The Children of the Power Couple Series!

Power Rangers: Ninja Storm!

Storm Chargers!

"I don't believe this!" Dustin yelled as he walked into Storm Chargers holding a box of oil in hand, "I order 4 Stroke Oil and they gave me this 2 Stroke stuff! Blah! What am I suppose to do with that?" Eva, Shane, Kelly, and Reina looked at each other before they started laughing. "What? What's so funny?"

"Hey, look forget the oil," Shane started as he and the two girls walked past Dustin while clapping his shoulder, "and pack your bags."

"Why?" Dustin asked as he looked back at Shane, "where are we going?"

"You wanted to Freestyle?" Kelly asked with a smile as she walked up to him, "well, guess what? Your going to get your chance." The red head then held out a sheet to Dustin. "Fill it out and sign it, we have to get it in straight away if we want to make the deadline."

Dustin took the sheet and looked at it before he smiled as he looked up Kelly.

"This is for the Us Action Games," Dustin stated in surprise, "Are you serious?"

"Yup," Kelly answered still smiling, "and by the way on the 'Sponsor' write Storm Chargers."

"Sponsor?" Dustin asked as he smiled bigger before turning to Eva, Shane, and Reina, "hey, did you three know about this?"

"We're going to," the three Rangers answered as Shane moved to stand on the sofa while grinning.

"First Skateboard, babe! Yeah!"

"Rollerblading for us," Reina stated while she and Eva did a secret hand shake.

"Yeah!" Dustin cheered as Tori walked before he turned to her, "hey, Tori check it out!"

"Oh, Kelly's sponsoring you to go to the US Action Games in Freestyle," Tori told him with a smile.

"Yeah," Dustin agreed still smiling, "how did you know?"

"Eva told me this morning," Tori answered as she walked into the back room.

Once Tori was setting on the sofa in the back room, Jaden, Rita, Blake, Yukie, and Hunter walked in.

"Hey, guys, guess what?" Dustin asked as he held out the form.

"Yeah, I know," Blake answered with a smile, "the US Action Games, right?"

"That's awesome," Hunter told with a smile as they walked by.

"What?" Dustin asked as the two Bradleys sat next to Tori and Eva.

"Hey, guys," Blake greeted as Eva rested her head against Hunter's shoulder with a smile.

"So everyone knew about this expect for me?" Dustin asked as he put the oil down.

"Yup," Rita answered.

"Is that about right?" Dustin asked again.

"Yeah, that's about right," Yukie agreed with a smile as Dustin sat on the table as there was no room on the sofa.

"Hey, didn't you test today for Roger Hannah and the Factory Blue Sponsorship?" Dustin asked.

"Oh, yeah," Tori said as she looked over at the Bradleys, Jaden, and Rita, "how did that go?"

"There was Photographer there from Dirt Works Magazine," Hunter started to explain, "said he hadn't seen anyone test that fast since McGrath in '91."

This got everyone to cheer for Blake while he and Dustin high-fived.

"So what's the deal?" Reina asked.

"Full Factory ride, if I want it," Blake answered.

Once again his friends cheered for him with a smiles.

"That's awesome." "Why don't you want it?" Dustin asked.

"Come on, man, didn't you think we're a little busy around here?" Blake asked.

"Yeah, but how can you pass up an opportunity like that?" Shane asked.

"That's what I told him," Hunter agreed.

"And besides Blake," Eva spoke up getting everyone to look at her, "we're not going to be Rangers forever." She and Jaden shared looks before laughing. "Unless your name is Dr Thomas James Oliver."

Rita, Reina, Yukie, and Tori joined in laughing while Hunter, Blake, Dustin, and Shane looked confused.

"The Oliver twins' Father is a former Power Ranger," Tori answered once she calmed down.

"Dad's known as the Rainbow Ranger," Jaden went on.

"Cause he been the Mighty Morphin' Green and White Ranger, only Red Zeo Ranger, and first Red Turbo Ranger," Eva finished.

"Everyone is just waiting for him to get another color added though," Rita told them with a smile, "the Power just loves Dr O."

The boys let a smile appear on their faces while the girls and Jaden went back to laughing.

Later on!

Tori, Rita, and Eva walked over to the boys who all working on something in the back while Reina and Yukie went to get ready for the games.

"Question?" Tori asked, "did any of you let Sensei know that we're going to the Action Games?"

"Oh," Shane groaned as he looked at the others, "not me."

"And what about Cam?" Dustin asked, "did you guys ask him if he wants to go with us?"

They looked at each other before taking off running like bats out of hell for Ninja Ops.

Ninja Ops!

"So, it slipped all your minds?" Cam asked looking amused, "I mean Dustin I believe."

"Hey, I was the one who remembered," Dustin told him with a smile.

"It's True," Shane agreed, "he was."

"I can understand how this could have happened," Sensei informed them, "it is a great honor to compete in such an event. I can only imagine the excitement can be quite the distraction."

"So is it alright if we go?" Tori asked him.

"Yes," Sensei answered with a smile, "of course." The Rangers started to cheer at the approval.

Next Day: Action Games!

The Rangers all jumped out once the Storm Chargers pulled to a stop to see people appearing on Skateboards and Rollerblades. This of course made Reina and Eva smile at each other before they grabbed their own Rollerblades.

"You guys better check in," Kelly told them, "I'll make sure that your gears okay."

Tommy and Kim walked up after having to park the jeep smiling while the Rangers looked around.

"We'll check the place out for..." Dustin trailed off.

"Let me guess?" Tori asked, "chicks?"

"Now that you mention," Dustin answered with a smile.

Tommy along Hunter rolled their eyes while Eva shock her head as two familiar blondes walked up to them.

"Come on," Cam said, "I'll cruise with you."

"Cyber Cam?" Eva and Blake asked looking at him.

"Not Cyber Cam," Cam answered, "how said real Cam can't cruise?"

"Yeah," the boys cheered while the girls just laughed.

Minutes later!

After checking in for the games, Eva and Hunter stood off to the side with their lips lock while Cam was looking around the place. To say the Green Ranger looked worried and confused when he spotted Kapri and Marah would be an understatement.

"Huh, Hunter, Eva," Cam said trying to get their attention.

Both Rangers pulled apart not only for air, but because of Cam.

"Not now Cam," Hunter told him as he rested his forehead against Eva's before he said something flirtatiously making the Pink Ranger to giggle.

"Yes, now," Cam stated making the couple to look to see what it was that he saw.

Looking at each other the three Rangers took off for the Skate ramp which was empty except for the Sisters.

"Oh great," they heard Kapri say just as they ran up.

"Are you two lost?" Cam asked as he appeared in front of them.

"Do we look lost?" Marah asked rudely.

"What a pain," Kapri sighed before she pressed some buttons on the PAM, "Kelzak Furies."

Just as the Kelzaks Furies appeared the three Rangers dropped into a defensive stance.

"I think we might need a few extra hands," Cam told them before the Kelzaks attacked them.

Eva flipped over one and kicked it in the head making it stumble for a bit before turning around and attacking again.

"What is up with ruining our day offs?" Eva asked with a growl, "first Tori's birthday and then your guys camping trip."

"Don't know Beautiful," Hunter answered with a sigh while shaking his head as he took out his own Kelzaks.

The Pink Ranger used the shoulders of a Kelzak Fury for a spring broad before she spun around kicking out with her foot and leg that knocked the foot soldier down. Once she landed she noticed three kids running up and taking on the normal Kelzaks.

"Who are they?" she asked the two boys.

"I have no idea, but let's finish up before they get hurt," Cam answered as he and Hunter kicked two more Kelzak Furies, "you have to get out of here!"

"Dude, we're just trying to help," one of the boys called back.

"You can help by standing aside," Hunter stated before he did a spin kick, "and staying out of our way."

Eva let a groan when the kids didn't listen to them as they just continued to take on the Kelzaks. To the Rangers surprise all the Kelzaks disappeared before they head over to the three kids.

"What were you guys thinking?" Hunter asked.

"We were thinking that you guys where in trouble," the boy who looked Conner answered.

"You should be happy that we were there," the other boy told them.

"No," Cam disagreed, "you should be happy that they all decided to all dematerialized. You have no idea what you dealing with."

Eva stepped forward with look of disappointment on her face and in her brown eyes.

"I don't want to be mean and I know Cam and Hunter don't either, but you three could have been killed," Eva stated, "so next time don't get involved with something that doesn't concern you."

"I'm gone."

"Me, too."

"Later dudes and dudette."

Eva let out a sigh as she looked over to Cam and Hunter as the three kids walked away from them.

"Come let's see what Marah and Kapri were up, too," she told them before the three of them headed over.

"I'll call the others," Cam added making the other two nod.

Grassy field!

9 out of the 11 Rangers all stood together as they watched Cam look around where Marah and Kapri where once standing.

"They were interested in this area here," Cam stated as he looked back at them, "but, that might have been a diversion."

"I don't see anything," Dustin informed him once he and Shane looked around.

"Hey, what's wrong with your amulet?" Shane asked as he pointed at it.

"What do you mean?" Cam asked before he looked just as the amulet glowed.

They watched as Cam went to touch it before he his hand away with a cry of pain.

"What is it?" the girls asked looking worried and confused.

"It's frozen," Cam answered looking up at them.

"Frozen?" Dustin asked confused as Cam took the amulet and held it up, "dude, it's like eighty degrees out."

"No kidding," Cam agreed, "I better get back to Ninja Ops and do some tests on it there. And see what this is all about."

Skate Ramp!

After Cam had left the other 9 went to look for Blake and once they found him, they explained what happened to him before going to watch the first skateboarding compaction. As they were watching a skateboarder pull off tricks their morphers beeps.

"Rangers, I'm sending the Zords," Cam's voice sounded, "there's a big fish in a little pond that you have to deal with."

"On our way Cam," Shane informed him.

The 10 of them started to leave confusing Kelly, Tommy, and Kim.

"Where are you guys going?" Kelly asked.

"Um, bathroom," Dustin answered he walked by.

"All of you?" Kelly asked.

"We'll be back, I promise," Shane informed her once he started to pass.

Kim and Tommy shared a look before going back to watching the skateboarding.


The 10 Rangers gathered together at the entrance before looking around them to make sure that no one was there.



"Ninja Storm!"

"Thunder Storm!"

"Dark Storm!"

"Light Storm!"

"Lighting Storm!"

"Ranger Form! HA!"

They begin their morphing sequence by sending the disk on their morpher spinning or in Blake, Jaden, and Hunter's case up before they were all in the middle of some kind of storm. Their ninja gear soon breaks away and is then replaced by their Ranger Uniform. The visor on their helmet snaps shot before the storm disappears and their all then standing on some kind of surface with something else in the back ground as they got into their stance.

"Ninja Ranger Power!"

It didn't take long for the Zords appear and for the Rangers to form the Monochrome ThunderStorm MegaZord to face against Vexacus.


"You guys ready to roll?" Shane asked.


"You know it."


The Rangers moved the Zord to attack, but where knocked down, however, they where able to get back up.

"Come on, guys," Shane told them.

"Lion Blaster!" Eva let out a gasp Vexacus deflected the Lion Blaster much to the Rangers surprise.

"Strumming his defeat at the ends of my fingers," Shane stated before he called forth the MammothZord.

The Rangers had the Monochrome ThunderStorm MegaZord combine with the MammothZord.

"MammothZord!" The girls all crossed their fingers hoping that they destroyed, but their prays were not answered.

"Land Shark!" Vexacus yelled and the attack knocked the Monochrome ThunderStorm MegaZord to the ground back as three MegaZords again. "Victory is mine!"

The three MegaZords got back up as Vexacus continued to laugh.

"I don't think so," Hunter growled.

"It's thunder time," Jaden agreed.

"Power Disk: Locked and Dropped!"

The Monochrome and Wind Rangers all watched as the Thunder Rangers took on Vexacus this made Eva worry about them.

"Goodbye Thunder Rangers," Vexacus said as sparks started to fly.

"It's going to blow!" The girls gasped in shock and worry.

"Get out of there!" Dustin yelled at them.

"NO!" Eva screamed as the Thunder MegaZord and Vexacus blew up. He visor opened up revealing tears falling from her brown eyes. "JADEN! HUNTER! BLAKE!"

Both the Pink and Blue Rangers where quick the leave the Storm MegaZord and raced the Thunder MegaZord wreckage with the Chan Sisters, Shane, and Dustin right behind them.

"Cam, we reached the Thunder Zord wreckage," Shane said into his morpher while he looked at the Pink Ranger, "it doesn't look good."

"Any sign of Hunter, Blake, and Jaden?" Tori asked as she had an arm wrapped around the Pink Ranger's shoulders.

"I'm getting infra-red heat signatures in the area, but there's a lot of interference," Cam answered, "I can't pinpoint the exact location."

"Keep trying to establish connect," Shane informed him, "we'll head back to Ops and regroup."

With a look at the other 6 Rangers, they all ninja streaked back to Ninja Ops.

Ninja Ops!

All 7 Rangers walked into Ninja Ops to see that it was totally destroyed making them all looked around in horror.

"Cam!" Shane yelled out.

"Sensei!" Eva joined in.

"Cyber Cam!" Rita called out as well.

"Where are they?" Shane asked confused.

"Don't worry," Dustin told him, "they'll be here somewhere."

4 out of the 5 girls walked forward looking around while Eva stood off to the side trying to keep from crying.

"They have to be," Tori stated, "if anyone can survived this it's Cam and Sensei."

They all round trying to find Cam and Sensei unaware of what was about to happen.

"This can't be how it ends," Shane said as he tried to lift a piece of the wall.

"Whoa," an all, too, familiar voice said making all 7 Rangers look over to see Hunter, Blake, and Jaden, "what happened here?"

"You guys made it," Dustin said as he and the other walked up to them.

Eva tackled Jaden and Hunter as she fought back the tears feeling relieved that they were alive.

"Take it easy Beautiful," Hunter told her with a smile laugh.

Blake smiled at the scene while Tori walked up to him and gave him a huge as well. Once both girls let go of the boys, they all stood together in a circle.

"Vexacus torched the Thunder MegaZord, so we ejected," Blake told them.

"Where's Cam?" Hunter asked.

"Don't know," Rita answered.


"Lothor got here before we did," Dustin answered as he waved his hand at Ninja Ops, "we were to late."

"Better late then never," a very familiar voice said making them look over to see a man in robes, "I always say."

"Sensei!" the four Wind Rangers yelled as they rushed over their Head Sensei with a smiles.

"Your ok!" Sensei smiled as he embraced the four Rangers who had hugged.

"It's good to see you," Hunter said with a smirk, "finally."

"Your like, ah, totally normal," Dustin said with a smile.

"Lothor's energy blast reversed the transmutation and allowed me to return to human form," Sensei told them with a smile.

"But...where's Cam?" Tori asked making Sensei's smile drop.

"He has been captured," Sensei answered.

"We'll get him back Sensei," Eva informed him.

"It well not be ease Geneva," Sensei said, "my darkest fears has come to pass. Lothor is preparing to open the Abyss of Evil."

"Are you serious?" Blake asked, "I thought that was just Ninja folklore."

Eva looked worried having read a book about the Abyss of Evil.

"It's no coincidence that Blue Bay Harbor is home to the Wind Ninja Academy," Sensei told him, "we are the guardians of an invisible gateway. A gateway that once opened would allow all the evil of ages gone by escape."

"Whoa, whoa," the Oliver twins said at once stepping forward.

"If that's true Sensei then maybe we should call in former Power Rangers on this," Eva stated looking even more worried then before.

"Cause if we're guess right then all the evil Villain they faced are in there as well," Jaden finished.

Sensei shocked his head at this though he could see their logic.

"It must remain a secret and only the Thunder, Lighting, Dark, Light, and Wind Ninja Academies must be the once to know about it," Sensei informed them.

"Why hasn't Lothor opened it before now?" Shane asked.

"It can only be opened when it is fill to capacity," Sensei answered, "and even then it can only be opened by a mighty force."

"The Samurai Amulet," Tori spoke up as she caught on.

"Yes," Sensei agreed, "I believe that Lothor intends to use Cam's Powers to open the Abyss. And allow an army of evil to enter our world."

Eva and Jaden shared a look of worried thinking of only Villain that they didn't want to return to the world. After a few minutes the Rangers all were setting around while Sensei was at the scroll holders looking through it. The Pink Ranger let out a sigh as she sat in Hunter's who had his arms wrapped around her while her head rested on his shoulder.

"We have to stop the Abyss from opening," Shane told them, "there has to be away."

"We need help," Blake spoke up, "Ninja help."

"How are we going to find that?" Shane asked.

"Lothor's ship," Hunter stated as he looked Shane, "every ninja on the plant is locked up there."

"We can take the Dragon Force Vehicle," Dustin stated as they all stood up.

"Wait," Hunter spoke up, "Blake, Jaden and I should go alone." Eva looked up at him with wide eyes. "We've been onto Lothor's ship. We know where the others are."

"The Dragon Force Vehicle is in the Zord bay," Sensei told them, "be careful and thank you for your courage."

"You can thank us when we come back," Blake told him while Hunter looked at the Pink Ranger.

"We'll be fine Beautiful," Hunter told her with a smile before kissing her forehead. Hunter then looked at his Brother and friend and gave them a nod. "Let's go."

The Wind and Monochrome Rangers watched as the three Thunder Rangers took for the Zord Bay. After awhile the rest of the Rangers where once again setting around while waiting for Hunter, Blake, and Jaden to return with the other Ninjas.

"I keep thinking it's my fault," Shane finally spoke up again.

"That's crazy," Tori told him as she looked over, "how would you have done anything any differently?"

"Been a better Ranger," Shane answered, "if we have destroyed Lothor sooner then none of this would have happened."

"You guys ever think that if we hadn't been late that day then we never would have been Power Rangers?" Dustin asked.

"You were always meant to be Rangers," Sensei informed them making the four Wind Rangers to look over at him.

"What do you mean?" Shane asked they walked over to him.

"This is the last entry on the Scroll of Destiny," Sensei told them as he handed over a piece of Paper that has two boys and two girls drawn on it.

"It's us," Dustin laughed.

"No way," Tori also laughed.

"As you can see," Sensei went on, "you were late precisely so you would be the ones to become Power Rangers."

"And you knew this along?" Shane asked, "why didn't you show us this sooner?"

"Would you have believe me if you had not learn the truth for yourselves?" Sensei asked.

"I would," Eva answered him making everyone to look at her, "being the Daughter of the Power Couple means I have a more higher chance at becoming a Ranger as well."

Sensei smiled at her while Dustin and Shane looked confused as Tori giggled at the truth behind that.

"I have never doubted the scrolls prophecy and neither should you."

"So what's happened next?" Shane asked.

"This is the end of the scroll," Sensei answered, "it does not say who well be victorious only that you must be there to face Lothor at the Abyss of Evil."

"And that's where we'll be," Shane informed him before all 7 of them moved to stand in a line, "ready?"


"Ninja Storm!"

"Dark Storm!"

"Light Storm!"

"Lighting Storm!"

"Ranger Form! HA!"

They begin their morphing sequence by sending the disk on their morpher spinning before they were all in the middle of some kind of storm. Their ninja gear soon breaks away and is then replaced by their Ranger Uniform. The visor on their helmet snaps shot before the storm disappears and their all then standing on some kind of surface with something else in the back ground as they got into their stance.

Mobile Command Center!

The 7 Rangers jumped onto their Tsunami Cycles before taking off to head to where the Abyss is.

US Action Games!

The Kelzaks got a surprise when energy blast hit the ground knocking a few of them to the ground as the Rangers blasted their way through. Both Tori and Eva jumped off their bikes and flipped onto a table near by before they engaged them. Eva fired off 30 arrows at a group of Kelzaks before doing a Tornado Kick to hit one that was trying to come up behind her, but once her feet touched the ground she was almost thrown off of them when the ground shock.

"I think we found Lothor, look," Shane said before he and the others jumped back into their bikes, "let's go."



"Right behind ya!" The 7 Rangers rode just in time to see Lothor fire some kind of energy blast at the Abyss.

"The Abyss of Evil!" Shane yelled once they got off of their bikes.

"We've got to stop him," the girls cried out.

"Yeah," Shane agreed before the blast stopped, "this is it guys."


"MegaZord time!" Shane called into his morpher before all 7 Rangers jumped into their Zords before forming the Monochrome and Storm MegaZords. "Ready Rangers."

"Yeah!" the others agreed.

The two MegaZords charged at Lothor's own MegaZord and all three engaged each other. It didn't take long for the two MegaZords to end up on the ground while Lothor hadn't taken any damage yet.

"Taste your defeat," Lothor growled at them.

"Never!" Shane yelled before he fired a power sphere at Lothor's Zord which caused him to spark. Lothor grabbed both MegaZords once they where up which tossed the 7 Rangers around inside before it blew. "Eject!" The 7 Rangers landed on the ground before standing to look up at the smoke. "The MegaZord it's gone." The 7 Rangers ran up to the edge to look at the Abyss of Evil. "What's happening?"

"I don't know," Tori answered.

Just then the ground started to shake as the Abyss started to open releasing the evil within

"Uh-oh," Dustin breathed, "not good."

"Their back," Shane growled.

Just then they heard Lothor laughing as he walked forward towards them.

"How does it feel to fail Rangers?" Lothor asked.

"You should know," Shane answered him.

"Not this time."

"Ready?" Shane asked and the other 6 nodded their heads before they closed their visors.

All 7 of them pulled out their Ninja Swords and ready themselves for the fight of their lives.

"Destroy them!" It was then that the battle was on as the 7 Rangers took on the aliens that they destroyed before. Eva pulled back the strings on her Phoenix Bow before firing it at the group she was fighting, but she ended up on the ground with the others having lost her bow and sword. Just as the old villains where about to attack them, they where blasted off their feet. This made the Rangers to look to see Hunter flying in on his Glider Bike.

"Mind if I play through?" Hunter asked.

"You will never stop me," Lothor told him in answer.

"But, we will," they heard Blake's and Jaden's voice as they came up with the rest of the Ninja Students.

This made the Rangers smile as they saw students from their Ninja Academies. Hunter joined the other 7 Rangers on the ground making Eva smile, happy that he was alright. Shane then activated his Battlizer before the Rangers and ninjas charged in. Eva ended up teaming up with other Fire Ninjas sending Kelzaks and other aliens into the Abyss of Evil while the other Rangers and Ninjas took on their own group. The Pink Ranger stopped fighting when she saw Shane get blasted out of the sky by Lothor making her gasp in shock.

"Shane!" all Rangers yelled as they ran over to their Red Ranger.

"He destroyed the Battlizer," Shane told them once they had help him up.

They turned around to see Lothor was standing front of them ready to join in the battle before a fight between the Rangers and Lothor and broke. When Shane, Tori, Dustin, Reina, Hunter, Yukie, Jaden, and Blake ended up on the ground because of Lothor, the Pink and Scarlet Rangers stood sided by side ready to take him.

"Shill we?" Eva asked.

"Let's," Rita answered with a nod.

Both Rita and Eva started to glow scarlet and pink respectively as they got into a stance. Eva stood with her right arm out in front of her while her hand in a claw like shape facing downwards with her left arm bent at the elbow and the hand of that arm facing upwards in another claw like shape while Rita was crunched down with her right foot forward while her left was behind her right one as she had her knees bent, both of her hands where in front of her face in claw like shapes.

"I Call Upon the Beast Inside! Unleash the Fox!"

"Call Forth the Beast Inside! Bring Out the Leopard!"

A leopard and fox appeared from Rita and Eva before they went to attack Lothor, but he sent the leopard and fox back at the two female Rangers who hit the ground hard when their animal spirits hit them.

"Enough!" Lothor yelled, "it's time to finish you all." Eva looked up as the Space Ninja held up the Samurai Amulet that was glowing. "Give me those Ranger Powers!"

He thrust the amulet at Jaden, Hunter, and Blake who tried to fight off the amulet's power.

"I can't take it!" Eva and the Chan Sisters let out a gasp as Hunter, Jaden, and Blake were forced to demorph because of the amulet.

"It's to strong!"

"Nothing can stop the power of the amulet," Lothor told the three Thunder Ninjas.

It was then that Cam appeared ready to fight.

"I believe that belongs to me." "Not any more," Lothor told him before blast Cam back, "Goodbye Nephew."

The Four Wind Rangers and Three Monochrome Rangers ran to stand in front Cam to keep Lothor from harming him.

"He's not going any where!" Shane yelled, "got it!"

"Fine," Lothor growled, "I'll take you in his place!" The remaining Rangers hit the ground after the amulet took their Ranger Powers from them as well which knocked them to ground and demorphed them. "You fools." Lothor was surprise when the four Wind Ninjas stood up to face him. "Haven't you had enough." By that time they were joined with the others. He then fired an energy blast at them, but they just fall to their knees before getting back up. "Let's finish this?" The demorphed Rangers all charged in at Lothor showing that were still determined to defeat him no matter what each time he knocked them to ground till the four Wind Ninjas pushed him to the where the Abyss was still opened at, but he just sent them to ground again, however, they just got back up. "I got your Ranger Powers. Your at my mercy once and for all."

"We won't let you win," Shane told him and he glared.

"What can you do to me without your powers?" Lothor asked.

"We may not be Power Rangers, but we still got power," Shane answered, "Power of Air!"

"Power of Water!"

"Power of Earth!"

"Power of Fire!"

Lothor looked around surprised as the winds started to pick up around him.

"Ninja Powers!" the four yelled as their finger tips glowed with their colors before they fire a beam of energy at Lothor that sent him into the Abyss of Evil.

There was an explosion once Lothor was knocked back and the Abyss closed up again. The other former Rangers all ran up to them to the Wind Ninjas as the other Ninjas gathered around them.

"What happened?" Tori asked.

"Lothor's evil must have overload the Abyss," Blake answered.

"Causing it to explode on itself," Cam finished.

"So he's gone?" Dustin asked, "really gone?"

"I believe so," Cam answered.

"And our Ranger Powers?" Hunter asked.

"Their gone to," Shane answered.

US Action Games!

The former Rangers where all back at the Games in their own sports category having fun that was long over do.

After the Games!

"Check it!" Dustin laughed as he held a trophy.

"Third place?" Tori asked, "that's awesome."

"Yeah, my boy came through," Blake agreed with a laugh.

"I'm so glade you changed to Freestyle," Kelly told him, "you got a real cheer ahead of you."

Just then Eva, Reina, Rita, and Jaden walked up laughing as the form Pink and Sapphire Rangers held trophies as well. Kelly, Tori, and the three boys smiled when saw them.

"First Place goes to Geneva Oliver!" Jaden yelled like an idiot which only made them laugh, "and Second Place goes to Reina Chan!"

Hunter scooped up Eva in his arms and spun her around making the fire ninja to laugh as she wrapped her arms around his neck. The former Crimson Ranger put the former Pink Ranger down on the ground before kissing her, but it was short lived as a Photographer walked up along with a man with black short hair.

"I'm looking for Geneva Oliver and Reina Chan," the black haired man said.

"That'll be us," the two girls answered as they stepped forward.

"Well, girls I'm with Be-Meg Magazine and we would like to do an interview with you two girls," the black haired man told them.

"We love to," Eva answered with a smile.

"There is another affair if you would like then Be-Meg would love to sponsor you two for competitions," the man finished, "but, you girls can think on that part if you like."

Reina and Eva looked at each other before looking back at him with a smiles.

"I'm afraid that rollerblading is a hobby for me," Eva told him, "so I'll have to say no to the sponsor, but thanks anyways."

"I would like to have some time away from all the weird stuff that has happened," Reina also told him.

"That's alright, but the affair well still stand if you change your minds," he informed them, "now let's go over there..." He pointed off to the side. "And do the interview."


The man and two girls walked over to where they were still in sight of the others, but out of hearing range just as Shane ran up.

Next Day: Wind Ninja Academy!

It was the day after Lothor was defeated and to all of the teams happiness all of the Ninja Academies where returned to their rightful places Eva stood in front of Hunter as they were all lined up in front of a crowd of Wind, Dark, Light, Lighting, and Thunder Ninjas as well as Eva's Father and Mother, 9 of her Uncles, and 2 of her Aunts.

"Shane Clarke!" Shane walked up and took a scroll from Sensei before he bowed to him then walked off. "Tori Hanson!" Tori walked up and took a scroll from Sensei before she bowed to him then walked off like Shane. "Dustin Brooks!" Dustin walked up and bowed before he took his scroll from Sensei and then followed after Tori. "Geneva Oliver!" Eva walked up with a smile as she also took a scroll from Sensei and she bowed to him then walked off to join the other Wind Ninjas. "Blake Bradley!" It was Blake's turn as he walked up, took a scroll from Sensei and he bowed to him then walked off to join the Wind Ninjas. "Hunter Bradley!" This time it was Hunter who walked up, took a scroll from Sensei and he bowed to him then walked off to join the Wind Ninjas and his Brother. "Jaden Oliver!" Jaden walked up with a smile as he also took a scroll from Sensei and he bowed to him then walked off to join the Wind Ninjas and his two friends. "Rita, Reina, and Yukie Chan!" The Sisters walked up with smiles as they took their scrolls from Sensei and they bowed to him then walked off to join the Wind and Thunder Ninjas. "And finally. Cameron Watanabe." Cam bowed before he took the scroll from his Father and went to join the others. Everyone clapped as some cheered and talked. "You have all earned the badge of honor that is to graduate from the Wind Ninja Academy. I could not have been more proud of you. Of the sacrifices you have made for your school and indeed you plant. The world is a better place to day because of you."

"Yeah!" they all cheered as Hunter and Sam hugged.

A while later!

Eva and Hunter where walking along still in their Ninja uniforms holding hands and talking about what was next in their lives.

"So what are you going to do?" Hunter asked.

"I'm going to go back to Reefside to complete High School and go to college," Eva answered, "what about you, Hunter?"

It was then that came upon Tori and Blake who had just locked lips making the two laugh as they ran up.

"It's about damn time!" Eva shouted making the two jump apart.

"I'll say," Hunter agreed as Tori and Blake blushed. "I can't believe this Sensei Omino asked me to be the Head Teacher of the Thunder Ninja Academy."

"That's great Hunter," Tori and Eva said at the same time.

"Right on man," Blake told him as he high-fived Hunter.

"Hey," Shane greeted as he, Jaden, and Dustin walked up. "You guys ready to do this?"

They all nodded as they walked on Eva smiled as she leaned into Hunter.


Eva walked up still wearing her Ninja uniform with a smile on her face as three kids from before walked away.

"Dad, I don't think I have it in me to do this again," Cam told his Father making Eva to giggle.

"Then we should leave their training to the three new teachers," Sensei said as Shane, Tori, and Dustin walked up wearing robes, "a happy ending is nothing more then a new beginning." Shane, Tori, and Dustin bowed to Sensei and Cam. "And besides one should never break up a winning team."


The former Rangers all congratulated each other before the Oliver twins left to start their lives in Reefside.