Night came upon Konoha and everyone was busy restoring the necessities such food, medicine and more supplies that were needed. Naruto was taking care of Yukina and Kakashi and Iruka was in charge of guarding Killer Bee and Naruto. Shikamaru also ended up in their tent when he finished his report with Tsunade but, miraclely, he did not sleep at all like he usually would.

"Naruto, Yukina is your twin sister but didn't you feel her presence before?" Shikamaru asked an unexpected question and Kakashi and Gai were staring at him. Naruto did not budge from his seat nor did he say anything at all. Kakashi shook him and he fell on the bed with his hand linked to Yukina.

"He is having a family time with Yukina," Killer Bee answered them before they went into panic state and he was smiling while whistling happily. Annoyed, Shikamaru slept with thousand questions in his head and Killer Bee was writing new songs in one corner.

Meanwhile, Naruto met Yukina in the dream realm and he was amazed that their parents were there as well. The background was a garden with cherry blossoms floating down and they were sitting in circle, facing each other. It was beautiful dream for the four of them and Kushina just couldn't stop smiling.

"I am sorry for not telling you about Yukina. My chakra wasn't enough to tell everything that happened after Kyuubi was sealed in you. She has your father's clan inheritance while you have my clan's special style chakra. How nice," Kushina apologized but she was beaming in happiness.

"Kyuubi is considered family as well," Naruto said when suddenly, a chibi Kurama appeared in the dream world and he was annoyed but slightly happy when Narut considered him as a family. Yukina took Kurama in her arms and brushed his fur gently.

"This is the most wonderful dream I ever had," Naruto commented when Kushina served a bowl of ramen in front of him and Minato was enjoying his coffee.

"Naruto-niisama- this can happen if I had Jyuubi in me," Yukina said something surprising and the other three faces were turning grim. Minato slowly brushed Yukina's hair with his fingers and Kushina was silent because they couldn't interrupt the livings conversation.

"Yukina, it is alright. You don't have to. I am satisfied with this. At least, now, I know you are alive. Wait! I was wondering. Why didn't I sense you before?" Naruto smiled in bliss and, then, abruptly changed the topic which Minato smiled.

"That is because Madara sealed her with my chakra. Before I was completely absorbed by Shinigami, he took my chakra and inserts it into Yukina making her a complete stranger to you. Furthermore, he had put quite amount of seals where Yukina lives," Minato explained to Naurto in details and he was completely amazed by his daughter's hair. Kushina laughed at Minato's action and Kushina continued to serve ramen to Naruto.

"I never knew that having a daughter and a son at the same time has its advantages. Your hair is so soft and silky, Yukina. Naruto, be careful that is hot," Minato commented on Yukina's hair and warned Naruto about his food. Naruto yelped in pain when the hot soup accidently poured on his legs and Kushian laughed so happily with Minato.

"Maybe, after your war, we can meet again here in the dream world. Please be careful," Minato said while he was fading with Kushina and the background as well was slowly disappearing. Kushina's voice echoed, "Be nice to everyone. Don't be a bother to others." Naruto woke up with a jerk and Yukina was smiling at him.

Naruto smiled back and Kakashi handed a bowl of ramen to him when he saw everyone in the tent was having breakfast. Yukina had porridge made by Sakura and Sakura looked as though she was having sleepless night for several days in a row. Shikamaru scooted over to Naruto when Kiba, Ino, Chouji all came into the tent at one, making the tent stuffy and crowded.

"Naruto-niisama, the next battle will be only you, Killer Bee-ojisama and me with the masked person, Sasuke and maybe the ancient Madara. It will be you versus Sasuke, Killer bee versus Madara, and I versus masked person. No argument in who fight who. This is the only way since the masked person no longer has Zetsu to produce an army for him," Yukina stopped all the protesting with one final sentence before continue to eat her porridge. She noticed that Shikamaru was not pleased with her words, he wanted to know more, and Kakashi looked very weird in a way of expressing his judgement towards Yukina.

"It is for the best. No more death is needed to continue their Uchiha delusional way. Even Itachi-niisama said that he was getting tired of Uchiha's vision of peace," Yukina continued to dissolve the tension in the tent but her mentioning Itachi was a bit of shock to everyone.

"Itachi-niisama was the only one who care when I was in seal room and through his memories, I saw a lot of things that revolves around Naruto-niisama. He isn't the bad guy but his actions maybe a bit over the border line of good and bad," Yukina sighed with sadness in her voice and Naruto hugged her gently while caressing her hair.

Tears were flowing out of her cheeks and the people surrounding the tent were feeling an enormous amount of sadness and grief. Shikamaru was absently scratching his head in guilt for somehow making Yukina cried and Killer Bee stopped his whistling as well. Later, during lunch, Naruto took Yukina out for a walk, accompanying them were Gai and Kakashi because Raikage wanted to have a conversation with Killer Bee. The village was in a bad shape but the mountain with the Hokages' face was still in good condition despite the result of previous war that nearly flattened several mountains. Konohamaru and his friends were following Naruto from quite a distance but the group of four sensed them already since the beginning.

"Konohamaru, you can come out now. We know that you are following us," Naruto shouted out loud for the trio to hear and Konohamaru was having a fit about his perfect stake out.

"It is not fair! Why can't you just not notice me?" Konohamaru was complaining and his friends were trying to calm him down. Naruto walked towards Konohamaru and rustled his head.

"I heard you helped out in the defense fort with the medical ninjas. I am so proud of you," Naruto's voice was filled with pride and Konohamaru was beaming like a sun. He always loved when Naruto praised him like that.

Yukina fell to ground almost instantly that Kakashi nearly didn't caught her in time. Naruto rushed towards Kakashi and it seemed that Yukina was in a trance or something like that. Kurama surfaced to in Naruto's mind to have a conversation with him.

"She is having a vision, Naruto. It is best that no one interrupt her or it might lead to fatal situation," Kuramam advised Naruto and Naruto nodded. He told Kakashi and Gai what Kurama said. With that, they walked back towards the tent that slept in.