The Daughter of the Power Couple Series!

Power Rangers: Ninja Storm!


"Interception at the goal line and the Thunders are running it back for a touchdown!" Crimson said as the disk appeared in their Zord and he took it before placing in the Sphere slot next to him. "Activating Power!"

Eva let out a gasp as the Thunder Rangers attacked the MegaZord none stop with their new stolen weapon.

"He's at the 50...the 40...the 30!" the three Thunders shouted before attacking the MegaZord one last time.

Flew through the four Zords before the MegaZord crashed to the ground.

"Now time to do a little touchdown on their heads," Crimson told his partners.

"We knocked out their Zords," Navy stated.

"That's enough...for now," White finished before their Zord vanished leaving the fight scene.

"Come in Shane!" Cam called, "Tori! Dustin! Eva!"

QS-"There!" a familiar voice called as Eva, Dustin, Tori, and Shane climb up the hill in their civilian forms.

"We were riding up the hill when we saw the smoke," Jaden's voice said as he ran over to his Sister to help her.

"Are you ok?" Rita asked as she portended not to know what happened.

"Yeah, thanks," Tori thanked her following along.

"What happened?" Hunter asked as he helped Jaden.

"I was listening to the radio on the way here and they say that it was some kind of alien attack," Kelly answered.

"What?" Blake asked, "does this kind of thing happen often around here?"

"You ever wonder why housing was so cheap?" Shane asked him.

"We have to call someone," Kelly told them, "the Police, the FBI, the CIA...the Silver Guardians?"

"No," Tori answered as she shook her head, "Kelly, we're fine. Thinks."

"The Silver Guardians?" Dustin asked, "who are they?"

"Their a group of soldiers lead by the Red and Quantum Time Force Rangers," Eva answered making the others to look at her. "What?"

"How do you know that?" Shane asked.

"Cause mine and Jaden's Uncles are the Red and Quantum Time Force Rangers," Eva answered before she looked at Jaden. "Which reminds me. Jaden, their on their way here so you best be at the house or they well hunt your ass down."

The other three Wind Rangers looked at each other before they all walked away with Rita, Reina, and Yukie right behind them.

Hill side!

"You guys alright?" Shane asked his team as they walked.

Rita, Reina, and Yukie had to help Eva a bit as she had a cut on her leg.

"That was way harsh man," Dustin told him, "you know what?" Dustin started to mass with his morpher. "I think my Morphers toast."

"Cam's going to freak when he finds out we thrashed the Zords," Tori informed them.

"I don't need to think about that right now," Eva groaned as they continued.

Ninja Ops!

"Well, you've managed to reduce years of technological advance into a pile of scrap metal in a signal afternoon," Cam scolded, "not to mention what you did to the Zords."

All four Wind Rangers looked down in shame.

"Cam, now is not the time," Sensei informed his Son.

"I'm sorry, your right," Cam told him before he turned back to the Wind Rangers. "Thankfully, the auto-retreat allowed the reactors time to reset the holographic portals. I've engaged the self-reconstruct functions."

Cam along with Shane and Tori walked over to the main frame while Dustin followed looking confused.

"Dude, I've go no idea what you just said," Dustin told Cam.

"He means their fixing themselves, Dustin," Yukie, Rita, Reina, and Eva said making the others to look at them.

"Oh, okay," Dustin said as he nodded his head, "right. Sweet." Sensei hopped onto Dustin's head and landed on the main frame's desk. "Ow."

"Hey, Sensei," Shane said as they all looked at the Guinea Pig. "Why didn't they finish us off?"

"I mean, those Zords they had were sicko, bro," Dustin said before getting a look from Sensei. "I mean, Sensei."

Cam brought up the Thunder MegaZord up onto the main frame making Sam frown at it.

"Thunder Zords," Sensei said, "created by the same technology that powers you own."

"And these's Thunder Ninjas work for Lothor?" Tori asked, "that doesn't make any sense."


"Yeah," Shane second, "no more then Zurgane booking outta there when they showed up."

"I suspect that as with all evil alliances there is a dissension in their ranks," Sensei told them, "a dissension that we can use to our advantage, when the time is right."

"I-I hop theses are under warranty," Dustin told Cam as he held out his Morpher.

"There's something off about the White Thunder Ranger," Eva said as she looked at the Thunder MegaZord.

"What's that Geneva?" Sensei asked.

"I feel like I know him," Eva answered as she looked at her Sensei, "he's fighting style reminds me of my Brother's own fighting style, but Jaden can't be the White Thunder Ranger can he?"

"I don't know Geneva, but keep a close eye on your Brother," Sensei told her making the Pink Ranger to nod.

"I just fell totally hopeless," Tori spoked up next, "there's got to be something we can do."

"For now, you must return to your daily lives," Sensei told them, "if Lothor suspects anything out of the ordinary it will only give him more power."

"And be careful," Cam told them, "they've already stolen the Tsunami Cycle disk somehow. Whoever you speak to make sure you trust them."

The 7 Rangers nodded their heads before walking out of Ninja Ops.

The Beach!

Rita, Reina, Yukie, and Eva walked along the beach with Tori not noticing Jaden, Blake, and Hunter walking by till one of them decided to speak up.

"Hey, what?" Blake asked.

"No 'hello'?" Hunter finished the question.

The five girls turned around at the sound of their voices and they smiled.

"Sorry," the two Wind Rangers apologized.

"My mind's somewhere else," Tori told them.

"Yeah," Black agreed, "rough day?"

"Yeah," Tori answered, "oh...thinks for helping me out there."

"Oh yeah, don't mention," Blake told her, "anytime."

Eva was busy avoiding Hunter's eyes, but every now and then she would look up at him and give a shy smile that made him smile back.

"I don't know about you two, but I feel uncomfortable," Rita whispered to her Sisters.

"I agree with you," Yukie whispered back.

"Well, this is really awkward," Reina added making her Sisters nod.

"I'll keep that in mind," Tori informed him.


Both Tori and Blake smiled at each while Hunter and Eva just looked down.

"How's your leg?" Hunter asked Eva.

"It's fine," Eva answered, "Rita bandaged it up for me and I took some pain killers so I'll live."

"That's good to hear," Jaden said as he let out the breath he was holding.

"Jaden's right," Hunter agreed, "I'm glad to know that your going to be ok Geneva."

"Oh, please just call me Eva?" Eva asked him with a giggle.

"Sure," Hunter agreed as he fought back a blush.

"Well, we should be going," Eva told him.

"Yeah, us, too," Hunter agreed, "so I'll see you around?"

"Sure," Eva answered with another shy smile.

"We'll catch you three later," Tori told them.

"Yeah sure thing," Blake agreed.

Tori and Eva bite their lips a bit before all 5 girls walked away leaving the Bradley Brothers to look after only two of them.

"Wow," Jaden said to both Hunter and Blake, "smooth. You two have to show me, both of your moves sometime."

Blake smacked Jaden in the stomach lightly while Hunter smacked him upside the head before they walked off. Once the girls had left, Eva and the Chan Sisters soon told Tori that they had to go and that they'll see her later before taking off

Ninja Ops!

Eva and Yukie sat at the table in Ninja Ops in their Ninja gear watching Cam as he was fixing the morphers when Tori came running inside looking scared, worried, and frantic.

"Cam, Eva, Yuki, I need your three help outside," Tori said in a frantic voice.

"Tori what's wrong?" the two girls asked when they looked up at the Blue Ranger.

"Can't it wait?" Cam asked, "I've almost got the morphers back online."

"It's an emergency!" Tori told them, "my friend he's hurt."

Cam, Yukie, and Eva stood looking at the Blue Ranger like she was crazie.

"And you brought him here?!" the three of them asked.

"You ever heard of hospitals?!" Cam asked.

"I know," Tori said as she sounded close to tears, "I know! But he was hurt because of me. Please come look at him? It was one of Lothor's space freaks, we have to help him."

All three looked at each other before letting out a sigh each.

"Alright," Cam agreed making Tori smile.

All four of ran outside of the Academy grounds.

Outside of the Academy grounds!

Eva let out a sigh as Cam removed some kind of leeches off Blake's chest while Tori watched.

"What are those things?" Tori asked.

"Some kind of cybernetic leech," Eva answered, "looks like they dehydrate the human body before it just shuts down."

"Did you get them off in time?" Tori asked Cam as she took Blake's hand in her own.

"We think so," Yukie answered her as Cam check for a pulse. "This guy must drink a lot of water."

"He's name's Blake," Tori told him.

"We don't care what his name is," Cam flat out told her, "Dad's gonna flip when he finds out you brought him here."

"He's right Tori," the two girls agreed with Cam.

"Then maybe we don't have to tell him?" Tori asked biting her lower lip.

Cam let out a sigh. "The morphers are on the console inside. Go get 'em, Sam and I well stay here."

"Thanks Cam," Tori told him as she gave him a kiss on the cheek before hugging both Eva and Yuki. "Thanks Yukie, Eva."

The three of them watched Tori walk to the water where the entrance to Ninja Ops was before she disappeared.

"Men as a species are doomed," Cam informed the two girls who giggled.

Neither of the three noticed Blake watching Tori before he closed his eyes with a smirk that he smoothed out.

Moto Track!

Yukie, Eva, Tori, and Blake all sat in Tori's Van as it came to a stop at the Motocross Tracks so Blake can find his Brother.

"Listen?" Blake asked, "uh...thanks for what you did back there. I'd...don't know what happened. I...uh...I guess I just blacked out."

"We'll say," Yukie and Eva mumbled under their breath.

"Yeah," Tori agreed, "you took a nasty fall...uh...your actually pretty lucky."

"I feel like a chump," Blake informed her, "I mean, I try to save you, but you went and end up saving me instead."

"Forget," Tori told him, "it's no big deal."

It was then that Hunter and Jaden appeared on Blake's side of the van looking worried.

"Hey," Hunter greeted, "what happened?"

They looked at Blake.

"You alright?" Jaden asked

Blake nodded his head without looking away from Tori.

"Long story." Blake went to open the door. "I'll tell you two later."

"Yeah, tell them how you were making a fool of yourself," Yukie mumbled under her breath once again making Eva to giggle.

Before the Bradley Brothers and the younger Oliver sibling left Hunter cought Eva's eyes which made him look away with a blush that Blake and Jaden both cought sight of and started to tease Hunter about it. Yuki and the other three Wind Ninjas watched Dustin as he raced around the track on his Motocross bike as they cheered for their yellow clad friend. They congratulated him after he pulled up to them before they went to Tori's van.

"I got your morphers guys and I think we're going to need 'em," Tori told the boys just as Hunter, Jaden, and Blake showed up.

"Hey," Hunter greeted.

"Hey," Tori greeted back.

"Hey, guys," both Eva and Dustin greeted as well.

"I just wanted to say thinks for taking care of my bro," Hunter told Tori.


"We owe you one," Hunter went on, "and we always make good on our promises."

"Ok, good to know. Thanks."

"We gotta head home," Blake spoked up for the first time. "Parents, you know how it is?"

"And I owe my Parents an explanation," Jaden added.

Dustin and Shane shared a look. Eva glared at Jaden making him to swallow hard.

"Yeah, ok," Tori said with a bit of a blush. "I'll catch you later."

"See ya."

"Yeah, later."


After the Brothers and Jaden left Tori pulled out her purse and took out three morphers seeing as Eva was already wearing her own before the Blue Ranger handed two of them to Dustin and Shane.

"Here," she told them, "when you see Cam say thank you? I think he's feeling a little unappreciated."

"Dude, they told Kelly that they didn't live with their parents, right?" Dustin asked Shane as he placed his morpher on his left wrist like Shane was doing, "I mean, that's what we heard."

"Yeah, that's right," Shane agreed making Tori look at them in confusion before all five morphers beeped.

"I've located the frog again," Cam told them, "he's at the river bank. Hurry!"

"Dude, if cam wants a frog, let's stop by the pet store," Dustin told them making all three look at him with raised eyebrows. "I mean, they've got, like, a tank, full of them."

Dustin used his hands to emphasize his point.

"I'll explain on the way," Tori told him as she walked forward. "You ready?"


"Ninja Storm!"

"Lighting Storm!"

"Ranger Form! HA!"

They begin their morphing sequence by sending the disk on their morpher spinning before they were all in the middle of some kind of storm. Their ninja gear soon breaks away and is then replaced by their Ranger Uniform. The visor on their helmet snaps shot before the storm disappears and their all then standing on some kind of surface with something else in the back ground as they got into their stance.

"Wind Ranger Power!"

"Power of Lighting!"

River Bank!

The Chan Sisters and the Wind Rangers streaked in front of the frog and got ready to fight, but Amphibidor shot a purple energy blast at them that surrounded them and chained them together.

"I can't move," the five girls said.

"Going up!" Amphibidor stated as the Rangers where lifted into the air. "Next floor house wear and sporting goods!" This time he moved over to where water was. "Hope you can't swim!" A blast went off knocking the Rangers into the water blew. "I knew they'll make a splash!"

All 7 Rangers jumped back out of the water as if nothing happened.

"Put it on rewind."

"I'm flipping."

"Lucky this is wash and wear."

"I wish I brought my swim suit."

"I prefer a swimming pool or a beach, but thanks."

"I hate frogs."

"So don't want to do that again." They all landed next to each other on land facing the alien.

"Ok, guys," Shane said as he looked at his team, "Ninja beams."

They all fired different colored beams at the alien only for him to vanish.

"What?" Shane and Tori asked.

"Where did he go?" Tori asked.

"I wish I knew," the Chan Sisters answered.

"I'm not liking this," Eva told them.

"You guys like hip-hop," Amphibidor asked as he hoped back into view knocking the Rangers down, but they just got back up. "Polytrons!" Three of the cybernetic leeches attached themselves to all four Rangers before blowing up once again knocking the Rangers down. "Friendly aren't they?"

"This guys tough," Shane mumbled as they got back onto their feet.

"This is getting on my last good Ninja nerve," Rita replied.

Eva and the Chan Sisters let out a groan when they all heard the sound of thunder making them all to look around to find the source. Three different colored lighting hit the ground making smoke before it cleared to reveal the Thunder Rangers standing there.


"Like fighting a giant frog wasn't bad enough," Dustin commented.

"Thunder Staffs!" all three Thunder Rangers said as they pulled their stuffs off their back. "Atk!"

The 7 Rangers stood ready to fight them, but only for the Thunder Rangers to run past them confusing the hell out of them. They all turned just in time to see the Thunder Rangers Atk Amphibidor instead confusing them frothier.

"I thought we were on the same teeeeaaaam!" Amphibidor cried when the Thunder Rangers sent him flying. "I guess not." Amphibidor stood went to Atk the Thunder Rangers. "Polytrons!"

"Thunder Shield!"

The Thunder Rangers used their stuffs to create a shield that sent the Polytrons back at Amphibidor.

"My precisions."

"Thunder Stuffs!" the Thunder Rangers yelled as they turned their stuffs into star form. "Tornado Star!"

The Three Rangers throw their Tornado Star at Amphibidor knocking him to the ground.


Just as Amphibidor was getting the Thunder Rangers pulled their own personal weapons.

"Crimson Blaster!"

"Navy Antler!"

"White Diggers!"

"Thunder Weapons," they yelled at the same time.

"You ready?" Crimson asked his partners.

"You know it!" Navy informed him before he went in for the Atk. "How about a lift?"

The Chan Sisters and Eva watched wide eyed as Navy lift Amphibidor up with his Thunder Weapon.

"Wow," Tori mumbled.

Navy throw Amphibidor away from him making Eva's eyes widen even more.

"Now that didn't hurt," Amphibidor said just as the Crimson and White Rangers walked up to him.

"Then try this on for size," White told him before attacking.

"This sucks."

"That still didn't hurt!"

"How about this?" Crimson asked before he Atked.


"Let's put 'em together," Crimson told Navy and White

Rita groaned when the Thunder Rangers combined their weapons together.

"Thunder Blaster!"

"What the hell."

"Ready when you two are," Navy told Crimson and White.


"I'm too young to croak."

"FIRE!" Crimson shouted as he pulled the trigger. "Done Deal."

Crimson, White, and Navy turned around right after their Atk hit Amphibidor.


The Wind Rangers smiled a bit under their helmet as Amphibidor blew up.

"Hey!" Shane called out to the Thunder Brothers as they walked past. "What?" They just kept walking. "What's up with you guys?"

"Why did you just help us?" Tori asked.

"Hello," Dustin tried next, "anybody in there?"

"We're even," Crimson told them without turning around. "Wind and Monochrome Rangers."

"Maybe their the strong silent type?" Tori asked.

"I don't get it," Shane answered confused.

Before anyone could say anything to Shane a power scroll appeared in the sky over where Amphibidor was destroyed making him reappear again only this bigger.

"I haven't croaked yet Rangers."

"Let's toast this toad once and for all?" Shane asked his teammates.

"Right," Dustin agreed.

"Yeah,"the 5 female Rangers agreed as well.

"Hey, Cam!" Shane said into his Morpher, "guess what we need?"

"Don't tell me," Cam answered as he sent the Wind Ninja Zords.

"Let's do it!" Shane said before they jumped up into their Zords. "You guys ready?"

"Ready," Tori, Eva, and Dustin answered.

"Storm MegaZord!" they all commanded.

The four Wind Rangers Zords combined together as Rita, Reina, and Yukie jump up into their Zords.

"That's try something out girls?" Rita asked.

"Right," the two agreed.

"Activating Monochrome MegaZord," the Chan Sisters said as their Zords came together.

The Wind Rangers gasped when the Chan Sisters Zords created another MegaZord.

"Wow," Shane awed.

"To cool," Dustin added.

"I'm glad their on our side," Tori stated.

"Why didn't they use that before?" Eva asked.

"About time," Amphibidor told them, "Polytrons."

Amphibidor's Polytrons attached themselves to the Wind Rangers MegaZord and the Chan Sisters MegaZord before exploding.

"We're getting schooled!" "Cam!" Tori called, "anything you can send our way!"

"Uh...try the Ram Hummer?"

"Guys," Rita called, "we'll keep him busy so you can Atk!"

"Right," Shane agreed, "what do you guys think?"

"Yeah," Eva, Dustin, and Tori agreed.

Cam uploaded the power disk to Dustin who picked it up.

"Power Disk received!" Dustin announced, "let's lock and drop?"

Amphibidor knocked the Monochrome MegaZord to the side and turn his attention to the Wind Rangers and their weapon.

"Oh, you just had to go there didn't ya?" he asked.

"Bring it frog face?" Shane asked.

Amphibidor launched his Polytrons at them, but the Wind Rangers used their Ram Hummer to block the Atk and knocked them back at him right as they blow up knocking Amphibidor to the ground.

"Is he down for good?" Dustin asked hopefully.

"Just resting," Amphibidor told them as he stood back up. "What else you got?"

The Wind Rangers and their MegaZord as they went to Atk.



"Hummer!" Dustin finished as they went and Atked Amphibidor one last time before he blew up for good. "Alright!"



"That'll teach him!"

"Way to go guys!"

Ninja Ops!

The group of 7 walked into Ninja Ops talking about Blake and Hunter as Dustin and Shane explain things to Tori.

"Yeah," Dustin was concluding, "that's what they told Kelly. No Parents."

"Blake and Hunter lied to me?" Tori asked, "why?"

They all fall into a fighting stance looking at the Thunder Rangers.

"What are you doing here?" Shane asked them.

Instead of answering Shane the Thunder Rangers de-morphed in front of them to reveal that they were Blake, Jaden, and Hunter both of whom where wearing Ninja uniforms. The Wind Ninjas and the Monochrome Rangers relaxed their fighting stance, but still remained on guard as they looked at them.

"What you want?" Dustin asked, "how did you get in here?"

"Ask her," Hunter answered looking right at Tori.

"Blake?" Tori asked looking hurt.

"Jaden?" Eva asked as well also looking hurt.

"I'm sorry, but we had to find the Ninja Ops," Blake told her, "I didn't mean to use you."

"I'm also sorry Sis," Jaden said.

Tori and Eva looked like they were about to cry, but instead to they looked right at Blake and Jaden with a glare though there were tears in their eyes.

"If you hurt him," they growled, "I well hunt you down!"

"We'll let him go if you come with us Eva," Jaden told his Sister.

"What?" Eva asked confused.

"We're family which means that we should stick together," Jaden answered.

"Like hell," Eva growled, "you may look like my Brother, sound like my Brother, and act like my Brother, but you are not my Brother."

Eva's team and Jaden's team all flinched at the harshness in Eva's voice, but Jaden was quick to act and grabbed her before her friends could stop him.

"Let them go!" Shane ordered.

"Leave him," Hunter told Blake as he tossed Cam at the Wind Rangers, "we got what we want." Eva struggled in Jaden's grip. "Good-bye Rangers and good luck in your future battles."

Jaden, Blake, and Hunter through down smoke bombs making the 6 Rangers and Cam cover themselves before they looked back to see that the Thunder Brothers where gone.

"Everyone alright?" Tori asked.

"What did they want here?" Shane asked as Cam ran over to his Fathers Habit. "Besides Eva."

"My Father," Cam answered as he turned to look at them. "They took my Father."

All 6 Rangers looked at him with surprise, dread, and in Tori's case guilt.