The Daughter of the Power Couple Series!

Power Rangers: Ninja Storm!


"Join the club, dude," Eva growled.

"We can't risk anything happening to you because of us," Jaden told them, "your the only thing that standing in between Lothor and millions of innocent people."

"But you've been giving a gift," Tori told him, "isn't it your responsibility to use that gift?"

"Tori is right," Sensei told them, "as is Geneva. Hunter, Blake, Jaden, Sensei Omino knew the Thunder Ranger Powers were meant for you, but I can't force to live up to your responsibilities."

"What do you day?" Shane asked as he moved over to Dustin, Tori, and Eva. "Are you guys in or not."

"Let us think about," Hunter suggested.

They all agreed before they left for home or Hunter, Blake, Jaden, and Dustin's case work.

QS-Storm Chargers!

Eva stood at the counter with Kelly when Blake, Jaden, and Hunter walked in carrying boxes. Kelly smirked at the young brown haired girl who eyes lingered on Hunter a little to long for it to be normal.

"This is the last of the new stuff," Hunter told Kelly giving Eva a smile.

"You guys are doing great," Kelly told the two boys, "keep it up and you'll never know."

Kelly walked away from the Brothers and the Oliver Siblings just as Dustin was walking up to them.

"How's life in the work force?" Dustin asked as he did some guy hand shake with Hunter, Jaden, and Blake.

"It's all good," Blake answered.

"Thanks for the hook up," Hunter told him, "we owe you one."

Eva and Dustin looked at each other with thoughtful looks before they looking at the Brothers and Jaden.

"You, uh, want an easy way to pay me?" Dustin asked making both Brothers and Jaden to look at him.

"If it involves morphers and MegaZords then we're still thinking," Jaden answered him.

"Do I really need to get Dad to kick some damn sense into you, Jay?" Eva asked.

Jaden looked at Eva with a fearful look, but Dustin and the Brothers just laughed a little bit before speaking.

"Look I know the whole Sensei Guinea Pig thing seems a little out there, but once you get past the big teeth and the clothes and the talking it's really not that unusually," Dustin finishing telling after walking a bit away.

"On what plant is it not unusually?" Hunter asked.

"Eltar," Eva and Jaden answered at the same time.

"Look it's nothing to do with Sensei alright," Blake told them, "it's's a big dissuasion, but won't keep you hanging ok?"

"Cool," both Eva and Dustin answered.

"Hey, we're still riding later?" Dustin asked as the Brothers and Jaden walked to the door.

"After work," Jaden answered, "meet us at the beach."

"All over it," Dustin agreed making Eva rolled her eyes.

"Boys and their toys," she mumbled before leaving as well.

Ninja Ops!

Eva and Tori stood next to Cam who was looking at the viewing system after a full hour while Shane was riding and doing tricks on his skateboard.

"I'm confused," Eva said as she turned to Shane, "does it say skate park outside on the secret entrance, Cam?"

"Nope," Cam answered as he too look at Shane while Tori laughed.

"Sorry," Shane apologized as all Cam and Sam turned back to the monitor.

"Some one knew what they were going when they built theses Thunder Zords," Cam told them, "the technologies amazing."

"Yeah," Tori agreed.

"Now if only we can find some one to drive them," Eva finished.

"Blake, Jaden and Hunter well follow their destinies," Sensei told all four, "whatever that maybe."

"Or I can just get my Dad to knock some sense into them," Eva suggested, "oh, better yet my Uncle Jason and Dad could team up and knock some sense into the Thunder Heads."

They all laughed while Sensei shooked his head with a cackle.

"That's weird," Cam said as he looked through the Thunder MegaZord.

"What?" Shane asked, "finally find something you can't figure out."

"No," Cam told him, "I've scanned the Thunder Zords for damaged and I found none functional wretchro fit."

"Can you repeat that with less symbol?" Tori asked.

"One piece doesn't have any propose," Eva answered for Cam before noticing their stare. "What?"

"How did you know what I'm saying every time?" Cam asked.

"My Uncle Billy is a tech genius," Eva answered, "Cam, your our version of my Uncle Billy."

"Well, that cought as something you can't figure out?" Shane asked having cought on.

Cam looked at Shane who had a smug look on his face making Eva to roll her eyes. Just then Dustin came running in looking freaked out. Dustin at once told them what he knew and found out making Eva gasp in shock and fear for the Thunder Brothers and Jaden.

"Blake, Jaden, and Hunter aren't the most reliable guys around, but leaving their bikes?" Shane asked, "No way."

"I don't know about you, but I smell a rodent," Tori said before looking at Sensei. "No offence Sensei."

"None taken Tori," Sensei told her, "I, too, suspect foul play."

"It properly has something to do with this," Cam told them making all four surround the monitor.

Eva growled when she saw Choobo on the screen making Shane, Tori, and Dustin to look at her before backing up a bit.

"I'm assuming that he's not there for the serener," Eva growled.

"I don't know dude," Dustin told her, "that's place is kinda of cool." Dustin looked at Shane. "Especially this time of year." Everyone looked at him with raised eyebrows before they looked at screen again. "Right."

Eva let out a sigh before looked at Shane making everyone to look at her.

"Shane," she started.

"Yeah?" Shane asked.

"Mind if I take the lead in this?" Eva asked, "Jaden is my Brother, however, he's not just my Brother, but he's my twin." Tori and Dustin looked at her with sympathy. "And after he has down to him not long along with the fact that he might be involved with what happened to Jaden now..."

"Hey," Shane said placing a hand on her shoulder. "I understand and you have my permission."

"Thanks Shane," Eva said as she smiled at the boy.

"No problem."

They all got got in line with Eva in front.

"Ready?" Eva asked.

"Ready," they all agreed.

"Ninja Storm! Ranger Storm! HA!"

They begin their morphing sequence by sending the disk on their morpher spinning before they were all in the middle of some kind of storm. Their ninja gear soon breaks away and is then replaced by their Ranger Uniform. The visor on their helmet snaps shot before the storm disappears and their all then standing on some kind of surface with something else in the back ground as they got into their stance.

"Power of Fire!"

"Power of Earth!"

"Power of Air!"

"Power of Water!"

The team all got into their Mobil Command Center before leaving the once Ninja Academy.

Mobil Command Center!

Eva and the others where all on their Tsunami Cycles with Sam in the front.

"Let's ride," she told them once the ramp lowered.

"Hit it," Tori agreed.

"Right behind you, Eva," Shane told her.


Eva revved up her cycle before piling out of the Mobil Command Center with the others right behind her where they popped a wheel and took off quickly.

Mountain of Lost Souls!

It wasn't long till they all came to a stop in front of Choobo before they hoped off their cycles.

"Where are our friends?" Eva demanded.

"Why don't you join them?" Choobo asked, "there's room for 4 more inside."

"We'll pass," Shane told him, "but thanks."

"I'm hurt, but I'm not surprised," Choobo told them, "how about some new playmates instead? Kelzaks!"

"Ninja Swords!"

"Attack!" Chuboo ordered.

"Bring it?" Shane asked.

All 4 rangers went at the Kelzaks at the same time taking on their own group.

"The more the marry I'll always say," Choobo said before bring froth more Kelzaks.

Eva and Tori were able to get away, but the boys weren't so lucky as the Kelzaks had pinned them down.

"I've got this," Tori told Eva who nodded as the blond pulled her Sonic Fin. "Hey, Kelzaks!" All of them looked at her. "Say Bye-Bye?"

The Kelzaks all said bye-bye before they vanished allowing Dustin and Shane to stand up.

"Good job Tori!"

"Whoopy do," Choobo told them.

"Ha!" they all laughed, "Storm Striker!"

"How does this strike you?" Chuboo asked.

They all looked up at the sky to see the end of Choobo's stuff come down on them.

"Everyone ok?" Eva asked.

"Yeah," Tori and Shane answered.

"I think so."

"Guys, I've locked onto the genetic coding, and I've found another dimension in his pack," Cam filled them in, "that's the key to releasing the Thunder Rangers!"

Eva looked at the others after getting the information.

"You guys got that?" Shane asked.

"Yeah right," Dustin answered.

Eva rolled her eyes before answering Shane. "To get Hunter, Jaden, and Blake out we have to slash the tubing that connects the power chambers on his chest to his backpack."

"Thank you, Eva," Cam thanked as he, too, rolled his eyes.

Eva laughed before they all ran off in different detraction.

"Hey!" Choobo called, "where are you going?"

The Wind Rangers used their swords to cut the tubing from Choobo's neck before two colored blurs appeared out of it and headed to the quarry and Eva took off after them.

Rock Quarry!

Eva Ninja Streaked and stopped to see Blake, Jaden, and Hunter standing there before she ran up to them.

"What happened?" Hunter asked.

"That was weird," Blake told his Brother and friend.

"Yeah," Jaden agreed.

To both Blake, Jaden, and Hunter's surprise a pink blur jumped onto Jaden's back to reveal Eva who had her arms and legs wrapped around Jaden while she was in Ranger Form.

"Eva?" the three Thunders asked.

"I'm so glad you three are alright," Eva cried.

Just then the Wind Rangers ran up right as Eva jumped down from Jaden's back.


"Are you guys alright?" Tori asked.

"Yeah," Hunter answered her.


"You rangers and your team work really cheezed me off," Choobo told them.

"Cheezed?" Eva asked from next to Jaden. "Really?" Eva turned back to Shane. "Shane take the lead on this please cause I just might fight him on my own if you don't."

Shane looked at her before nodding once.

"You guys ready?" Shane asked he asked the Thunders.

"Oh yeah," Blake answered.

"Wind Rangers!"

"Thunder Rangers!"

They all got into a stance.

"Oh, how shocking?" Choobo asked sarcastically.

Choobo attacked them, but they all used a ninja move that just left behind their suits before the attack hit them.

"I hate it when they do that," Choobo complained just before he turned to see Dustin coming at him and attacked him with his Lion Hammer.

Hunter and Tori attacked him with the Crimson Blaster and Loser Blaster before Blake used his Navy Antlers just as Eva pulled back the strings on her bow and fired fire made arrows that knocked Choobo to the ground.

"Ninja Air Assault!" Shane said as he came in and attacked Choobo before landing as the others ran up to him.

"Let's do it!" Hunter said.

"Yeah," Shane agreed.

Eva, Shane, Tori, and Dustin put their weapons together while Blake, Jaden and Hunter did as well.

"Storm Striker!"

"Thunder Blaster!"


"Oh what now?" Shane asked.

"I want to have a puppet show," Choobo answered.


Eva, Blake, Jaden, Tori, and Dustin looked at each other from their place in front of their Red and Crimson Rangers.

"I'll be the puppeteer and you'll be my puppets," Choobo told them before shooting some kinda of of blue beam at the Wind Rangers.

"What's happening?" Shane asked.

"This way," Choobo told them before he moved his hands to pulling them towards him

"What's going on?" Hunter asked.

The four Wind Rangers ended up in front of Chuboo facing the Thunder Rangers with their weapon pointed at them.

"NO!" Hunter yelled in shock.

"I'm the one pulling the strings here," Choobo told them as the Wind Rangers struggle against him. "Now do what I do."

"No I won't do it," Shane told him as he struggled.

"Shane!" Eva groaned.

"Choobo's going down!" Hunter said as he pointed the Thunder Blaster at him.

"Hunter be careful," Blake told him, "if you hit the Rangers, you'll strip them of their powers."

"We don't have any choose bro," Hunter told Blake.

"He's got a point," Chuboo said as he patted Shane's helmet. "Right?"

"Hunter!" Eva called out, "go for it! Shane can't fight him much longer!"

"Can you do it?" Blake asked his brother.

"No, I can't risk it," Hunter answered as he throw the Thunder Weapon away where broke into the three weapons that created it.

"I knew you didn't have it in you," Choobo told him, "three Powerless Rangers coming up!"

Choobo tried to get Shane to pull the trigger.

"Hold on," Shane groaned.

"I can't."

"It's to strong."

"Come on you can break," Shane mumbled to himself as the other three pushed to stand up.

"What are you doing?" Choobo asked, "I said your suppose to listen to me."

"Duck!" Hunter ordered as he dove for his Crimson Blaster just as the others where able to break free.

Blake used Hunter's shoulder as a catapult and launched himself at Choobo kicking him to the ground before landing next to the others.

"Nice moves you guys," Tori told them.

"Yeah, diffidently smooth," Dustin agreed.

"Good job Hunter," Shane told him.

"No worries," Hunter stated.

"Hello," Choobo interrupted, "I'm still working here."

"Let's try this again," Shane suggested as they aimed the Storm Striker.

"You got it," Hunter agreed.

"FIRE!" Both shouted before they pulled the triggers.

There was an explosion which created smoke, but when it cleared they saw Choobo still there which made Eva groan.

"Oh man."

"Don't count me out yet."

"I was so hoping, too," Eva groaned.

"I still have one trick up my sleeve."

They all jumped back in surprise.


"With this scroll of Empowerment," Choobo told them as he pulled out a scroll. "Now your really going to get." Eva once again groaned when he throw it up and he grew bigger. "They said I would make it big some day."

"Cam it's Zord time," Shane told him.

"Their on their way."

All of their Zords appeared at the same time so they all jumped up into the cockpit.

"Storm MegaZord!"

"Thunder MegaZord!"

The Wind and Thunder Rangers created their MegaZords.

"Things around to get a little sticky for you Rangers."

Chuboo charged them, but the Thunder Rangers blocked his attack. The Thunders slash at Choobo with their weapon, however, he blocked it and was able to slash them before Shane and the others came in.

"Any ideas?" Shane asked the other three.

"Yeah," Hunter answered.

The Thunders tried a weapon combo, but Choobo just floored them.

"Tori, you the drill," Shane told her.

"Oh yeah," Tori agreed.

The Wind Rangers tried a weapons combo, however, Choobo blocked it much to all of their surprises just before they were joined by the Thunder MegaZord. Choobo breathed fire at them knocking both MegaZords to the ground, but he was then knocked to his knees by a blast.

"Hey, you guys ok?" a voice called out.

"That voice," Shane mumbled.

"It's Rita!" Tori told him.

"We thought you could use some help," Reina said as the Monochrome MegaZord appeared in front of the two fallen MegaZords.

"I forgot that there were three more Rangers," Choobo groaned.

"Guys, that part I was telling you about," Cam's voice sounded, "I figured out what it does. Check this out."

"Thanks Cam," Rita thanked as she picked up the sphere.

"How about filling us in on the big Secret?" Shane asked, "or you could tell us what he's thinking Eva."

"Yeah," Jaden agreed.

"For once Shane," Eva said as she laughed nervously. "This is the one thing I'm confused on."

Shane and the others gasped in shock while Cam smirked with pride.

"The only way your going to beat Choobo if you combined your MegaZords," Cam told them.

"Huh?" Blake said at the same time.

"Oh!" Dustin shouted in surprise, "no way!"

"How Cam?" Tori asked.

"Called the Mini Zord," Cam filled them in, "he was part of the program along."

"The Mini Zord?" Hunter asked.

"Just trust me," Cam answered.

"It well, good be good to see the powers of Wind , Monochrome, and Thunder working together," Sensei told them.

"You guys up for this?" Shane asked.

"What'd you think bro?"

"Let's do it."

"Yeah. I rule."

All three MegaZords stood back up again facing Choobo.

"You guys ready?"

"Let's do it!"

"Right with ya."

"Locked and dropped!"

Three sphere's appeared and before their eyes a Mini Zord was created and Reina, Yukie, and Eva awed at it cuteness making the boys groan and Tori to giggle.



"I am Mini Zord," the tiny Zord said, "Storm MegaZord, Monochrome MegaZord, and Thunder MegaZord combine."


"Monochrome Thunder Storm MegaZord formation!"

"Monochrome Thunder Storm MegaZord!" Rita, Shane, and Hunter called out.

All three MegaZords combined together to make one big one.

"How do you like us now?"

"The bigger they are the harder they fall!" Choobo yelled as he hit them before his stuff broke. "You broke my stick."

"Don't cry," Tori told him.

"Your mommy well by you a new one," Dustin added in.

"Ready Hunter, Rita?"

"Ready," both of them answered.

Hunter moved the MegaZord forward towards Choobo.

"Oh so that's the way it's going to be?"

Chuboo attacked them, but it didn't do any damage to them. Blake had the MegaZord punch Choobo sending him skidding backwards and on to the ground.

"This thing rocks."

"No doubt."

"That was you lucky shot," Choobo told them as he stood up.

"Oh, ok," Shane said, "now what?"

"Use the Lion Blaster," Mini Zord answered, "it well be you best defense."

"Alright if you say so," Shane told it, "let's do it guys."

"Lion Blaster Activate!" they all commanded

With the attack they where able to destroyed Choobo making Eva cheer with glee.

Ninja Ops!

They all stood in Ninja Ops facing Sensei who congratulated them on their victory to which they all cheered at before Dustin brought something and the Hunter along with Blake answered with a no.

"I can't believe you said no to Factory Blue," Dustin said in shock, "man, that's nut."

"We have something more important to do," Hunter told them.

"You do?" Eva asked.

"We're in," Hunter answered.

"I can't let my Sister have all the fun." Jaden.

The others all cheered.

"You have made a difficult decision," Sensei told them, "but I believe that it was the right one."

"Yeah, no lie," Dustin agreed, "this is sweet."

"Your one of us now," Shane told them as they all cheered.