be a piece of cake." Beat soon tip-toed stealthily behind a police officer guarding the prison, and Beat relentlessly stabbed him about 7 times, before the officer was dead.

Meanwhile, a jail guard was standing watching over the balcony for escaped prisoners. Beat and Ryo tiptoed right behind him and he was brutally killed because Beat kept stabbing him to death. And when that job was done, Beat and Ryo hopped off the balcony and onto the grass and they had made their escape, stealing a police car and driving into the distance. "Wasn't this a good plan, Ryo?" Beat asked Ryo. "Well, you did it sneaky enough, so probably, yes." However, moments later, a siren went off on a police car and the car went charging after Beat and Ryo. "Awright, yer un'er arrest!" yelled the police officer, in a Southern accent. Soon the police men kept shooting and caught up to the 2 escapees. But seconds later, the police car was getting damaged as the Ryo and Beat threw graffiti spray cans and blew them up in that car. The police man was badly hurt. Beat soon pulled over and got out of the police car and brutally beat the officer to death as Ryo watched from the car. "Some wild escape, eh, Beat?" he said to Beat as he got back in the car. "Yup. 2 years. That's all I can handle!" Beat replied stepping on the gas pedal. During the drive, Beat and Ryo plotted to kill people relentlessly. "Oh, come on, Ryo! It's gonna be like GTA!" "Yes, but grand theft auto is a bad thing for your city!" "Trust me, Ryo!"

When they finally arrived in Tokyo, Gum welcomed Beat home saying, "Welcome back from jail, Beat! I'm relieved you didn't get caught escaping." Combo gave Beat a huge hug. "Welcome back, ol' nigga!" Beat looked stern. "Not now, Combo. I have huge plans." He said, announcing his evil plans.

That night, in their secret hideout, Beat's gang, the GGs were plotting their secret plans to do grand theft auto in Tokyo as well as other parts of the world. "Now listen, guys!" Beat said. "Our plan is to murder the police officers of Rokkaku Police and nothing can stop us." Gum was unsure. "I doubt we can murder every single police officer. Policemen are very strict." "You can't trust me, can you? Sorry, but this is business we've gotta do. And if y'don't believe me, then fuck you." Gum, stunned, knowing that Beat would rape her for the rest of her life, soon answered. "I believe you." "Then we shan't hold back too long." Soda said. "I forget what 'shan't' means, Soda, but hurry up and follow me, GGs!" Beat called as he ran out of the hideout. All the GGs followed Beat on their roller-blades to the police department. But when they found a "NO ROLLER-BLADES" sign, the gang took off their roller-blades and stealthily placed a bomb in the office. As Beat set the bomb, all the GGs jumped out of the building, but the policemen were unaware of the bomb in the building, just until the big BOOM. The BOOM which set the department on fire, collapsing the building, and burning every single police officer to death. Beat looked at the destruction with the GGs from a few blocks away. "See?" he told Gum. "It was easy as hell!" Soon, he gathered all the GGs to make an announcement: "Ok, GGs. We blew up the police office. Now, starting tomorrow mornin', we'll be free to kill and torture every single human being and still make graffiti, because the police can't stop us NOW!" "You mean...?!" Yoyo blurted out. "The policemen are dead for good. Nothin' can stop us NOW!"

And so the next day, Beat and his gang started a huge havoc across Shibuya Downtown and Rokkaku Hill, killing and running over people with stolen cars and even lethal weapons. And finally, they blew up the Tokyo Tower and it killed millions of people in the process. Soon, the GGs' target would soon be the little hero, Alex Kidd!