Fever and Warmth

Written by: Raylen Loire

Rated: T for fluff

Warning: OOC (probably)

Main Pairing: Leon M. & Rayne K. – my Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology character.

Disclaimer: Tales of Series does not belong to me. It belongs to Namco.

Type: Not AU

Summary: Who knew the cold sword prodigy could catch a cold? LeonXRayne(OC)

Author's Note: Hello there, everyone! I'm back with a new fanfiction. *suddenly hides behind a tree* I know you're expecting me to do chapter 3 for 'How I'm into You' but I'm still working on it. So, to at least not let your expectations of me go down, I decided to publish this story. I hope you will enjoy this one!

Chapter 1: Leon has a fever?!

"Leon has a fever?" the flying animal looked incredulously at Stahn who claimed to have been back from his visit to Leon's house. "Seriously Stahn, don't joke around."

"I'm not joking!" the blond fumed before striding towards the quest board in rushed footsteps. "Why do you think I am? Philia, is there any new quests?"

"I'm sorry, Stahn. There are no new ones," replied the green haired young lady before she continued her work emailing drafts to other Ad Libtum guild branches.

"Oh, bummer," Stahn scratched his head disappointedly. He then swivelled his head towards Mormo's direction. "Mormo, can you-"


"I didn't even get to finish what I was saying! Geez, why are you so cold-hearted today?"

"I'm not being cold-hearted. Don't talk to me like I'm Leon, you hick."

"You sound like him though," Stahn stated bluntly before shaking his head. "Anyways, I was only telling you to go to the inn."

"The inn," the flying cat drooled briefly at what was likely to be served at the inn. Nanaly's cooking was one of the best in town. But then he shook his head which looked to be too big for his tiny body. "I can't. I'm waiting for Rayne."

"That's why I'm telling you. Rayne was the one who asked me to tell you to come to the inn."

"Oh," Mormo zoomed out of the guild in less than three seconds after Stahn had said that.

"Rayne, can you bring this to Leon for me?" Nanaly said as she wrapped the homemade butterscotch scones she planned to give to Leon. "The poor boy is probably aching to eat sweet things right now."

The descender of Terresia who was busying herself with moulding rice balls, chuckled at the twin-tailed young woman's statement before nodding, "Yeah, I can just see that."

Satisfied with her wrapping, Nanaly held the box to Rayne after the descender had finished putting some rice balls in a bento box. "Nanaly, can you give this to Mormo? I thought he would be here 5 minutes after I sent Stahn off but I guess not. Either he accompanied Kannono on a mission or Stahn had forgotten to tell him."

The archer nodded and the two exchanged the boxes in their hands. "Thanks. I'll be going now."

"Okay, thank you too, Rayne," she bid the pink-haired a farewell before resuming her duties making meals for the orphans.

"Oh, Sir Leon's house? Just go to the plaza and you'll find a house to your left after you ascended the stairs. The house with its door facing you is the one."

"Oh, you mean that place where he only ever hangs out at?" Rayne asked the soldier who in turn smiled inwardly at her.

"He'll probably sue you for calling it a place he only ever hangs out at, but yes, that is the one."

The descender chuckled at his statement, "Haha, you're right. Thanks for the help."

The soldier shook his head and Rayne bowed a little before dashing towards the newfound address.

'This...,' Rayne stared at the front door of Leon's house, '...is it. I hope he's up and not asleep. I don't think it's a good idea to wake him up.'

Rayne hesitated before gently rapping at his door. She waited a few moments before the door flew open. She blinked but before she could say anything, she bumped into someone.

"Whoa!" She dropped the box in her hands but managed to catch it before it could hit the ground.

"Rayne?" Said girl looked up to find the sword prodigy staring at her. "What are you-?"

He didn't finish his sentence. Instead he looked back inside his house, "Great timing."

She blinked again and the next thing she knew, she was pulled against Leon's chest. She widened her eyes at his action, her cheeks starting to feel hot against the t-shirt he was wearing. Recovering from her trance, she attempted to say something when he beat her to it.

"Play along with me," he whispered in her ear and she shivered involuntarily.

She only managed to nod her head and he let out a sigh of relief. He was glad she could help him play her part to...

"Leon-sama, why won't you accept me?"

...escape from his, who she claimed herself as, hardcore fan.

"I can't. Didn't I tell you I have a girlfriend, already?"

"What?!" the flushed descender and the hardcore fan exclaimed in unison.

"You heard me," He tightened his hold around her shoulders. "I have a girlfriend."

Cliffhanger, woo hoo! Anyone making plans of making this author jump off a cliff? *hides behind a rock* I know, I know! I'm doing too much cliffhanger but I can't help it. (T-T) Honestly, it's very tempting to make one. Anyways, I do hope you enjoyed the chapter!