Okay, let me explain this story a little bit. This is a modern day E/C Fic, and also in this one Christine and Erik have known each other all their lives. He is four years older than her though, so she is eighteen and he is twenty-two. They are also bestfriends too. Now, ON WITH THE STORY!

As Erik and Christine had their daily voice lesson Christine noticed something outside. "Erik!" She exclaimed as she bolted to the window. Erik sighed, but followed her to the window. "What? What's so special?" He grumbled, obviously wanting to return to their lesson. Christine scowled at him. "Erik, the lesson can wait. And besides, it's snowing!" She giggled, while clapping her hands together.

"Chrissy, what is so special about the snow to be exact?" Erik sighed, while running his hands through his dark hair. Christine playfully shoved him, "You of all people should know!" She teased, then noticing that he had his porcelain half mask on. "And you don't need to wear that stupid thing around me either!" She added while ripping off the mask and setting it down on the grand piano.

'My God! I've only been gone for about a year and when I get back he acts as though I just met him yesterday!' She thought with annoyance. With her arms folded across her chest, and her chocolate curls all in her face, Erik couldn't help but think that she was adorable. And of course he remembered! He just wasn't sure how to act around her when she got back from her high school class trip around the world.

"Of course I remember Christine! Winter is your favorite time of the year and you love snow. And I'm sorry for wearing the mask... Again." He sighed. He loved her with all his heart, he didn't want her to see him in his ugliness! Christine softened at this. "Okay, just making sure that you still remember. And you know that you don't need to wear that... That... Vile thing around me!" She said pointing to the mask in disgust.

"But... But don't you remember why I must wear it?" He asked softly. At this, Christine felt bad for yelling at him for it. But still... "Yes, Erik. I remember perfectly." She said, and it's as if they were both swept back into time.

"Ha! Bet you can't catch me Chrissy!" A twelve year old Erik laughed as eight year old Christine tried to catch him. How did he get so fast? It's as if he doesn't need to put effort into it! "Erik! You know that you are way faster than me! Besides... I'm only eight and your twelve!" She panted, struggling to keep up.

"Wait Chrissy!" Another voice said. Turning around she saw Raoul. He was eleven and her friend, but she didn't like him as she liked Erik. In fact she pretty much adored him. As Raoul jogged up to them both, Erik couldn't help but clench his fists. 'Why does this little whelp always have to interfere with Christine and I?' He though angrily.

"What do you want Ralf." Christine asked, rolling her eyes. 'I never really liked him. He just keeps getting in the way of Erik and me...' She thought. Raoul scowled. "My name is Raoul, not Ralf. Chrissy." Raoul said rather crossly. Christine couldn't help but flinch.

That was Erik's name for her, and Erik's alone. She felt her face flush, but she knew that she couldn't lose it. Not yet. Shaking her mid-length curls she stepped to the side, her back turned to both boys.

"What am I gonna do?" She thought as Erik and Raoul continued to glare at each other. As she tried to think, she heard Erik and Raoul talking, but each word they said their voices got louder and louder with each sentence.

"Look, I don't want to fight-" Erik said, but was cut short but Raoul. "No, your just being a pansy." He retorted. Of course Erik did not like being called a pansy, everyone who knew him, knew that he was no such thing.

Trying to get his anger under control he looked over at Christine, who sensed that she should get Erik away from Raoul before something bad happened.

But being eight years old, it was kind of hard to drag an extremely strong twelve year old boy with her. "Erik, we should go now... Mom will have lunch ready soon." She said, hoping Raoul would leave them alone.

"Oh, lunch sounds good right now Chrissy." Raoul exclaimed happily. Erik's fists tightened. Oh, how he wanted to choke that smile off that boys face...

"No Raoul. It's just for Erik and me." Christine said firmly. But Raoul just did not want to listen, so he hooked his arm with hers and started skipping down the hill to her house.

"Raoul let go of me!" She shrieked as she freed her arm and pushed him. But, unfortunately, Raoul lost his footing as he tumbled down the hill. "Christine, are you alright?" Erik asked her.

"Yeah, I'm okay." Christine shrugged looking up at him with big brown eyes. Erik, turned to hide his blush. 'Why? Why her?' He thought. "Come on Chrissy... Let's go home." He said while offering her, his hand.

Christine bit her lip, 'Why is his face turning red?' She thought as she hesitantly took Erik's hand. 'So warm...' A small smile played upon her lips, relishing the fact that Erik was holding her hand.

Then, out of nowhere, Raoul came up behind Erik and tackled him to the ground, his arms around his neck. Christine brought her hands up to her mouth muffling the scream that emitted from her throat.

"Get off of me!" Erik growled before elbowing Raoul in the nose. Blood ran from Raoul's nose, and as his grip loosened Erik took his chance to get back to Christine.

"Chrissy! Come on, let's get out of here!" Erik called before running up to her. "Okay Erik." She murmured as he took her hand and ran.

He was so much faster than her, she ran out of breathe and speed in the first few seconds of running, Erik slowed down enough for her to catch her breathe but they had to keep moving. "Come on Chrissy! It's not too far, you can make it, you can-" His words were cut short as a very angry Raoul tackled Erik from behind.

"Erik!" Christine yelled as she watched the two boys tumble and roll down the hill. "This is for breaking my nose!" Raoul screamed as he took something out of his pocket and flipped it open.

Erik's eyes widened as he realized that it was a lighter for cigarettes. "What the-" Was all Erik could say before Raoul plunged the flame into his face. Then nothing seemed to exist.

Christine ran towards them, stick in hand. "Raoul get off of him! Stop!" She yelled as she reached them. Erik was yelling at him to stop. Christine could smell the burning flesh and saw was Raoul was doing to Erik. Her Erik.

Pure red fury coursed through her. Running at full speed she jumped on top of Raoul and hit him repeatedly on the head over and over again until he got off of Erik. When he finally slumped to the ground unconscious that was when she stopped.

Then she turned her attention to Erik, who laid on his side, unmoving. Breathing hard, it took her a minute to catch her breathe before walking over to Erik. "Erik? Are you okay?" She asked. He shivered before moaning. "Erik?" She asked again. This time he rolled over and what she saw made her scream for her life. "Christine?" His feeble call was swept away by her screams.