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A Weekend of Camping

Clary shifted in the back seat of Eric's car trying to dismiss the pain in her cramping legs.

'Are we there yet?' she whined looking at Simon

'He , you're the one who wanted to drive up; I was all for taking a portal but no!' Simon muttered from the driver's seat. He snuck a look over at Isabelle, who was sitting beside him.

'Well, we can't just suddenly appear at our campsite, we have to register. Same as last year Simon.' Clary gave up on trying to ease the pain in her cramping legs and settled on snuggling closer to Jace. Jace looked down at Clary and smiled, pulling her chin towards him. Clary closed her eyes as her lips got closer to his; he could feel her breath hot on his. Their lips were about to touch when Jace pulled away and smiled.

'tease' Clary muttered lightly smacking him in the arm. It was another hour before the four of them pulled into the campgrounds. A chipped wooden sign read 'Northern Hunting Campgrounds'

Isabelle looked around the dismal place that was supposed to be her living space for the weekend.


She was supposed to sleep here, on the ground? How did Clary and Simon even convince her to go camping? She was sure that Jace was going to say no, but when Clary asked he jumped. Although come to think about it that didn't surprise her that much.

'Izzy, can you please stop looking so disgusted and come help us unpack?' Jace called from the van.

She sighed and was about to turn around when Simon walked up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and nuzzled his face into her neck. Isabelle moaned turning towards him, she smiled and brought her lips up to meet his. Their kiss, as always, started out hesitant then grew fierce and passionate. Isabelle ran her tongue over Simon's lower lip. Simon grabbed her lower lip between his teeth sucking on it.

'Oh guys, get a room! Please!' Isabelle's eyes snapped open at the sudden outburst from Jace.

'Well excuse me, someone hasn't put up the tent yet.' Isabelle huffed

'That would be you,' Clary said smirking 'Jace and I have our own tent to put up.'

Isabelle rolled her eyes as Simon led her over to the tent bag.

Jace looked over at Clary as she pulled the tent out of the van.

The hell was he supposed to do with that? He watched as Clary bent and started pulling poles and tarps out of the small tent bag. She looked over at Jace, a gleam in her emerald green eyes and smirked. Jaces heart fluttered unevenly like it always did when he looked at her.

'Come on, let's put this tent up.' Clary looked up at him.

'What's the rush?' Jace asked, truthfully he just didn't have a clue where to begin with the tent.

Clary smiled mischievously, looping her fingers through his jeans and pulling him towards her. 'Well maybe if we hurry we can test out the beds before dinner.'

Jace smiled and grabbed the tent poles. Putting the tent together was a nightmare for Jace, he had no idea what to do with all the poles and tarps that kept magically appearing out of the bag. Jace felt himself growing frustrated, Clary must have noticed to because she told him to go get stuff ready for dinner and called Simon over to help her. Jace tried to ignore the jealousy that was boiling in his stomach every time Clary laughed at something Simon said. Between Simon and Clary they managed to get the tent up in less than ten minutes. Clary came over to Jace just as he was about to turn and walk to her. She grinned stifling a yawn.

'Hey there camper.' Her green eyes shone as she looked at Jace. Jace couldn't help but get butterflies in his stomach as she wrapped her arms around his waist. Jace could feel her yawn against his chest.

'Come on, let's go check out this tent.' Jace pulled Clary by her hand over to their tent.

Jace led Clary into the tent. She collapsed down onto the blow-up mattress with a thud. She curled onto her side with her head propped on the pillow. She felt the mattress jump as Jace laid down beside her. She felt Jace wrap his arms around her waist and pull her closer to him, their bodies touching.

'I though you said you wanted to test the bed?' Jace whispered in her ear.

'Mhm,' Clary said, with her eyes closed, 'we are testing it, right now.'

Clary shrieked as Jace tickled her sides 'Jace…stop, please….ahh… your tickling me!' Clary gasped for air rolling from side to side. Jace stopped and Clary rolled onto her back, Jace took this opportunity to straddle her hips. Clary looked up at Jace, she couldn't believe that they were finally able to be together, Clary would never forget the feeling of finding out that they weren't related. Jace traced his fingers down Clary's face his fingertips lingering on her lips. Clary grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled his lips down to hers. Jace kissed her back feverishly , his hands running up and down her arms. Clary tangled her fingers in his soft golden locks. Jace pulled away from Clarys mouth kissing a path from her lips to her collarbone. Clary massaged his back , Jace stifled a yawn.

'Man, I'm so tired.' Clary smiled up at Jace, 'Jace Lightwood! Are you saying that I put you to sleep? ' Mock hurt flashing across her face.

Jace just grinned at her and rolled onto his side. He slide his arm underneath Clarys waist and pulled her back toward him. Clary could feel his breath getting slow and even as he fell asleep with both his arms wrapped around her waist. Clarys eyes drooped with sleep, and then she was pulled under as sleep finally took hold.

Simon lay in with bed Isabelle, well the air mattress that was to be a substitute for his actual bed for the weekend. He couldn't help but grin at Isabelle's sleeping form. Her black hair was thrown all over her pillow. Her lips slightly parted so that Simon could just hear her breathing. No doubt Clary and Jace were sleeping also, seeing as they went into their tent a long time ago. They better be sleeping he thought. Simon looked back at Isabelle who turned to face him in her sleep. He sighed, he loved the way her eyelashes almost touched her cheeks when her eyes were closed, the way her nose turned up slightly at the tip, the vein that throbbed in her neck passing sweet delicious blood through her veins Wait- What?! Simon felt his Canine teeth elongating in his mouth. He jumped up and unzipped the tent, running outside. He turned and looked at the tent before turning and running towards the beach, he didn't notice Clary walking out of the tent or calling his name, nor did he notice her following behind him

Clary looked over as Simon ran out of their campsite and towards the beach. She had just woken up to find Jace snoring in her ear. She was about to go make some dinner when Simon ran by. Clary looked back inside her tent at Jace then ran towards Simon. She found him sitting on a rock by the edge of the beach.

She sat down beside him not saying anything. It had been like that for years with them, if something was wrong the other didn't ask but just sat with them until they were ready to talk. Simon looked at Clary a lost look on his face.

'I can' t look at her without thinking of biting her . How are we supposed to be…in a relationship if all I can think about is…' he trailed off.

This was one thing that Clary didn't have an answer for but she tried anyway, 'Simon, I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say other than, I guess if you really love each other you will be able to make it work. Si she really does love you, in her own crazy Izzy way. She trusts you a lot and I know that you wouldn't do anything to make her doubt that trust.'

Simon looked at her gratefully, 'Thanks Clarebear.' Clary leaned on Simons shoulder looking out at the water. They stayed like that until someone coughed behind them. Simon and Clary turned around to see Jace standing behind them, his hair messy from sleeping. Clary got up walking over to him.

'Hey Jace' She smiled. He smiled down at her lifting her up for a hug, 'Are you getting hungry?'

Clarys stomach rumbled in response. She looked back at Simon who was still sitting on the rock. 'I'll meet you there okay?' She pulled Jace in for a kiss before turning back to Simon.

Jace turned and walked back towards the camp, trying not to notice how easy it was for Clary and Simon to be together. He knew he was just being jealous but he couldn't help it, Clary and Simon had been friends forever, literally since they were born, and sometimes it felt like Simon was the one dating Clary and not him. Jace reached the campsite just as Isabelle was walking out of her tent.

'Afternoon sleeping beauty.' Isabelle glared at him.

'There' s bugs in my tent.'

'it's called the beauty of nature Izzy.' Jace turned as Simon and Clary walked towards them, laughing wrapped in their conversation. Simon walked over to Isabelle planting a kiss on her cheek. Clary walked over to the van and started to pull food out of the cooler they brought .

'It was really nice of Eric to lend us his van for the whole weekend don' t you think?'

'yeah well he got busted by his mom so he's on lock down for a week, not much use the car is going to have him right now.'

Clary laughed 'what did he do this time?'

'His mom caught him trying to sneak a girl out the window of his sisters room in the middle of the night , it wouldn't have been that bad if they weren't drunk, and his sister was sleeping in the room.'

Clary just shook her head, laughing to herself. She pulled out hotdogs and buns. 'Let's get a fire started. '

Isabelle tilted her head 'aren't we going to use a stove?'

Simon laughed 'Oh Izzy that's just too easy, besides fire roasted hot dogs always taste better.'

Simon started to walk towards the fire pit when Jace cut in 'I'll make it. '

Simon walked back to Isabelle muttering something about people seriously underestimating his 'mad fire skills.' Clary got the hot dogs ready to be cooked, which didn't take much, and went over to where it seemed Jace was having a battle with the wood and a lighter.

Woah! Done the first chapter of my first FF, Sweet! Tell me what you thought of it , and maybe some suggestions of what you want to happen in the next couple of chapters. Will simon bite Issabelle? Will Jace let his jealousy get the better of him? Will a 'surprise' visitor threaten to ruin everything? Or will they just have fun camping?