Chapter 4

As everyone heard Beat announce the first race, which would be in the wasteland of Tokyo, Alex Kidd, Tails, and Sonic started thier engines while in their car, plane, and motorbike. Alex thought about Stella being rescued after the entire Grand Prix is finished by him. He also saw Jackie Bryant, Ulala, and Aiai getting ready. Thus, a countdown from 3 to 1 began as Beat got into his car, with a dirty trick up his sleeve. As soon as the countdown was finished, Everyone sped off, in search of winning the first race. On Lap 1, Sonic sped right into Aiai's car, making Aiai lose control of his car. He eventually wound up in 7th place, behind everyone else. Tails even got into a fistfight with Jackie Bryant during that same lap, and Tails knocked him out cold, with a bloody nose. He wound up in 6th place, beside, Aiai. On Lap 2, Alex Kidd kept speeding in 1st place, but Beat zoomed right to him, and played some devilish music, causing Alex to lose hearing for a brief moment. Alex then fired his fire from the ring of fire he got a long time ago. The fire burned Beat's car, causing it to lose gasoline, as it burned up the track. On Lap 3, Tails, in 2nd place, followed behind Alex Kidd, and encouraged him to stay alive while in the race, because of the fire that was quickly spreading. Sonic, in 4th place, behind Ulala, went full attack on her with some missiles which he got from the power-ups. Overall, Alex Kidd, along with Sonic and Tails, became the winners. "Dammit! I can't believe they won the first race!" Beat exclaimed, covered in smoke. Aiai came by to calm him down. He spoke in his monkey language. It meant "Everything's gonna be alright, Beat." Jackie came by Beat, telling him that there would be 3 more races in his Grand Prix. "Look, Beat, I'm sure we'll win the next few races for sure."

Meanwhile, up in the clouds, over the Earth, there was a strange-looking airship. The airship was owned by an egg-shaped scientist, Dr. Ivor Eggman(Ivo Robotnik overseas), who had an I.Q. of over 100,000. He was currently plotting to kill our heroes, using all the robots he could get. He suddenly realised something about Alex Kidd. "Damn. That Sonic and his buddy are just winning with this person they call, Alex Kidd, but at least I'm not against Alex. For starters, I've never even heard of this person at all before!" He quickly grabbed a beer from his refridgerator, inside the airship, drank it quickly, but sighed in evil thought, "Now I really think that Alex is nothing but danger to my belief in science." He then continued, "I don't even believe in God, and never went to church in my life!" Thus, Eggman planned to hijack the Grand Prix, similar to what al Qaeda did on Flight 11.

Meanwhile, when all the racers were following Beat to the next course, Alex Kidd went over to talk to Sonic. "Sonic!" "What, Al?" Sonic asked him back. "I have a pretty bad feeling about this grand prix." "Why's that, Alex?" "I feel that it's nothing more than a trap to KILL us." Sonic had no faith that Alex was telling the truth, and hugged him in his arms assuring him, "Don't worry, Alex. I'm sure it will be alright, as long as Stella's alright." "...I hope." Alex cringed. Soon after, everyone started heading over to the next course. It took 3 hours to get there, which the track would be near the House of the Dead.

During the travel, Alex Kidd, Sonic, Tails, and all the others traveled to the House of the Dead. Along the way, they had stopped at over a dozen gas stations, including one where some of the racers took pictures of women on the toilet in the station's bathroom, while the women didn't notice. At the last one, Alex Kidd just waited in front of the food store which also had a bathroom. He still kept thinking about Stella, and the GGs. Luckily, unlike last time, when he didn't pack enough batteries for his SEGA Game Gear, he packed over 300 pairs of batteries for his new SEGA Nomad, which acted as a portable Genesis. While Sonic was refuelling his car, he bought a bunch of chili-dogs for snack. Tails bought some beef jerky to share with him and Alex. Their last stop was a restaraunt. It was an all-you-can-eat buffet. While waiting for their meal, Alex Kidd, Sonic, and Tails sat and their table and talked about the future of the Grand Prix's outcomes for Alex. "So, Alex, I think you'll get Stella back." "I doubt it, Sonic...The GGs are pretty tough, Sonic. I think I simply don't stand a chance." "Alex, trust us. I think we'll win the whole thing together!" Tails exclaimed, hoping they would win the Grand Prix. Then, suddenly, their dinner arrived from the waiter: A salad dish for Tails(he was on a diet for lent), A platter of chili-dogs for Sonic(they were his favorite food), and a platter of rice balls in seaweed wrap for Alex(since he grew up eating them). "Thank you, sir!" Tails exclaimed to the waiter, thanking him. As everyone kept eating, the talk continued. "I hear that the next track could give us nightmares, Tails." Alex said to Tails. "Oh my God!" Tails exclaimed, shocked about what Alex said, and stopped chewing. He then decided to take a glass of water, glugged it down his throat, swallowed it, then he asked, "Does this mean it'll be like 9/11/'01?" "Probably not, Tails." Sonic replied, eating one chili-dog at a time. "I think what Alex means to say that there's zombies there." Tails gasped. "Zombies?!" Frightened by what Sonic said, he slapped him in the face. "Do you know how MUCH zombies frighten me?!" Sonic, startled, looked at him and slowly and quietly replied, "Yes, Tails."

After the dinner, all the racers headed to their next destination, which they weren't far from(they were only 2 miles away). In between the 2 miles they drove, they saw lighting crack, heard thunder roar, and evil cackles, as well as crows cawing. The thunder was so loud, it could make you deaf. Soon after, the racers were already at their next location: The House of the Dead's courtyard, with its length half a mile.