Why Me? By Layton Colt

I can't stop the smile that spreads across my face as Daniel dials up the 'gate.

As thrilling as it is to go through the 'gate, nothing compares to the return journey. To going home, back where things make sense. Where I can sit with my wife at dinner and listen while she tells me about her day.

I hear her talking about a problem at her work. Her boss is hassling her and she acts like it's the end of the world.

And I can just listen. I can't talk about what *I* do, and I don't really want to. Leaving it behind when I leave the mountain is what keeps me sane.

"Sir?" Carter prompts.

I look up to see the wormhole has formed. I really should stop letting my attention wander.

"Let's go," I say. And I lead them up the ramp.

Daniel, Bentley and I are still covered in dust so we present quite a sight as we reach the other side.

I can see Jack hobbling in to the 'gate room. He smiles when he sees his team is alright. The smile turns into a smirk when he sees the condition we are in.

Daniel is sneezing from the dust now. Bentley patting him on the back and asking him if he's okay. I just wipe my sleeve over my face, and succeed in doing nothing more than smearing the dust.

"Aren't you guys back a little early?" Jack asks.

General Hammond appears behind him, "Yes, Major Ferretti what's happened?"

"The, ah, temple kind of collapsed," I tell him.

"Kind of?" Jack echoes.

"It collapsed," I admit.

"How did that happen?" General Hammond asks. The confused look appears on his face. You think he'd just take everything in stride by now. Enough had happened.

"That would be my fault," Daniel says as he gets his sneezing under control. "I inadvertently caused the temple to self destruct."

"Inadvertently?" Jack repeats dubiously.

"Well we were in the Goa'uld arsenal, sirs," Bentley defends. "There wasn't anything else we could do to get out but try to open the secret door."

Hammond shakes his head, "SG-1, Major Ferretti, Captain Bentley, report to the briefing room."

"Ah, sir," I say cautiously. "Would it be alright if we showered and changed first?"

The General turns to us again, eyeing our dust covered fatigues. "You have fifteen minutes, Major," he says before leaving.

Jack's still smirking. "So, you destroyed the whole temple, huh?"

"It was an accident, Jack," Daniel says.

"So, Jack," I said casually, shamelessly trying to change the subject. "What did you do while we were gone?"

Jack smiled, "I was temporarily assigned to Personnel. You know, going through applications, making the duty roosters. Stuff like that. You guys better go get cleaned up, you've only got fifteen minutes."

I nod, "Right, see you at the briefing, Colonel."

Bentley, Daniel and I head off to go get cleaned up. Teal'c and Carter get to go wait in the briefing room with the Colonel like good little soldiers.

They didn't get trapped in a room with enough weaponry win a war. They didn't then *accidentally* cause said room to come down on itself by hitting the self destruct and become covered in dust.

Exactly fifteen minutes later Daniel and I enter the briefing room nice and clean. Bentley is already there, recounting the story of our daring escape in rather melodramatic terms to Jack.

Jack raises an eyebrow at me as I enter. Just what did Bentley tell him?

Just as Daniel and I sit down the General enters. "Alright, Major Ferretti, care to tell me what happened on that planet?"

I told the General what happened, toning the story down and trying to make it seem like no big deal. Well, yes General, sir, the ceiling did almost come down on us and we lost a chance at gaining countless staff weapons and zat guns but it really isn't all that significant.

Yea, right.

The General frowns when he hears about the Death Glider. I know how he feels. It would have been such a break for us if we could have gotten it back to the SGC.

But that's life, mine anyway.

Through the whole meetings Jack is giving me these significant little looks. Like he knows something that I don't.

It's really unnerving.

"Major Ferretti," the General's talking again so I return my attention to him. "Do you thing there's any chance we might be able to recover the technology from the rubble?"

"It's possible," I say reluctantly. I'm really not holding out much hope. "But it would take a lot of manpower."

"But wouldn't it pay off if we could get our hands on some more staff weapons or even a death glider?" Jack asked.

"It's probably worth a try," I say at last.

The General nods. "I'll send SG-4 to go evaluate the rubble and assess the chances of getting anything out from it."

Just so long as I'm not going the General can do whatever the hell he wants.

"What have the doctors been able to find out about the Goa'uld corpse?" Daniel asks.

The General turned to Daniel and I was glad to have the attention off me. "They were able to remove the symbiote from the host. Janet doesn't know how much she'll be able to learn from it though."

Daniel nodded, "And the sarcophagus?"

"I'd like you and Captain Carter to take a look at it when you have the time, I think you two are our best bet at figuring that thing out."

Carter nods eagerly, "I'll look at it first chance I get, sir,"

"Me too," Daniel adds.

I can see the wheels turning in both their heads already.

"Ah, we could probably use Teal'c's help also," Daniel nods.

"I would be glad to assist you, Daniel Jackson."

Daniel Jackson. After all this time and they *still* aren't on a first name only basis.

"You'll probably need my help too, huh Daniel," Jack asks.

Daniel shoots Jack a confused look, "Why?" he asks innocently.

Jack bristles, "I do have some experience with them as well," he says curtly. "Besides, I thought we could make it a team project."

Ah, isn't that cute. Jack is feeling left out.

He should be counting his blessings.

Daniel seems to pick up on the fact that Jack is feeling rather useless with his broken leg and quickly adds, "Right, of course. I'm sure it would go a lot faster if you helped us out."

Jack gives Daniel a relieved smile. SG-1 really is a close group.

I wonder what I'm doing wrong. Me and my men have never bonded like this. One of my best guys actually requested to be reassigned a couple weeks ago, leaving the remainder of my team on stand down.

I think maybe the problem is the people who are assigned to my team are just like me, people like Daniel, Jack, Carter and Teal'c are a dime a dozen. They aren't your ordinary soldiers. Daniel isn't even a soldier, a fact he won't ever let you forget.

I may have grumbled about leading SG-1 on this trip but I should be so lucky to have a team like theirs. Not that I have a bad team. They're good guys, all of them. Good soldiers. They follow every single order I give and never question anything.

Maybe that's the problem.

"Well if that's all," the General says. "SG-1, go ahead and go check that sarcophagus. Then I want you to go home and take a day off."

Bentley is the first out the door. I can still hear her whistling as she disappears. Teal'c goes next, stoic and focused. Daniel and Carter are speeding by soon after, engaged in some intense debate about the mechanics of the sarcophagus.

Jack limps out next, clutching onto his crutches. He gives me a sly smile before he leaves and I wonder briefly what he's done to make him so smug.

Jack is a big fan of practical jokes. His favorite person to play them on is, of course Daniel. But occasionally he decides to plot against me. I'll have to be extra careful.

I get up to follow the others but Hammond calls me back. "I'm going to want you to leave again in three days," Hammond tells me. "You'll be leading another mission."

No, no, no . . . I won't *survive* another mission! Not with them!

I see the corner's of the General's lips turn upwards, "Don't worry, Major. You'll be leading your own team. SG-2."

"But sir, I'm still a man short."

"Don't worry about that, Major. Colonel O'Neill has personally selected a new member for your team. Dismissed."

I turn and leave. Well, at least I get a three day break.

Wait . . . did the General say that *Jack* picked the person who would be assigned to my team?

"Major Ferretti!"

Bentley. I turn to greet her. I really want to go home but I can't be rude.

"Yes, Captain?" I ask patiently. Come on, come on, I haven't got all day.

She's beaming at me. She looks even happier than usual. "Have you heard, sir?"

"Heard what?"

"I've just been assigned to your team!"

The End.


Well I hated to do it but I had to bring my favorite adventure to an end. I think I've put Ferretti through enough. I will probably right a similar story though. I don't think I'm quite through with Bentley.

They always put deleted scenes on DVD's nowadays and I thought why not do it in my stories? These are a few short excerpts that I was forced to cut for one reason or another.

* * * *

"So the mission was a success then?"

"Yes, sir."

One more success like this and I'll be six feet under.

* * * *

Bentley beams at us proudly, "Sometimes I amaze myself."

From what I know about Bentley, that really doesn't sound all that hard.

* * * *

"You know. we probably should have contacted Hammond as soon as we found a Goa'uld."

I was going to have to kill him. That was all there is to it.

I'd already been lectured by Colonel Robinson of SG-6. I didn't need this from Daniel of all people.

"You know," I say sharply. "I recall saying something about contacting Hammond before *you* talked me out of it."

Daniel looks offended. "I didn't talk you out of it, I just pointed out Anat was dead. which she was, at first anyway."

* * * *