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When they both entered the kitchen Erik motioned for Christine to sit down at the table before walking over to the cupboards, "What would you like to eat?" He asked his back to her. Christine rolled her eyes, "Um... Anything is fine." She replied absentmindly. Erik shot her a look over his shoulder, "That's not a good answer. Your too passive with your answers my dear." He quipped. She grimanced, oh how she hated it when he told her that. "Erik, you know that I am not 'too passive' but since your never going to leave me alone about this, fine! I would like some scrambled eggs with two slices of toast." She growled. Erik tutted, "Quite a plain choice of breakfast... But whatever you desire." He said before getting out a medium sized frying pan and putting it on the stove before turning the heat to medium.

Then he got out a cereal bowl and cracked two eggs into it before taking a clean fork and mixing up the yolks into a nice bubbly yellow froth. Then he gently poured the mixture into the heated pan and started to stir it around a little bit with a spatula before he seemingly waltzed over to the toaster and popped the two pieces into it. Christine just watched him from the table, mesmerized. 'He always seems to do everything with such a gracefulness.' She thought. As he was busy preparing his own meal her mind thought back on her exotic dream she had previously.

"Christine... Oh dear Christine..." A voice, soft and light called to her. Opening her eyes, she couldn't see anything else but a blinding white light. Looking around her, she seemed to be floating in midair, her arms spread out and she was wearing a beautiful cream colored dress. It was so elegant, as it swirled around her. Bringing a hand up to her face, she felt the dress shift slightly before settling again. Peaking her curiousity she looked down at herself and saw that the dress was indeed made up of small little beads of light. Which shifted and shaped itself to her with every movement she made. "Hello? Is someone there?" She called out into the seemingly empty space.

"Oh Christine... You must help him." the same voice spoke again. But this time it was so faint and so distant, the words merely echoed to her. Startled Christine tried to move, but couldn't. She was stuck on the spot. "Who are you? What do you mean?!" She demanded. But the only reply she got was a slow and steady sigh. "My dear, don't waste time. This second chance was only bestowed upon you both because of a simple wish that he made before he lay dying..." This answer only confused Christine even more, trying to shift to see if she could find the source where this voice was coming from. "What second chance? What do you mean? Who are you?!" With each question her voice became more and more frantic.

There was a slight tangible hesitation in the atmosphere before Christine was moving into an upward position, floating in place. Then in front of her countless of the little golden light orbs were gathering together from all over then rays of light reached out and nearly blinded Christine. Then the light faded and in the it's place was a beautiful women dressed in an exquisite ball gown with white opera gloves reaching up to her shoulders. Christine stared in awe as the women turned around to face her, the little diamond clips in her hair shimmering like stars. "Christine... Oh Christine..." She said, her voice was soft and sweet like a delicate songbird.

"Who are you?" Christine asked still staring in awe at the beautiful women. She smiled, before joining her hands together, "I am Christine Daee." She whispered as she watched Christine's face which changed from confusion to shock to disbelief. "What?" She said as the women just nodded her head in a silent reply. "How are you, me?!" She nearly shouted, nerves wracking her body. There was no way that this could be real. "I know that this seems unreal, but yes. I am you and you are me." Christine replied to the confused teenager. "Oh stop it with the poetic and mysterious answers! Just tell me already!" The younger one yelled, clenching her tiny hands into fists.

The elder one sighed, "It's a very long story. But the truth is, I had to speak with you as soon as I learned that you, we, us were given a chance to start over again with Erik. We could possibly get our happy ending, the one that I was too ignorant and stupid to see that it was him all along. Christine, I loved Erik so, so much. But I chose Raoul over him because the feelings that I had for him wasn't love. It was just a fondness, which I had mistaken for love. But I realized my mistake too late. I couldn't go back and Erik had been long gone. But now here we are, here you are with him. I guess God decided to give us a better chance to rewrite our story, the one that fate had written for us before destiny changed it. I loved him, Christine. And I know that you do too, we are one and the same." She finished her explanation.

As this information sunk in, Christine couldn't believe it. This was her past self, and she had come to her to warn her and tell her everything that had happened. And then she realized, deep down in the darkest most secretive place in her heart, that it was true. She really did love Erik. But she had one more question, "Does Erik know?" She asked slowly. The elder Christine gave a small delicate smile. "I know that Erik will tell him and show him in the most mysterious way possible because he is the Phantom of the Opera." She said her eyes growing misty and distant. 'She's probably thinking of him now.' Christine thought as she drew in the informaion once more from her.

"My time is running short. I must go." The Elder Christine said, and just as the words left her mouth, everything was beginning to dissolve. "W-What?! No! Wait!" Christine yelled, trying to get to her other self, reaching out her hands desperately. "I believe that you can do this Christine. Alter the story, turn it back to the one that fate had written for us, before destiny changed it all..." She said, before fading her words echoing softly before Christine closed her eyes and all fell into darkness.

"Hey, are you just going to sit there and let your food get cold?" Erik said nudging her. "What?" Christine said, breaking from her silent reverie. Erik rolled his eyes, "Let me repeat myself again. Are you going to eat or let your food get cold?" He said rather sarcastically. She frowned at him, "Thank you for the meal Chef. And no, it's fine." She said before picking up the fork next to her plate and put little pieces of the golden scrambled egg onto the pieces of toast before eating them. "Disgusting... I don't know how it tastes good to do that." Erik sniffed, before getting up and putting his empty plate into the kitchen sink.

Christine rolled her eyes, before going back to her original train of thought. 'That could not have been just a really weird ordinary dream. No ordinary dream is like that. It had to have been real. Why... Why do I doubt myself?' She thought as Erik came back to the table and she continued to eat her delicious breakfast. "So, back to what we were talking about earlier. What was your dream about?" He asked as she swallowed her last piece of toast with egg on it.

"Oh... Just a really weird dream." She replied before giving a small laugh. He frowned, "Alright." Christine looked down at her now empty and cold plate, 'Man... My heart is just going crazy.' She thought as her stomach was filled with the most active butterflies. "Hey, are you alright?" Erik asked. She looked at him, "Yeah I'm fine why?" She replied. Smirking he said, "Oh nothing. But your face is beet red." Rolling her eyes at his quip she turned her attention to the window. "Do you think I can finally go home?" She asked. Erik hesitated, "Well... I don't know. You should check the weather... And your free to stay here as long as you want you know." He blurted out the last part. 'I really don't want her to leave me, not now.' He thought as she focused on him again, "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. And Erik, that's really sweet of you, but I miss my family." She replied without knowing that it was hurting him.

"Yeah... I don't blame you there..." He said slowly, his disappointment very visible. Upon noticing this, Christine leaned over and laid her hand over his, "Hey, it's okay. Maybe you can come with me?" She asked. Feeling like his face was on fire he could only nod while staring at her hand over his. 'Oh my... He looks so embarrassed... Ugh, if I try to kiss him on the cheek now it would just get really awkward... What to do now?!' The panicked thought flashed through Christine's mind before she got up suddenly from the table, "Erik, I'm going to go check the weather now. And please for God's sake turn the heat up!" She nagged playfully as she left the kitchen with a shocked Erik sitting at the table, as if he was frozen.

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