The Daughter of the Power Couple Series!

Power Rangers: Ninja Storm!

Rollerblade Park!

A young girl around the age of 17 was rollerblading down a railing with ease before she jumped into the air touched the wheel part of the rollerblades and the spinned around before leading on the ground and standing up straight from the land. The young girl skidded to a stop before taking off her helmet to allow dark brown hair with light brown highlights to fall down her back to her waist gracefully. The young girl was wearing a pink v-neck t-shirt, white mini shorts accessorizes with a skull/cross bone buckle belt, a silver charm bracelet on her left wrist, black mid-thigh length socks, a pink ribbon chocker that has a pair of rollerblades pendent hanging from it around her neck, and white rollerblades with pink laces. She looked around before she spotted a young Australian girl not to far off waving at her making her smile before she skated over.

"Hey, Layla," the young girl greeted.

"Hey, Geneva," the girl named Layla greeted with a slight Australian accent.

Geneva smiled at her best friend before she looked at her pink watch that she had on her right wrist and almost freaked.

"I'm sorry Layla, but I have to go before I'm late," Geneva told her friend.

"Where do you always have to go?" Layla asked.

"I wish I can tell you, but I can't," Geneva answered her friend. "I'll call you later."

"You better," Layla growled playfully.

Geneva laughed before she gathered her things up and skated away pulling off some tricks while she was at it.

Blue Bay Harbor Park!

Geneva skated up to a blue van to see that a blond was at te wheel making her smile as she opened the back door and got in.

"Hey Tori," Geneva greeted.

"Right on time," the blond now known as Tori told her. "As all was."

Geneva took off her rollerblades and put on a pair of white tennis shoes with pink shoe laces as she laughed.

"You don't think I'm going to be like my Dad?" Geneva asked, "did you?"

"Of course not," Tori answered with a laugh as Geneva put on her seat belt.

Tori and Geneva talked as the waited for the boys to show up, but after about 20 minutes the boys were late.

"Where are they?" Tori asked as she looked at her watch. "C'mon."

"Boo!" a male voice said making both girls look over to see a dark skinned guy at the window. "You two miss me?"

"Dream on," both girls told him as he got into the van.

"Where's Dustin?" Tori asked before she saw a boy in yellow running towards them. "Late as usually."

"He seems to be late more then Shane," Geneva told the blond making her laugh.

"Oh hahaha," the boy told her, "that was so funny I forgot to laugh."

"You know I was kidding Shane," Geneva stated as she giggled.

All three of them looked back to at the boy in yellow.

"Awe, man," Shane groaned.

The boy opened the back door and got in making Geneva to roll her eyes.

"What's up dude?" the boy asked as he clapped hands with Shane before jumping over the back of the seat and into the front between Tori and Shane.

"Dustin," Geneva groaned.

"Oh, sorry," Dustin at once apologized.

It wasn't long till they were on the road.

"How can you guys be late every signal time?" Tori asked, "I couldn't pull that off even if I had planned it."

"Maybe because that your the reliable one," Shane told her.

"What does that mean?" Tori asked, "'the Reliable one'?"

"Look," Shane started, "in every group there are different groups of people."

"Totally true, yeah," Dustin agreed, "think about, uh, like, the Power Rangers."

Reina giggled while Tori just smiled with a slight laugh.

"Power Rangers?" Tori asked, "you've got to be joking?"

"I hate to disagree with you, Tori," Geneva cut in, "but the Power Rangers are truly a group of people." Tori looked at her in the review mirror like she was insane. "Take it from some one who was born and raised in Monster Central till the late eighties, early ninety. It was so bad that they had created a Monster attack alarm and they still use it till this day."

The others all laughed as Tori rolled her eyes, but Dustin went own though he smiled at Geneva.

"Okay, there's always, like the mellow, like, reflective dude," Dustin told her.

"And then there's the risk taker, the adrenaline guy," Shane said as he looked into the mirror and pretended to fix his hair. "That would, of course, be me."

"You a risk taker?" Geneva asked before she giggled. "That's funny."

"And then there's the graceful, kind hearted, and hot tempered one," Dustin went on.

"That of course is totally Geneva," Shane added making Dustin nod in agreement.

"Damn straight," Geneva told them, "and don't you forget it."

"And you, Tori," Dustin started, "you're, you're just the logical one."

"You guys have to lay off the comic books seriously," Tori told them as she drove onto a dirt road heading for the mountains. "Power Rangers? Whatever."

It wasn't long till they came to a stop where all four of them got out of the van and started to walk into the forest.

"This plays always creeps me out," Dustin told them.

"I heard that bro," Shane agreed.

"This is nothing to me," Geneva stated.

"You are so lame," Tori told the boys making the girl in pink to giggle.

Blue Bay Harbor Forest!

They all climbed over a fallen tree where they could see a waterfall up ahead.

"Dustin well you come on?"

"Right here," Dustin answered Tori.

Shane looked around them feeling a bit crept out with the silence.

"It sure is quiet here," he told the others.

"A little to quiet," Dustin agreed.

Geneva spun around when she heard movements from behind them to see a black blur go by.

"Did you see that?" Shane asked as he, too, turned around. The others all looked around when all four where knocked to the ground as a group of people in black with red, yellow, blue, and pink accents appeared before them. Geneva and the others all stood up facing them. "Let's do it."

The four friends pulled off their civilian clothes to reveal that they where all wearing the same thing as the group of people only Shane's has red accents, Dustin's has yellow accents, Tori's has blue accent, and Geneva's has pink accent. They got into a fighting stance before the group they where facing went at them and a fight broke out. Shane was a group with the same colored accent as him like the other three, but he wasn't doing so great and it was the same could be said for Tori and Dustin, however, Geneva was fairing a lot better then her friends were. In order to avoid two kicks to the head Geneva bind backwards and went into a back flip before she did some complicated arm movements.

"Ninja Fire Blast!" Geneva yelled as she thrust her hands out in front of her as a stream of fire shot from her hands knocking back the group she was fighting.

After she had knocked them down they stumbled to their feet and they all bowed to her as she bowed back before going to stand in front of the waterfall just as the others where brought forwarded.

"Let go of me, man," Dustin told the guy who pushed to stand next to his friend just as Tori and Shane joined them. It was then that they heard a hawk's cry before looking up into the sky to see one coming towards them. "Aw, man."

When they hawk landed it turned into a man wearing robes with staff in his hand looking at them.

"That's enough for today," the man told the other students who all took off. The man looked at Geneva before looking at three next to her. "Geneva go and have some tea."

Geneva bowed to him before turning to walk away, but not before mouthing 'Sorry' to the other three before she walked up to a waterfall and inside.

Wind Ninja Academy!

Geneva sat on a bench looking out over the training grounds as the man from before walked up to her. Geneva at once stood up and bowed to.

"Sensei," she greeted.

He smiled at her as he nod his head.

"I would like a talk with you," Sensei told her as Geneva stood up before they started to walk. "Geneva, you are the most advance Wind Ninja Academy student I have ever seen. So I have decided that you should be trained in Pai Zhuq." Geneva looked confused at this. "There you'll be trained to fight along side your Animal Spirit." Geneva started at him in shock of this. "Do you wish to train in their ways?"

"I would be happy to Sensei," Geneva told him as she bowed to him.

Sensei smiled at the young girl just as Shane, Tori, and Dustin walked up to them cleaned and wearing new Ninja uniforms. They all started to walking around the Academy.

"You have been students at the Wind Ninja Academy for nearly a year and yet you fall to see the importance of punctuality," Sensei told Shane, Tori, and Dustin. "I suggest you find away to change that before you return tomorrow or otherwise I'll have no choice, but to expel you."

"Wait you can't," Shane told him.

"You all have great potential," Sensei went on, "it would be a shame to wast it." The three all looked shamed. "Now go you must have other studies."

Shane, Tori, and Dustin bowed to him before they left leaving just Sensei and Geneva before a young boy in green walked up to them.

"I don't know why you put up with them," the boy said before he looked at Geneva. "Or you for that matter, Eva."

Geneva smiled at the boy.

"Well then Cameron," Sensei started, "I suppose that's why I'm Sensei and your the Sensei's son."

Sensei then looked up at the sky and spotted something making both Geneva and Cameron to look at him as he went to an open in the trees to get a better look.

"What's wrong Dad?" Cameron asked.


Sensei looked back at them with a smile.

"Don't worry you two," he told them before walking away.

Geneva let out a sigh before she turned to the boy.

"I have to catch up to Shane, Tori, and Dustin," she told him, "so I'll see you tomorrow Cam."

"Right," Cam agreed watching as Eva ran off.

Next day-Storm Chargers!

Eva sat in the back room with Tori and Shane watching a skateboard tournament on the TV as Dustin was working on fixing a Motocross bike for some one.

"Whoa," Shane said in awe as Tori over and handed Shane and Eva a cup. "Kick flip to 50/50." He looked at Tori as he pointed at the TV. "That's what I've got to learn for my video."

Just then a lot of clock alarms went off and all three in the back room went running out of it.

"Dustin!" Tori called.

"Heads up!" Dustin called to the owner.

"Dustin, your not going..."

Eva never heard what else she said to the Earth Ninja as she ran to the van with Tori and Shane before Dustin came running up to them.


"This continued atmospheric disturbances has the weather services baffled."

Eva let out a sigh as they drove down the road heading for the Academy.

"We on time?" Dustin asked.

"We're early," Tori answered as she looked at her watch before looking back at the road. "Hey, they look like they need help."

Eva looked out the window as the Van came to a stop to see two elderly couple trying to fix their broken down car.

"No way, Tori," Shane told her, "we can't."

"We can't just leave them here," Tori pointed out as they all got of the Van. "What if something happens to them?"

"All I know is if we're late something well defiantly happen to us," Shane answered, "and it's not gonna included fabulous prizes."

"Just two minutes dude," Dustin told him as he walked away with the tool box well Eva followed.

Together they all were able to help to the elderly couple fix their car before Dustin closed the hood and exchanged thanks and your welcomes with the two before walking back to the van.

"Hey, dude what if he's alarm clock didn't go off and he didn't even miss us?" Dustin asked as Eva got into the van before taking the tool box from.

"He's a Ninja Master Dustin," Shane answered, "they don't over sleep."

"Really?" Dustin asked before he got into the van.

Tori at once started it and they took off for the academy.

Wind Ninja Academy!

Shane, Tori, Eva, and Dustin all stepped through the portal just in time to see their school being sucked up into the sky.

"What's going on?" Dustin asked.

"Somethings attacking the school," Shane answered.

They all fought against the wind that just ended knocking them down to see the school vanished into the air. They all quickly got up and looked around to see that the school grounds was completely destroyed.

"It's gone," Shane told them.

Eva rolled her brown eyes at that.

"Ok," Dustin said in panic voice, "I'm thinking Earthquake."

"When was the last time you heard of Earthquakes sucking buildings and people up into the sky?" Shane asked.

"Never," Eva answered.

"Right," Shane agreed, "never."

All four of them found a way down to the ground where they started to look around and saw flags with the Wind Ninja Academies symbol on them only there was red, yellow, blue, and pink.

"Who would do something like this?" Tori asked.

"Are we the only students left?" Dustin asked.

Just then they heard rocks moving and then saw a hand which made Eva gasp.

"Whose that?" Shane asked.

"It's Cam," Eva answered as she ran over and the others followed her. "Help me get him out."

They all reached him and moved a few rocks before grabbing a hold of his hand.

"We got you," Tori told him as they all pulled him out. "Come on."

"Cam are you ok?" Shane asked once they got him out.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Cam answered just as there was a blast from behind them sending them to the ground causing Tori and Eva to gasp in shock. They all stood up and started to run as more blasts hit close by them. They came to what remained of the Wind Ninja Academy where Cam pulled up a door way. "Come guys! This way!"

No one argued with him as they all followed him down the stairs.

Ninja Ops!

"Cam what is this place?" Shane asked as they walked down the stairs.

"Just follow me," Cam answered.

Cam looked back at them before he dusted off his hands and placed them on a pad on the wall. The lights came on and a mainframe appeared shocking everyone.

"No way," Shane gasped.

"It's amazing," Tori agreed.

"Dude," Dustin said.

"I'm at a lost," Eva added.

They all walked in though Eva walked in next to Cam looking at the place with awe.

"Don't ask any question," Cam told them, "I can't answer them."

"What this is like some big secret?" Shane asked.

"Yes Shane," Cam answered, "it's like some big secret."

"And there are times when secrets must be revealed Cam," a voice told him as a mobile environment appeared.

They all walked over looking shock though Eva and Cam looked not shocked, but indifferent.

"Whoa," Shane said, "that big rat sounds just like Sensei."

"Yeah I know," Dustin agreed before he walked up to the rodent. "Doesn't really look like him though, huh? Expect for the clothes."

"My Father is not a rat," Cam told them, "he's a guinea pig."

"Dude," Dustin said as he turned around, "did...did he just explain why and I like..." Dustin waved his hand over his head and whistled. "Missed it."

"He's stuck," Eva told them.

"Stuck?" Shane asked.

"Yes Shane," Sensei answered, "stuck. Observed." Sensei jumped over to the mainframe and turned it on to them a picture of a man in a mask. "This is Lothor. He was once a great Ninja. He was banished from the Earth when his hunger for power turned him to the dark side. When our energy fields collided I was transformed into what you see before you. Now he has returned and has brought an army that would do anything to take our plant for their own unless there are stopped."

"Who is going to be dumb enough to try and stop them?" Dustin asked.

"An excellent question Dustin," Sensei answered, "the morphers Cam."

Eva let out a sigh as the word Morpher.

"Father, your not serious?" Cam asked.

"We have no choice," Sensei told him.

"Geneva I understand, but this guys?" Cam asked, "I mean, them...their, well...their..."

"We're what?" Tori asked.

"Yeah," Shane agreed, "I don't like the way that sound." Shane turned to Dustin. "Do you?"

"Actually dude," Dustin answered, "I'm kinda of lost here."

"Now Cam," Sensei ordered.

Cam let out a sigh as he shooked his head before walking over and brought back a box and stood in front of Shane, Tori, Dustin, and Geneva.

"These's are your Power Ranger Wind Morphers," Cam told them as he opened up to the box to reveal four morphers inside.

"Yeah, right," Tori said.

"Yes, see, I knew it dude," Dustin cheered before he took one of the morphers. "I was right. Power Rangers are real."

"What ever," Tori told him as she tooked hers.

Shane and Eva took their Morphers and put them on.

"No way," they both breathed.

"Dustin, child of the Earth, true to your heart, you well embody the powers of the Yellow Wind Ranger," Sensei told him who smiled, "Tori, fluid and graceful like the water, you well become the Blue Wind Ranger." Tori smiled as well. "Geneva, passionate and fierce, you well be the Pink Wind Ranger." Eva smiled also, but she had bowed a bit to Sensei, "And Shane, reaching for the stars, you well command the powers of the Red Wind Ranger." Shane smirked. "From this point you'll be known as the Wind Power Rangers. Protectors of the Earth."

They all stood at attention for a few awkward seconds.

"So what exactly does this thing do?" Shane asked.

Eva let out a sigh as she walked over to Cam who smiled at her that she returned.

"Where's the switch?" Tori asked.

"Does it have any games or what?" Dustin asked.

"No it doesn't have any games Dustin," Tori answered.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Defenders of the Galaxy," Cam whispered.

"And my teammates," Eva added.

Just then the monitor beeped to let them know that something was going on.

"Quickly," Sensei told them, "Lothor's army is attacking." They all looked at him. "You must intercept them. Call on your powers by saying 'Ninja Storm! Ranger Form!'."


"Hey!" Shane called as they ran onto the scene. "Looking for us?"

"It's them!" the blue creature yelled.

"Ok," Shane said, "Ninja Storm!..."

"Ranger Form!" Dustin told him.

"What was is it again?" Shane asked.

"Ninja Storm! Ranger Form!" Dustin answered.

"It's Ranger Form!" Cam's voice sounded from the Morphers.

"Dude, watch and learn," Dustin told him, "Ninja Storm! Ranger Form! Ha!" Dustin begin his morphing sequence by sending the disk on his morpher spinning before she was in the middle of a wind storm. His ninja gear soon breaks away and is then replaced by his Yellow Ranger Uniform. The visor on his helmet snaps shot before the wind storm disappears and he is then standing in a plain with a Volcano in the back ground as he gets into his stance. "Power of Earth!"

"Oh, yeah baby, yeah," Dustin cheered before he looked at the others. "Well, I guess nobodies laughing at the comic book geek now are they?"

Eva giggled before she stood forward.

"Ninja Storm! Ranger Form! Ha!" she shouted before she begin her morphing sequence by sending the disk on her morpher spinning before she was in the middle of a wind storm. Her ninja gear soon breaks away and is then replaced by her Pink Ranger Uniform. The visor on her helmet snaps shot before the wind storm disappears and she is then standing on a flat rock with fire in the background as she gets into her stance. "Power of Fire!"

Shane and Tori looked at each other before nodding.

"Ninja Storm! Ranger Form! Ha!"

Shane begin his morphing sequence by sending the disk on his morpher spinning before she was in the middle of a wind storm. His ninja gear soon breaks away and is then replaced by his Red Ranger Uniform. The visor on his helmet snaps shot before the wind storm disappears and he is then standing in the clouds as he gets into his stance.

"Power of Air!"

Tori begin her morphing sequence by sending the disk on her morpher spinning before she was in the middle of a wind storm. Her ninja gear soon breaks away and is then replaced by her Blue Ranger Uniform. The visor on her helmet snaps shot before the wind storm disappears and she is then standing on the water with a tidal wave in the background as she gets into her stance.

"Power of Water!"

Together they all got into their stance.

"Attack!" the creature told the Kelzaks.

"Wind Rangers!" they all yelled, "Ninja Swords!"

All four of them pulled out their swords that was on their backs before Ninja Streaking. Tori, Shane, and Dustin took care of their own group of Kelzaks as Geneva took out her own group by using different ninja, martial arts, and gymnastic moves with ease. All four soon regrouped to face off the monster.




"You were pretty impressive against the Kelzaks," the monster told them, "but you didn't think that was all we had did you?"

He attacked them and right before they hit the ground the activated their hang gliders.

"Hey, guys!" Shane called, "check me out!"


"This is what I call getting some air!"

"We've got you covered!"

"Right behind you, Shane!"

"On your wing!"

"I'm going in!"

Shane went low and picked up the creature off the ground.

"No, no, no!" the thing cried, "put me down!"

"You got it," Shane said as he dropped the monster.

"I'm afraid of hiiiiights!" the creature cried before he hit the ground. The four Rangers jumped down to ground. "That's it!"

Together they all hit him with their Ninja Swords causing him to hit the ground.

"Hawk Blaster! Fired up!"

"Sonic Fin! Sound off!"

"Phoenix Bow! Burning hot!"

"Lion Hammer! Ready to roar!"

The creature freaked out as they all held their weapons at the ready. Geneva pulled back on the strings of her pink bow and aimed at him.

"I'm in the mood for a BBQ!" she told them making her teammates laugh before she let the strings go and an arrow made of fire hit the monster sending him to the ground.

"Beat this blue dude!" Dustin said before he slammed his hammer down on the ground sending the creature into the air and back to the ground.

"Ready for a work?" Tori asked, "and 1...and 2...and spin!" Geneva had to lean into Dustin while she laugh as the creature had to do as Tori said. "Work those abs! Work it! Work it! Work it! And Down!"

The alien hit the ground for the fourth time that day with a groan.

"Is it hot out here or is it just you?" Shane asked before he attacked sending the alien to the ground again. "Let's put it together guys."

All four rangers combined their weapons together.

"Storm Striker!"

"Oh, I'm so scared!"



Shane pulled the trigger on the weapon and the attack the alien head on.

"Letter days."


"Thanks for stopping by."

All of their visors snapped opened as they regrouped with each other.

"That really just happened, right?" Shane asked as he pointed.

"I'm pretty sure it did," Tori answered.

"Now that...was AWESOME!" Dustin yelled.

They all cheered and laughed at their first victory.

Ninja Ops!

They were all back at Ninja Ops still in their Ranger Uniforms.

"HA!" Dustin started to shout. "I told you guys! I told you there were Power Rangers! And your like 'Nah, you comic book geek it's an urban legend, man'."

"Hey, hey, hey!" Shane said, "that wasn't me and Eva. That was Miss Fluid and Graceful over here."

"Alright, that was me," Tori said, "but..."

"You did well this time Rangers," Sensei told them, "but understand that there well be battles in the future. Lothor well not rest until the Earth is completely under his command or until he is destroyed. The future is in your hands Power Rangers."