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Jace's face broke into the first smile he had in days. He looked down at Clary who was tilting her head up to him. Getting the idea he met her halfway and their lips joined together. Sparks jolted through Jace when Clarys lips touched his. He could taste the apples from his lips on her lips. Just like their first kiss.

'Just like our first kiss.' Clary smiled seeming to read his mind.

Jace and Clary lay on the bed together. Their legs tangled together and their fingers entwined. Clary rested her head on Jace's tone chest feeling each breath he took raise her slightly. Jace looked down at her, placing a kiss on the top of her head. Clary looked up at him wondering idly what Alec and Magnus were doing.

Magnus lay on the couch watching Alec pace back and forth by the fireplace.

'Alexander dear, come sit down your giving me a headache.'

Alec looked down at him sighing as he walked over to the couch, Magnus sat up to make room for him. Alec moved closer to Magnus wrapping his arms around his waist. Magnus tried to hid his shock it was such a rare occasion for Alec to show so much compassion. Magnus snuggled closer to Alec, breathing in the scent that was so Alec. He always smelt warm and comforting, like your favorite blanket on a cold winter morning. Alec turned his head softly kissing him on the cheek, leaving his forehead resting against his temple.

'Why the sudden acts of compassion?' Magnus mused.

Alec pulled back and looked at him. 'Seeing Jace with Clary, and seeing his face when she almost died… it made me realize that life's too short, for normal people at that, for shadow hunters its even shorter sometimes. Why should I be worried about what people think of me when all I need to worry about is what you think of me.'

Magnus looked over at Alec, his eyes slightly misty at the sweet sayings he was speaking.

'Maggie,' Alec used the nickname only he calls Magnus 'I don't want to hid how I feel about you because I'm worried about what my parents or the clave will think. I don't know what I would do without you Mags.'

Magnus turned at took Alec's face in his hands, looking deep into his icy blue eyes. 'Alexander Lightwood, I love you so much.' Magnus tilted Alec's head slightly upwards as he softly brought his lips against Alecs, savouring the of lush feeling of his lips. Alec deepened the kiss by licking Magnus's bottom lip asking him for entrance to his mouth. Magnus willingly obliged, their tongues battled for dominance until Alec won, like he normally did. They broke apart slightly out of breath, leaning back into the couch in each other's arms.

Jace sat with Clary hours after her waking up. They sat cross legged across from each other, Clary had just finished recounting everything (although painful) that had happened in her dream. Clary looked over at Jace, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration.

Clary looked down at the plush blanket she was sitting on, absently she began picking at the loose threads.

'Clary' Jace's soft voice pulled her out of her revere. She looked up at him trying to mask her emotions. She was still frazzled about the whole mental attack. She felt as if the most pure and whole part of herself and been viciously ripped to shreds and left in the dirt to slowly die. She knew the moment she looked up that she couldn't hid from Jace, she never could. He looked at her face, his eyes softening. He opened his arms, scooting back up against the headboard.

'Come here.'

Clary crawled over to him and sat on his lap, tucking her head into the crook of his neck. Jace wrapped his arms protectively around her kissing the top of her head. He rested his cheek on her flaming red hair.

'Jace, what are we supposed to do now? I don't know what to do to stop him.'

Jace sighed, knowing that this talk was going to come about eventually.

'Clary….Magnus knows a way to stop Jonathan for entering your mind again.' He drifted off. Clary noticed.


'But it's dangerous. You'd have to let him back into your mind so that you can overpower him.' Clary stiffened at the mention of having to let him back into her mind.

'Clary, please let me know what you're thinking.'

Clary looked up at Jace 'Jace, what if I can't beat him? What if , what if I can't get back out? What if he wins?'

'Clare don't worry. We'll help you and Magnus knows what to do to make sure he can never bother you again.'

Clary looked up at him and smiled, tucking her head back into his neck.

Simon looked over at Isabelle who had just gotten a text from Jace, his stomach with knotted with worry and fear. Isabelle looked up from her phone breathing a sigh of relief.

Simon looked at her 'Izzy?'

'She's going to be fine, she's resting right now. Jace told us to stay away for a while. She's not in the best way at the moment.'

Simon looked down at Isabelle and smiled wrapping his arms around her small frame. Clary was going to be okay.

Later on that night Clary, Jace, Alec, and Magnus sat in Magnus's living room talking about the pressing issue that was staring them in the face. Clary was leaning again Jace's knees while he sat on a plush chair. Alec and Magnus were sharing the love seat across from them.

'Clary,' Magnus started, 'I do believe that I have to way for you to permanently expel Jonathan from your mind. You see whatever he does to you in your dream then it goes the same way. Whatever you do to him in the dream will affect him in physical form. So kill him in the dream and it will sever his bond with you'

'So what you're saying is that I have to willingly let him back in my mind? What happens if I can't kill him?'

'Then we just have to try again.'

Clary looked from Magnus to Alec to the person whose opinion she craved the most. Jace.

He was looking down at Clary his eyes searching her face.

'You don't have to do anything you don't want to babe.'

'I know Jace but do I really have any other option? If I don't, what am I supposed to do? Never sleep again?'

Clary looked back at Magnus, her eyes blazing with fierce determination but also a hint of fear.

'So what do I have to do?'

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