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Elphaba sat, brown eyes staring into Fiyero's blue ones.

He cared about her. That was the only explanation. That's why he was sitting with her at all.

But how much did he care for her, did he just want to make sure she was safe? No. He wouldn't have come with her

He had left Glinda, a great job, a great lifestyle, all to be a fugitive for her.

He must love her.

There was no other option; it was the only answer, but it couldn't be!

She was green for-Oz's-sake. He could of had a perfect life back in the Emerald City, with people to do his every bidding. He could of had money and power and respect, and Glinda.

'Oh Oz, Glinda' Elphaba's eyes quickly stung with tears as she though of her bubbly blonde roommate, and friend.

She could see the pain in Glinda's eyes as Fiyero stood next to the green witch, announcing his decision to go with Elphaba, the same night of Glinda's announcement of their engagement. She wanted to sit down and cry, because she had been betrayed, by the two people who she cared about the most.

All that pain in Glinda's eyes had been because of her; Elphaba. The Wicked Witch of the West. Glinda would never trust her friend again, because Elphaba had betrayed her.

She moved to get up and leave, but Fiyero grabbed her arms.


Elphaba struggled, "Fiyero let me go! You have no right to keep me here!"

Fiyero kept his grip of his one true love, knowing that he was going to have to fight for her. After a minute of struggling, Fiyero managed to wrap an arm around the woman and held her close, slowly rocking her.

"Shhh," he whispered, whipping a tear from her cheek, "Its alright, I have you."

"No! That's why it's not alright!"

Fiyero was taken aback by her answer, and let go of her, "What?"

Elphaba put her head on her knees and wrapped her arms around them, "I'm green Fiyero. Besides, you're Glinda's. You'll never be mine, and I just have to accept that."

"Fae, I was never Glinda's. I never wanted to be anything other than a friend to her, a big brother maybe, but never a lover. I never loved her." Fiyero's blue eyes stated at the green and black ball.

Elphaba raised her head, and Fiyero continued, "From the moment I met you, I knew you were something special, and not just because of your skin. Because of you."

She tried to leave again, but Fiyero stood up too, "I love you Fae; because of your sassy replays, your black hair, how smart you are, you eyes, how you'll fight for what you believe in, how you bite your lip when your reading a text book. But most of all I love you because you arne't afraid of being who you are, green skin and all."

For once, Elphaba was motionless and silent. They stayed that way until Fiyero leaned forward and kissed her.

Soon they pulled apart for air and Elphaba mumbled to Fiyero, "Thank You."

"For What?"

"For helping me believe in myself."