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Chapter 1:

Katniss POV:

It was the first day back to school. Prim had celebrated her public school graduation 3 months ago, and would now be attending Moonview High School. I was two grades ahead of her, so it was my job to look after the little duck.

"Katniss?" Her bright blue eyes were more alert than normal.

"Yes, little duck?" I looked at her for a split second and turned back. I was afraid of the outcome, if my eyes linger away from the road to long.

"I am terrified." Her tiny hands were shaking more and more the closer we got to the school.

"Don't be. You have me to show you around, and I know you will make lots of friends." I said, trying to reassure her. Although I can't blame her, when I was her age, I was petrified. I wasn't as lucky as her though, I had to face this part of my life alone, without a guide. I wasn't like Prim either. I didn't have the compassion and kindness that she has.

After her graduation, she was thrilled to leave that shit-hole of a public school, considering it was the poorest of all the schools, anyone would be happy. She would be moving into a bigger, more richer school. I mean MHS was far from perfect. Some of the people who went, were snobby rich ass kids, who only care about their image, but it was exceptionally better for Prim.

"But… what if I don't make friends, Katniss?" I laughed at the thought.

"If I can make friends, Prim, then you will have no problem in that department."

Prim nodded and laughed nervously. She turned away and looked out the window of the car for the rest of the ride.

We get there with an hour to spare. That should be enough time for Prim to get settled, and comfortable.

I get out of the car, and grab my backpack. Ever since my mother became a doctor at the Ludwig Hospital, money wasn't an issue… for anything. So, mom made Prim and I, buy all new clothes. I have to admit, I like dressing girly for once, but I do miss my old hunting outfit.

Today, since it is the first day, I let Prim pick out what I was going to wear, she was always good at this stuff, a lot better than me. She picked dark skinny jeans, a floral top, with a burgundy cardigan. I thought it looked nice, and I actually felt pretty for once.

"Kat!" The sound of a high pitched girl drew closer and closer. I turned around in time to be face-to-face with my best friend. Madge. She was wearing, a beautiful white dress, that went to her knees, and her hair was down in loose curls. Of course, she could afford this stuff from the start, she was the Mayor's Daughter. But, she didn't act rich, she was kind, and generous.

We started hanging out in 9th grade. One day, when I was eating lunch alone, she had walked over and sat with me. She didn't say anything to me that day. Unlike many i respected her for that. A couple days after, we started babbling on about our lives. I then became inseparable with her and her friends; Johanna, Gale, Finnick, Annie, Cashmere, Gloss, and Peeta.

Peeta. I shiver just thinking about him, His beautiful blue eyes, blond hair, and his gorgeous smile. We are good friends, we always hangout, but I am never sure how I feel about him. Do I love him?

I shake my head, and realize Madge has been trying to get my attention all this time.

"Katniss Everdeen, don't you look hot!" She smirked, and I laughed.

"You really think so Madge? Prim picked it out for me!" My sarcasm toned down, once I said Prim's name.

"Where is little Primmy, anyways?" Madge loves Prim. Sometimes I think she loves her even more than me. Although she does have a point, Ever since I had gotten out of the car, I haven't seen her. I quickly got out my phone, and texted her;

Hey, little duck. Where did you head off to?"

I look up and see Madge's hopeful face. I sighed, she was waiting to tell me something.

"What is it Madge?" She grabbed my arm, and dragged me over to the corner of the school. We stopped, and she looked to see if anyone was around.

"Come on Madge, what is it?" I was getting impatient. I wanted to see everyone else, especially Peeta.

"Guess what I heard from Cashmere?" She wiggled her eyebrows,

I sighed. "Wha-"

She burst out with a scream. "Someone has a crush on you." A crush, part of me wished Madge was talking about Peeta, but the other part feels that it would ruin our friendship if she did.

"Who is It, Madge?" I tried to sound uninterested, but she must have sensed something.

"Gloss! Cashmere somehow got some info out of him, I guess he seemed jealous, and asked a lot of questions once he found out that you made out with Cato."

Damn. How the hell did he find out about that? My mind flashes back to that horrible night.

"Katniss, baby, why don't you just try it? I mean, I am Cato Beames. I am the hottest piece of action at this school, and I want you." He winked. It made me want to barf.

"Because you are such a manwhore it's not even funny. If I kiss you, I will most likely get an STD." I replied, it made him angry, but he managed to keep his cool.

"Oh trust me, Gorgeous. Kissing me is worth an STD." He pushed me against the locker forcefully, and quickly pressed his lips against mine. I was uncomfortable, but I knew he was too strong for me to push away. I just stood there awkwardly while he tried pushing his tongue down my throat.

I shiver at the thought of kissing Cato again.

"Madge, I think Cashmere is just saying stuff, I truly don't think-"

"Well, well well… if it isn't Brainless, and the blonde." I smirked. Johanna always did come at the right times.

"Ah Jo-" I was interrupted, with Annie smashing in me.

"Hey Annie" Even with her arms tightly wrapped around me, I managed to hug her back.

"Katniss I've-" Annie looked at my clothing, and squealed.

"Well, Everdeen. You managed to figure out how girls dress. How do you feel?" Johanna answered. Her sarcasm was dually noted. I rolled my eyes.

"Well… I had a little help, Jo." She just snickered, as if she had nothing smart enough to say. The four of us walked towards the entrance of the school, I still hadn't gotten a text back from Prim. I hope she is okay.

We had just gotten to the front door, when I heard Annie scream again. She ran towards his tall, toned figure, and swung her small arms around him. His lifted her up and spun her. Finnick and Annie were indeed beautiful together. Just by watching them, you couldn't deny their love for one another. I couldn't help but envy them when I saw them together. I want a love like that. Everyone does.

I sighed, but smiled as soon I saw the rest of them, Peeta, Gale, Gloss and Cashmere. Peeta and Gale, were walking in front, trying to avoid Cashmere and Gloss's argument. I mean they were siblings, and they were so alike you would never assume they would disagree, but they fought at least once a day. Me and Prim never do that, but then again, me and Prim aren't twins.

"Gloss shut up. I never told her anything, she probably doesn't even know, okay?" I faintly heard Cashmere say. My mouth dropped. I knew they were talking about me, but I just didn't think it was true. I looked at them and smiled, avoiding the topic at all costs.

"Hey guys." I smiled, and I got the second hug on the day, when Gale saw me.

"Catnip! Look who has a new closet, guys?" He pointed at my clothing, and I blushed, i wasn't the type of person who liked attention.

"You look amazing, Kat!" Cashmere said, making eye contact with Gloss. He just shrugged it off, but I could see him blush. I ignored their secret conversation, and waved at Peeta.

"Katniss, you look great" He smiled and looked in Madge's direction. He walked up to her, and gave her a hug. Which was odd, but I shook it off. My phone then vibrated, which scared me to the point where i almost dropped it. I hated this damn phone, but if it meant contacting with Prim. I would use it.

"Found Rory, we are going to get our timetables. Thanks for driving me Katniss (:"

I smiled. I forgot about her crush on Rory. They loved each other, even if they didn't know it yet. They certainly acted like it anyway.

We started to walk towards the door, but Madge and Peeta were missing.

"Hey, guys where is Madge and Peeta?" Annie giggled.

"Didn't you hear?" I shook my head no, and everyone smiled.

"Peeta asked Madge out yesterday, They are dating!" Annie replied.

Peeta Mellark, Was dating Madge Undersee. My best friend Madge? I felt my stomach sink, and tears well in my eyes. So, who cares? I don't like Peeta, and I am happy for Madge, but there was a pain in my heart that denyed it.

I think i have a crush on the boy with the bread.

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