A/N: Hey guys, So, I'm writing this fic because I had the inspiration of an OC, mostly from the fic The Loki Equation, you can find it on this site. So, without further adieu, let's start this craziness!

How do I begin…well, first of all, let's start somewhere that all makes sense.

At home.

Well, the idea started at home, and then turned into the beginning, but let's not get all technical about it.

"Rye!" My father calls.

"DAD! I'm right next to you! WHAT?!"



"Will you two shut up and talk normally?"

Me and my dad snicker at my step-mom. "But seriously," he says as he pulls out his wallet. "I need some cookies."

I, of course, roll my eyes. "But that means I have to change my pajama's!" I whine.

Now, let me explain this: My father has seen that I have a rare case of stay-indoors-all-day-on-the-computer-because-you'r e-allergic-to-the-sun (which, I know, isn't really rare at ALL). So, he made up this WONDERFUL plan to make me walk up the street to the grocery store to get him some Oreo's. Exercise and cookies. Win-win, in his mind.

I groan and pulled on my clothes. He gave me the money, and I slipped out of the door. Walking 4 blocks and across an intersection…Boom! Air conditioning. I relax and head straight for the cookie isle. Some ones already there, obscuring my view of the specific cookies I want. In fact, he's standing EXACTLY in front of them.

I tap the guy on the shoulder. "Excuse me, but could you move to the right? Or the left, either way's fine."

The man turns around, and of course, my tongue twists into every knot you can think of. You ever heard of boys not being able to talk to girls? Well, that's me, just switch the genders.

The guy stares at me, and I suddenly feel uncomfortable.

"I…just…need…" I reach out and grab a pack of cookies. "Thanks."

And….he's still staring. Awesome. I back away a little.

"Okay, nice to meet you…bye!"

I turn around and walk to the register.

On my way home, I repeat what had happened in my head. The guy was just…staring. Not the cold-blooded stare, not the oh-my-god-she's-hot stare (I would've laughed at this), but more of disbelief, like I wasn't supposed to be there. And he was right.

I wasn't supposed to be there. I was supposed to be back home. On my computer.

So the rest of the day went like this:

-Rounded the corner

-Gave dad his cookies

-Logged on to the computer

-Read some stuff

-Laugh at stuff

-Stuff, stuff, stuff

And then, a few nights later:

I don't know, it was around 12:30am when I heard a BAM! I pulled out my earphones, thinking I was just hearing things. But, I'm slightly on the paranoid side, so I got up and opened my front door.

And that's where I'm going to say that it began.

Standing in the middle of the street, with an eerie glow around him, was a man. He was pretty tall, with some sort of…well, let's just say he looked like he just came from an Olde English gathering. He also had a sort of scepter in his hand. A sharp scepter. I stood in the doorway, just blinking at the sight. Stupid me, though, I didn't realize that I was walking forwards. And I let go of the screen door. And it closed with a noise. A rather louder than usual noise at that.

The man looked my way, eyes staring with the intensity so great that I felt like I was melting. Or being judged pretty hard.

He squinted, and I gave out one of the most lame greetings of all time.


EDIT: Name change, OC is now Rye