9-A Not-So Nice Surprise

Weeks went by, months even; Gwen and Cam were still together, as were Kelly and Zach.

"So what'd you rent?" asked Kelly, sitting on Zach's couch. Today was their 2 month anniversary.

"I thought that I'd humor you for once and rent a chick movie."

"So, what'd you get?"

"'A Walk to Remember?'"

"Oh! Thank you so much! I really wanted to see that."

"Anything for you," he said in a mock sweet tone. She kissed him on the cheek.

"I know." The microwave bell rang, and he got up.

"Popcorn's done."

"Well, hurry up then."

He promptly retrieved the popcorn bowl and sat on the couch next to his girlfriend. She snuggled up against his shoulder. He smiled and pressed play on the remote. About half-way through the movie, the doorbell rang. Zach went up to get it. See, Kelly is the type of girl who will actually watch movies with her boyfriend. Anyways, Zach got up to answer the door. He opened it.

"Hi, Zach."


AN- Okay guys, I just started this stories sequel. Since I know that you guys don't want me to keep you hanging forever, it's the story right above this one. "The Uninvited Visitor 'Part II'" starts right where this left off. Oh and can you guys please go read and review "The Future Stars Tour", I need some encouragement to keep working on that.