Naruto Uzumaki felt a sudden wave of warmth during his battle with the person with mask who called himself Tobi or Madara but he shook his head and the feeling was gone. He stood still for too long and the masked person immediately took this opportunity to attack him but Naruto was shielded by Killer Bee's Hachibi tail.

"Naruto, please focus! You nearly got yourself killed," Kakashi Hatake urged Naruto to be more careful with his surrounding since their opponent was no ordinary ninja.

"Sorry. It is just…," Naruto left his sentence hanging and he was turning his head around several times which made Kakashi, Gai and Killer Bee wondering his movement.

"Who are you? Why are you calling me?" Naruto shouted which surprised everyone on the spot including the masked person. Naruto was hearing a girl's voice, calling his name over and over again – Naruto-niisama.

"Naruto, who the hell are you talking to?" Gai shouted out loud when the attack never ceased from the masked person and Kakashi was trying to dodge the flying rocks around but Naruto did not respond his question, turning around several times.

"Run away from him, Naruto-niisama. You can't win him, not at your current state. Please listen to me," a girl's voice was heard from a distant which caused Naruto to a standstill again and he felt her presence so close but couldn't reach her.

Naruto's demon fox responded to the voice as well and he quickly switched his place with Naruto to avoid the attack from the masked person. Naruto entered the world of his soul and he found a girl who looked like him, standing in front of him. She rushed towards Naruto and hugged him which stunned Naruto but he felt the same warmth that he felt from his mother during the session when both of them was struggling with Kurama.

"Who are you? Are you the one who called me just now?" Naruto pushed her aside after a while and her eyes were the exact same blue as him.

"I am called Yukina. Thanks to Kurama who was willing to switch with you for temporarily, both of us can speak to each other. I am your younger twin sister who the masked person took me away from mother's side when you were rescued by the Third Hokage. No one realized that mother was carrying a twins but father saw there was a soul left in mother after Kurama was sealed in you, so he saved me before the Shinigami took him. He couldn't manage to send me to Third Hokage. The masked person sees the potential in me to become the Jyuubi's host, so he sealed me away underground to strengthen my chakra," Yukina explained to Naruto in detail and somehow, Naruto found it hard to process but he could not doubt her words when he sensed a huge amount of sincerity in her. Kurama growled at them when the silent was prolonged.

"How long are you going to drag him into conversation, Yukina? Can you release your seal from the masked person yet?" Kurama's voice echoed in that world and Yukina smiled at Naruto with a warm smile.

"I will reach soon. The place crumbled when Sasuke broke the whole pillar. Stay alive until I arrive," Yukina's voice was fading as her appearance began to dissolve as well but Naruto already exchanged his place with Kurama.

With new determination to see his new family member, he faced the masked person with new confidence and burning encouragement. The masked person saw that changed expression began to wonder what happened just now and began to use his Sharingan to search the source. He stopped his attack immediately and everyone was shocked but no one made a move. Suddenly, a whirlwind blew strongly towards their direction and next to Naruto was a girl dressed in blue kimono with exact facial appearance of Naruto. She hugged Naruto from behind but Naruto made no movement and just let her hugged him. He smiled gently and caressed her hair-he realized both of them were related by blood.

"YOU! HOW YOU ESCAPED!" The masked person screamed in rage and anger which made the whole atmosphere grew in more dangerous wave. Naruto took his vest and put it on the girl's shoulder to cover her partially naked body.

"Naruto-niisama, you are so warm just like Itachi-niisama. Did I make it in time to help you?" the girl's voice rang like a thousand bells and her voice seemed to boost Naruto's strength. Naruto pushed Yukina aside when the masked person threw a kunai at them and Yukina just caught it with her bare hand.

"Yukina, you came just in time. You are an angel indeed," Naruto praised while patted the girl's head gently. She smiled so warmly that somehow she resembled their father, Minato, more than him. Kakashi and Gai quickly rushed back to Killer Bee, Naruto and Yukina side when the masked person was beginning another plan.

"Stop! Do you think your jutsu can win with me around? You seemed to forget that it was Itachi that you learned that jutsu from and it was me who told Itachi the possibility of such jutsu. Come back in a month and, then, you can go all out," Yukina stepped in front of Naruto and pointed her finger at the masked person. She was brimming with threatening aura that the atmosphere took a 180 degree turn and the masked person was staring at her.

"Very well, Yukina. I will heed your advice and come back in a month. Do not worry. I will call Madara to retreat as well," the masked person remarked and left the place in an instant and no one moved, worried that he might come back to attack us.

"Right now, we need to go back to Konoha. The Kages are heavily injured, the soldier need their rest and everyone need an explanation," Yukina turned and she smiled at the other three but she fainted right after that- Naruto caught her in time before slamming down to the barren ground.

No one spoke during the time they took to get back to Konoha and, when they reached the gate of Konoha, the medical teams rushed forwards to help the injured soldiers. Tsunade (Hokage) was giving simple healing jutsu due to the lack of chakra and she was aided by Shizune and Sakura. It was Sakura that spotted Naruto and his team which made Tsunade rushed towards them. Tsunade and Sakura was stunned to see Naruto carrying a girl who looked just like him and Naruto was feeling dizzy due to exhaustion which he dropped on the ground with Yukina. Killer Bee and Gai caught the both in time and laid them on the nearest bench available. Tsunade was eyeing on Kakashi for an explanation but Kakashi shook his head since he did not know either.

"Tsunade-sama, the masked person will attack in one more month. This time, he will go all out like this time," Kakashi told Tsnuade about the time to prepare their offense and defense was short since the number of people survived was unsure.

"What make Madara and the masked person to retreat?" Mizukage asked with curiosity while wincing in pain when the medical ninja was healing his wounds and damages.

"Please gather those who injured here if possible. I will do my best to heal them all," Yukina's voice was heard and she was standing next to Naruto with Killer bee at his side. Tsunade stepped forward and Killer Bee interjected between Yukina and Tsunade.

"Bee, what are you doing? That is rude to Hokage," Raikage was shouting at Killer Bee for his rude interception and Yukina patted Killer Bee gently with a smile on her face.

"It is alright, Killer Bee-ojiisama. They are Kages after all," Yukina persuaded Killer Bee to step back with her marching forward facing Tsunade and everyone. Naruto was still sleeping peacefully and the crowd grew bigger with the injured gathering.

Yukina sang out loud and her voice was carried across the whole village to everyone and, in her voice, Tsunade sensed a huge amount of healing chakra which instantly healed a lot of people. Naruto woke up at the clarity of Yukina's voice and he was overflowing with chakra-Kurama and Hachibi was getting their chakra replenish as well. For the whole ten minutes of singing, everyone, who was touched by her singing, was healed and chakra all recharged to its maximum form but the process drained Yukina tremendously. Immediately, after she finished singing, she fell down to her knees with blood pouring out from her mouth and Tsunade quickly stopped the bleeding with her healing jutsu- Naruto was screaming his lungs out.

"Put her on the bed and immediately fin the cause of her bleeding, Sakura," Tsunade ordered Sakura to perform inspection while Kakashi carried Yukina to the nearest bed.

"No use. This is the side-effect of the jutsu. She must have known this all along," Hachibi's voice heard from Killer Bee and Kurama appeared in Naruto form as well.

"Yukina has the natural type chakra, the type that absorbs remaining chakra that dwells on earth and makes it her own, but if such chakra made into healing jutsu and used massively, it will caused tremendous effect in her blood stream and it will overflow in her body. The Sage that created us told us once that Namikaze clan has always been able to produce an heir with such ability but such person appear only every hundred years. Yukina is one of those rare heirs and she was the reason why the masked person wants her to be Jyuubi host," Kurama explained in detail about Yukina's ability and Naruto was sulking in sadness. He sighed as he thought that Yukina was too soft even if she never knew anything about Konoha until now.

"Yukina is the only people that can make the masked person fear her. Even without Jyuubi, I could sense her power is on par with Kurama and her intelligence level are beyond far we can comprehend," Hachibi continued Kurama's sentence and confirmed that Yukina was with both physically and wisdom that could upstage the masked person.

"Naruto, who is Yukina anyway? She looks so much like you," Finally, Sakura asked the question that everyone wanted to ask and Naruto looked at them as though they were ghost.

"Oh, I didn't introduce her. Yukina is my younger twin sister," Naruto answered casually and everyone was shocked to their core which made more question for Naruto to answer. Tsunade gave up in asking when Naruto himself couldn't answer properly the questions.