"I'm just a starting a relationship with Jane India, I don't want this to affect it." Whispered Eli

"Of course you are because everybody just loves Jane." Why am I even surprised that Eli's starting something with Jane, little miss perfect can do no wrong.

"Hey what does that mean?"

"Nothing just first Jeremy and now you."

"What do you mean first Jeremy and now me?"

"You mean you don't know the reason me and Jeremy stopped sleeping together was because he had a thing for Jane."

"Jane said that there was nothing going on between her and Jeremy."

"Of course she would say that secrets seem to be Jane's things, don't tell me you haven't noticed that."

"She does seem to love her secrets."

"I mean even Gray thinks there is something between them. Why do you think she sent Jane to get Jeremy and not one of us Jane is just an assistant? "

"So you think they are sleeping together."

"What else makes sense Eli?"

"That would explain why she doesn't want me in her personal life because she already has introduced Jeremy in it. What do I do?"

"Well you can ignore it or you can confront her when she gets back, personally I think you should confront her."

"I'll have to think about it India I do like Jane."

After everyone had congratulated Jane about getting the designs they went back to work. Leaving Jane alone in Grey's office with only Eli, India and Grey.

"So Jane how did you convince Jeremy to give the designs to Harrods after we talked on the phone." Grey asked.

"Yes Jane please do tell us how you convinced Jeremy." Smirked India.

"After I got off the phone with you Grey I went back to the bar to say good bye to Jeremy and I told him I forgave him and that I still thought of him as a friend and he changed his mind." Jane answered.

"You expect us to believe that all you did was tell him you forgave him and that made him change his mind." Demanded Eli.

"Yes I do because that's all that happened." Jane retorted back.

"Right so that all that happened you didn't happen to sleep with him while you were London for old time's sake." Snapped Eli.

"I don't know what you're talking about I didn't nor have I ever slept with Jeremy were just friends." Jane bite back.

"I don't believe you Jane."

"What about you India, Grey do you think I was sleeping with Jeremy to." Stammered Jane.

"Of course." Responded India

"It does make sense Jane he told you about being the mole, He called you to apologise and he gave the designs to Harrods because of you." Grey answered calmly in a matter of fact tone.

"This is ridiculous me and Jeremy are just friends I'm going home to sleep I will see you all later." Declared Jane as she stormed out.