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1-Sarah's Goodbye

"You're moving?" asked Zach Greenburg in disbelief. His girlfriend, Sarah, nodded.

"Yeah, my dad just got transferred to this new place in California."

"But California is so far away from here!" She nodded again sadly.

"What are we gonna do about, you know, us?" he asked.

"We have to be realistic. Long distance relationships hardly ever work. I guess we." Sarah looked down at the ground, not able to meet Zach's eyes. ".have to break up." She finished sadly.

Somehow, Zach knew from the second she told him that she was moving, that this is what it would come to.

"When are you leaving?"

"Tomorrow, the company wants him there as soon as possible," she explained. A car honked outside. "That's my dad." Zach nodded.

"So I guess this is goodbye?" he asked.

"Yeah," she replied as she kissed him on the cheek and left. Zach just walked silently to his room, tears silently rolling down his cheeks.

A little while later, his dad called him. "Zach, Cam and Spence are here."

"Tell them I'm sick," he called back.

"Too late," said Cam as Zach's two best friends, Cam Dunleavey and Spencer Sharpe, burst into the room. Shocked at Zach's state, they stopped in their tracks right inside the room. Cam was the first to speak.

"Dude, what's up?"


"That's a pretty big nothing to make you cry," countered Spence.

"Come on, where you're boys. You can tell us," said Cam. Zach breathed heavily.

"Sarah's moving to California."

"I'm sorry, Zach," replied Spence.

"Well," Zach started sitting up. "no sense in me just feeling sorry for myself. What'd you guys come to tell me?"

"In light of recent events, its best that we wait till later," said Spence, backing away.

"Guys, I'm cool. Now what happened?" He looked at Spence.

"Cam asked Gwen out." Gwen Kilerby was the only girl at Horace-Hyde-White School for Boys, who Cam has liked for quite some time. Zach smirked and his glance shifted from Spence to Cam.

"And how bad did she trash you?" Cam smiled.

"Dude, she said yes." Zach slumped down again.

"Don't say that I didn't warn you," replied Spence shaking his head.

"Come on Spence; let's leave him alone for awhile." He nodded and they left. Zach lay back on his bed and drifted off unto a dreamless sleep.