Chapter 2

Meanwhile, on the planet Mobius, Sonic and his friends were having fun at Whale Lagoon Beach. Tails, a friend of his, emerged from the water, in scuba gear, in a yellow-and-black wetsuit, swam over to the dock, where Sonic was looking at his girlfriends, Sally Acorn and Amy Rose. "Hey, Sonic!" Tails exclaimed to Sonic. "What's up, Tails, ol' pal?" Sonic replied. "The view down below is just Spectacular! Don't you think?" Tails asked, placing the seashells he found from. Sonic looked at Sally and Amy and replied to Tails, "The view up here's not so bad either!" He pointed to the 2 females. Tails' response? "Ha Ha, Sonic. Very funny." He groaned as Sonic was interested in females. Tails soon got his scuba goggles on, his regulator in his mouth, and submerged into the water again.

Down below, Tails saw colourful fish of all sizes and shapes. He even saw forests of coral and seaweed all around. As a sandfish swam past him, tickling him, he laughed through his regulator and started searching for shells, and occasionally played with the sandfish. However, above the water, Alex Kidd, in his space suit, with Supako motorcycle, unconscious, fell from outer space on planet Mobius, into a sunken ship in Whale Lagoon, the same spot where Tails was diving. Tails noticed a bunch of bubbles from afar and swam over to those bubbles. Perhaps maybe another diver's here? He thought. Slowly, he swam over to the sunken ship, where the bubbles were coming from. He entered the ship, finding treasure chests and gold. He had also found Alex Kidd, unconscious, in his space suit, and his Supako motorcycle, covered in sand. Wait a minute! Tails thought. This is Alex Kidd, my buddy from the SEGA All-Stars Racing Chao Cup, 2 years ago! Desperately, Tails swam up to the surface with Alex and his Supako motorcycle and emerged at the surface and swam over to the dock at the beach and removed the regulator from his mouth and took off his scuba goggles. "Sonic! It's Alex Kidd!" he cried. "He's not dead, though. He's breathing. Just barely." Sonic looked suspicious. "Where did you find him?" he asked, sternly. "I found him in a sunken ship in a spacesuit with his motorcycle." Tails gave the details. Sonic did not notice that he was injured. "Then let's bring him to our house, Tails." He sighed. Sonic got in his car and Tails hopped in with him, holding Alex. This is strange... Alex thought. I was falling from outer space, and I fell into something wet, now I feel like I'm in a car... Tails said to Alex quietly, "Don't worry,'ll be fine..."

It was 3:00 PM. Sonic and Tails arrived home and put the unconscious Alex Kidd in Tails' bed. But first, Alex was stripped nude, so his wet clothes could dry. "Dammit. His clothes are wet." Sonic said. "I should hang them up to dry." Sonic hung up Alex's wet clothes on a leather wire attached to 2 poles. Tails, in his yellow-and-black wetsuit watched over Alex until he regained consciousness 20 minutes later. "Unngh...Man...What happened...?" Alex Kidd said, regaining consciousness. "Sonic! He's waking up!" Tails called for Sonic, surprised. Sonic immediately rushed right over to Tails' room. Alex noticed that he was completely naked. "I remember falling from the rocket ship to Earth in cosmic space with space equipment on...but what happened to my clothes?" "Alex..." Tails said. "...Your clothes have hung up to dry." Sonic said. "Hung up to dry". That was a weird reply. "What do you mean 'Hung up to dry'?" Alex wanted to know more. Tails explained to Alex. "Well, Alex... we went to Whale Lagoon Beach for a picnic and a swim, even a scuba dive, and when I was scuba diving there, I found you in a sunken ship with your Su-whatever motorcycle and some space equipment on. Perhaps maybe you crash-landed here?" "Well, I guess so. Also, my motorcycle is called Supako." "Anyway, you were soaking wet when I retrieved you from the bottom and Sonic and I took you home and stripped you naked so your outside could dry." Alex knew who Sonic and Tails were. They were the buddies he met at the SEGA All-Stars Racing Chao Cup 2 years ago. "Hey, Tails, how old are you now? It's been 2 years." Alex asked Tails. "I turned 12 a few days ago, so I'm 12 years old now. I was 10 when I first saw you at the Chao Cup Grand Prix..." "And I'm 17!" Sonic said as he was 15 2 years ago. "Well, I'm still 14 years old!" Alex told them his age. Tails and Sonic were surprised. "Perhaps you have eternal youth?" Tails asked Alex. "Nope! Being a 14-year-old alien from the planet Aries is different from being a 14-year-old human, so I was a newborn baby for 100 years. It took me 1400 years to be a 14-year-old!" "Wow...that's a long time. Even I die in 100 years." Sonic said. Both Sonic and Tails thought Alex Kidd was just strange.

In the evening, everything that made the day special changed. The sun was setting, a Chinook was coming in, and the Whale Lagoon Beach closed for the night after a fun day. When days ended, it felt like a letdown to some people, because every night, beaches close, so coming to the Whale Lagoon Beach for a night-swim was off limits. However, Sonic and Tails went night-swimming in the lagoon, since they lived right next to it, because the backyard was like their own beach. They would swim and have fun and even go scuba diving for treasure. Sonic had taken swimming lessons after the Grand Prix 2 years ago, and he could swim freely. Sonic often went scuba diving with Tails at night and found many pieces of gold in a sunken grotto. Life is great if you live next to a lagoon. Especially at night. And Sonic and Tails' nights at the lagoon were just like that.

Alex Kidd was sitting on the backyard porch with his clothes on staring at the lagoon, how the waves had a mighty crash on the rocks and sand and how people would go skinny-dipping in the dark. Tails had often seen people go skinny-dipping at night while resting on an old hammock. Alex became thoughtful about Stella. He couldn't get her voice out of his head: "Save me, Alex Kidd!" "I don't want to be raped by Beat! Help!" Not long later, Tails opened the screen door to the porch and knelt down to tap him on the shoulder. "Hey Alex." He answered. "What's the matter?" "Nothing..." Alex Kidd said, gloomily. "It's's just that I crash-landed here while trying to rescue my fiancée, Stella, from being kidnapped and raped by Beat, and his gang called the GGs." Alex could remember everything Beat said: "Heh heh!" "Do you want to rescue this girl?" "You don't give up, do you, Kidd?" "Ha Ha Ha!" Alex tried crushing those memories and looked at Tails. "Let's talk at dinner."

For supper, pizza was ready for Sonic, Tails, and Alex Kidd to eat. Pizza tasted so great and hot that you would want more. Tails was often like that. "Sonic, Tails. I need to talk to you about something." Alex Kidd said, taking a slice of pizza. "It's super-important." Sonic and Tails looked at each other. "What's so important about it, Alex?" "My girlfriend, the Stella, was kidnapped by this leader of his gang called the GGs, Beat, who he and his gang are best known for being graffiti artists all across Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, on the planet Earth. He has been arrested by the police too many times, and he was sent to prison for dancing on the city bus to Studio Amigo while standing up, along with Ryo Hazuki. He and Ryo must've escaped from that prison and soon got to the planet Aries to kidnap my girlfriend, Stella! She was trapped in one of the luggage chambers by Beat and one of his GGs, Yoyo. When Yoyo opened the hatch that sent me into outer space, I landed here on Mobius, and I want to get to Earth! Will you help me save Stella or not?" Alex had concluded. Sonic said, "If Stella is that important to you, it'd be best to help you out." "Right, Sonic. A friend is someone who stands up to help those in need." Tails agreed with Sonic. Alex Kidd then smiled saying, "Well, guys, thank you very much!"

That night, Alex Kidd got his Supako motorcycle out and went onto the track as if he suddenly saw a GG from Beat's gang. "I think I saw a GG! I'll go onto the race track to check it out!" He yelled as he seemingly saw a GG in the distance. He got on his old Supako, started the engine, and went into a ride of a night. He remembered the race track from the grand prix 2 years ago, and still knew the basics. He turned when it was time, and went through loop-de-loops, making it through in one piece. The mysterious GG tried escaping Alex, and successfully stopped him, knocking him down to the ground. Alex Kidd's face became a bit battered-up, bloodied by a bit. He had tumbled down the deadly loop and crashed to the ground. "Dammit!" he was angry. "That GG got away!"

Returning to Sonic and Tails' house was like returning to a campsite to Alex Kidd. Everything remained pretty much the same coming back, but it proved that there would be a surprise for Alex tomorrow. He hoped to get to Earth to Tokyo in Japan, to stop the GGs, and to rescue Stella. That night, Alex went to bed and started dreaming. Dreaming about Stella...