Tristen walked through the hallway, eyes down.

"That skirt is too short," a voice growled as someone pulled her into an empty room.

"Get off me," she growled.

"You want me to, Princess? But I missed you."

Tristen turned and wrapped her arms around Kane's neck, looking up at him.

"I missed you too, baby."

He smiled, pressing his lips to hers.

"I don't like that skirt. It shows off too much."

Tristen wrapped her legs around his waist and smirked.

"Maybe that's the point."

Kane growled and pinned her against the wall, staring at her.


"Prove it."

He bit her neck, sucking hard enough to leave a mark.



"Say it."

Tristen looked up at him through her eyelashes, smirking.

"Make me."

Kane ripped the skirt off, growling possessively as his wife pouted up at him.

"That was my favorite skirt!"

"It was in my way."

"Damn it babe."

He grinned and slid his hands to her butt, pulling her closer to him.


"Yeah Boo?"

"I love you."

"Love you too, baby."

She kissed him, running a finger down his chest and stomach.



"Can we go to the hotel now?"

Kane sighed dramatically.

"I guess. Here's your bag."

Tristen reached in and pulled out another skirt, then yelped as he tore her underwear off.

"You won't be needing these, Princess."

"Boo... What are you planning?"

He smirked.

"You'll see."

Tristen sat in the passenger seat, eyes closed. She was tired.

Kane's hand started traveling up her leg and she opened her eyes.

"Boo, what are you doing?"


He slid a finger inside her and she whimpered.




"Do you really want me to stop, baby? Think about your answer very carefully."

Tristen gasped and moaned as he started to scissor her, moving her hips forward.


"Do you want me to stop?", he purred.

"God no. Don't stop, Boo."

He chuckled and stopped, earning a whine and a pout.


"Relax, baby. We're here."

She bit her lip, looking down, and he put a hand on her cheek.



"You okay?"

Tristen nodded.

"I want you."

"Be patient."

"I can't!"

He pinned her against the car, crushing his lips to hers.

"Alright, Princess. But only this one time."

Slowly, he raised the skirt until it barely covered her, then slid a finger inside.


"Shh... Wouldn't want people to see us doing naughty things, now would we?"

Biting her lip, Tristen shook her head.


"Good girl. Now don't make a sound or I won't let you cum tonight."

She gulped and nodded, and he resumed his torture.

Five minutes later, Tristen was begging.

"Please. Please baby, let me cum. I'll be so good for you, just please!"

He groaned as she rubbed against him.



"Cum. Now," Kane growled before he kissed her, swallowing her screaming.

Tristen went limp and laid her head on his chest, panting.

"Love you baby."

"And I love you, Princess."