In the morning, Linda's eyes opened to the arms of Benny around her waist. Her body was awkwardly comfortable next to Benny's warm one. It was also VERY close to his. It made it worse when she realized he was wearing only a wife beater and some boxers.

"Of course he would! He's used to being around only boys!" Linda thought. She slowly got up from her spot in Benny's arms, shivering at the cold. Everyone else was still asleep. She went down from the treehouse, and went home.

When Benny awoke, a couple of the guys were awake, but he felt strangely upset. For the first time, instead of just wanting to play baseball, he had another thing on his mind.

At nine, everyone was back at the Sandlot. Benny did not say hi to Linda, nor did she to him. All the boys were sweating prominently. The boys that had gotten the baseball had returned, it was to no use to even bother playing.

When the boys grinned to each other about the pool, Linda rolled her eyes. She knew why they were excited. Wendy Peffercorn was the lifeguard.

All the boys ran to their homes to collect their swimwear. Linda took her books. Maybe she would read in the backyard. No, her mother didn't want her to tan.

She walked down, and realized Benny hadn't followed her. He must have already went with the boys. The heat was killing her.

Suddenly, a boy zoomed past her on a bike, almost knocking off her balance. He turned around.

"Hey, Lindy babe." The hoodlum smiled. He was a greaser looking kid. Like her, his features were typical Mexican, but of course the grease was thick in his hair. Linda scoffed.

"Aw, baby," he said, dropping his bike. He approached her. His arms went around her waist. Unlike the safe and protected feeling she had with Benny, this was a cold, shudder-inducing feeling that even the summer heat couldn't compete with. His gaze was on her. He had a large scar under his left eye, which had gone blind after the incident. "Didn't ya miss me?" She growled and pounded her sneaker into his, she dug her nails into him. He yelped and let go.

"Always a fighter, Lindy." Linda scowled at her old nickname.

"Get away, Dean." She pushed past him. He ran behind her and put his arms around her neck.

"Let's talk, baby." She moved her head down, and sunk her teeth into his skin. He screamed, and she ran as fast as she could home.