Double Life

Bones/BtVS Crossover, set five years post Chosen. Angel has assumed a by-day identity as FBI agent Seeley Booth, but by night works with his AI Gang to fight demons. Willow is now a watcher, working with Kennedy, Vi, Giles and the rest of the Scooby Gang to fight big naughty evil on America's biggest hellmouth, Washington DC. She takes up a job as Brennan's newest intern, hoping to find an escape from her monster-fighting life during the day and meets up with an old friend. Her demon life begins to clash with her human one – can she keep them separate without getting everyone at the Jeffersonian killed?

Set during S4 of Bones – Angela and Hodgins are currently broken up, Willow and Buffy are running Slayer Central, training the new slayers. Assume Bones S1 occurred immediately after Angel S5 (which it actually did, lol).

Chapter 1: Human-Wicca-Watcher

"Angela?" Brennan called over her shoulder.

"Yeah Sweetie?" Angela walked into her best friend's office, dropping a stack of paperwork on her desk.

"I've got a new intern starting today, would you mind going and getting her from upstairs?"

"Sure, but why aren't you doing it?"

Brennan shrugged, a sly smile on her lips. "I just figured you two should meet… you seem compatible on multiple levels."

"Sweetie, your interns and I are never compatible. They're all usually insane." They both flinched at what Angela said, remembering Zach all too clearly. "Sorry," Angela murmured. "If you think I'll like her then I won't say no. I must say, seeing Roxy again was quite a rush."

Brennan just smiled at her friend, not prepared to say anything more.

Angela walked along the skyway, heading towards the Jeffersonian's reception office where she was to meet Brennan's new intern. In a way, she was kind of excited. After all, new people were always good. Especially ones that were 'compatible' with Angela. Maybe this new intern would sympathise with Angela in some way over the ookiness of the job they performed. Or this girl could just be another mini Brennan-in-training. Angela shrugged to herself, not really caring all that much either way, but grateful for a distraction that would take her mind of the disastrous end of her relationship with Hodgins. She entered the reception office and glanced around. There were only two other people, the receptionist behind the desk, chatting on her cell and painting her nails and a shy looking red-head who was standing in the corner.

"Uh, I'm Angela Montenegro from the medico-legal lab. Dr Brennan sent me to meet her new intern?"

The blonde receptionist gave a non-committal shrug and went back to her phone conversation. Angela felt a tap on her shoulder and she spun around. The red-head took a surprised step back, and raised her hands in apology.
"Sorry," she said. "That'd be me… I'm Dr Brennan's new intern."

"Oh!" Angela cried. "Hi, it's great to meet you. Er… welcome to the Jeffersonian."

"Is everyone here like that?" The red-head asked nervously, inclining her head toward the receptionist. "All nail-paint-y and ignor-y?"

Angela laughed, enjoying the fact that this girl obviously didn't treat the English language with the same reverence as most of the scientists that passed through here.

"Uh, no. Not where we're headed anyway," Angela said with a wink. She led the new intern down the corridor before stopping abruptly. "Oh God! How rude do I feel right now! I'm sorry, I never introduced myself, I'm Angela Montenegro, I'm a forensic artist and computer technician, I work with Dr Brennan."

The red-head gave her a dazzling smile and replied, "I'm Willow Rosenberg."

"Okay, Willow, this is our lab," Angela gestured grandly, indicating the shiny work surfaces and strikingly modern computer systems.

"Oh wow," Willow murmured reverently, stroking her fingers across a keyboard. "I think I just went to heaven…"

"You like computers?" Angela asked brightly.

"It may be very illegal for me to tell you this, but I've been hacking into government encrypted software since I was in my teens." Willow walked forward, examining some of the computers.

"Patent pending?" Willow asked.

"Mine," Angela replied with a slightly smug smile.

"Impressive," the red-head breathed. "This technology is incredibly advanced."

"And you're only looking at the stuff that I let the scientists touch," she giggled, "wait until you see my pride and joy, the Angelator."

Willow grinned at her. Angela silently thanked her best friend, Brennan was still really getting it right. There was most definitely compatibility to be had. Willow was really very beautiful, shoulder-length red curls and sparkling emerald eyes… she wore fitted jeans and a modest buttoned blouse that showed just an inch of creamy cleavage. But it was this girl's vibrant personality that drew Angela in the most… Willow was bright, quirky and cute but Angela could see that there was pain there, which she found herself wanting to comfort the girl for. Still, she was jumping to some very quick conclusions here and she forced herself to put on the breaks. C'mon, Angie… you've only know the woman ten minutes. She's probably straight anyway.

"Do you want to meet the rest of the team?" Angela said with a wide smile.

"You betcha." Willow followed happily, her heart pounding with nerves and excitement. This was all so good! It was five years since Sunnydale had fallen in and four years since they'd relocated Slayer Central to America's biggest hellmouth, right here in Washington DC. Willow, witch and watcher to the Scooby Gang, Council of Watchers and Slayers in Training (Scoobies, COWS and SITS) was thankful that Buffy had urged her to enjoy a bit more of a human life too. It was kind of a double life for her now, by day she was a forensic anthropologist in training and by night she was a bad-ass wicca, fighting demons and averting apocalypse. Still, she knew that after twelve years fighting beside the Slayer, she needed something more, a human life to lead. So here she was, pursuing an academic-crime-fighting career… on a hellmouth. After all, she was still a Watcher, still a witch. She was still part of the Slayer operation.

"This is Hodgins, he's our bug and slime guy." Angela indicated a short-ish man, with piercing blue eyes.

"Hi," Willow said with a smile. Human life, human life. The Jeffersonian was the place where she'd be fighting murderers, not demons. Demons could wait until she was home. "I'm Willow Rosenberg. Pleased to meet you Dr Hodgins."

"Jack, please." He gave her a wide grin, staring intensely into her eyes. "Are you doing anything after work?"

"Uh, not necessarily…" Willow was stopped in her tracks… she was kind of planning to go patrolling, maybe work some training routines with the new SITs, practise some spells. Bash some vamps. You know, girly stuff.

"Well, do you maybe want to come get a drink?"

"Uh…?" Willow floundered, not sure what to say to the sudden request.

Angela rolled her eyes. "That's Jack's not-so-subtle way of saying he thinks you're hot."

"Hey! Well, yeah… but, hey!"

Willow burst out laughing, bent double with her giggles. She was so not used to this! All the men she was ever around were either un-dead or worked at Slayer Central, where everyone knew…

"I-I'm flattered, Jack, really but…" she giggled again, "I'm just not used to this. See uh, I'm kinda gay."

Angela cracked up too, leading Willow away as Hodgins stuttered.

"Wow…" Willow murmured. "That was so weird, I haven't had to do that in years!"

"Are you really gay, or was that just to escape a date with His-Royal-Geekiness?"

"I'm really gay," Willow said with a laugh, "and I'm not exactly turned off by the geeky… actually, he kinda reminds me of my high school boyfriend… with the eyes and the hair and the short…" Willow looked at Angela apologetically, "I tend to talk. A lot. In the babble sense. Please stop me when you see fit or when boredom becomes an issue."

"I like the babble," Angela said, almost shyly. She led Willow around the lab, indicating more of their equipment before stopping outside Cam's office. "Cam? Meet Willow Rosenberg."

"Miss Rosenberg," Cam said politely. "I'm Dr Camille Saroyan, head of the medico-legal lab here at the Jeffersonian."

"I'm very pleased to meet you Dr Saroyan," Willow nodded. "Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity, I mean I've sort of had a lot of stuff going on in my life since, well, forever a-and it's nice to be in a more, uh, intellectual environment." As opposed to one filled with vampires, demons, slayer best friends and my whacky spell-casting ability… she added silently.

"You're very welcome Miss Rosenberg, I must say your resume was outstanding." She shook Willow's hand before returning to her desk. "Angela, have you introduced her to everyone else yet?"

"Still working on that one, Cam."

Dr Saroyan just nodded, leaving Willow with a kind smile. Well, Willow thought to herself, so far so good. She'd been here nearly an hour now and so far no demons, vampires, evil entities or a sudden need for Willow's magical abilities. On a hellmouth, this had to be a record. On one hand, Willow was very happy with the non-supernatural turn of events, but it also made her slightly uneasy. She felt as if something had to be just around the corner… come on, she was a witch and a watcher on a hellmouth – things couldn't continue this well for long.

"Ah," Angela breathed to Willow, "here he is, Seeley Booth, the hottie of the Jeffersonian… not that you'd probably be all that interested," Angela gestured toward a tall man with very broad, well-muscled shoulders who had his back turned to them.

"You're just a sweetheart, Angela," he said with a grin, turning to face them. His eyes met sparkling green ones and both of them took a stunned step back, Willow's face paling. Yep, of course, here it was… supernatural occurrences couldn't just leave her alone for even an hour.

"Uh?" Angela looked between the two of them, thoroughly confused by the shocked exchange the pair shared.

"Old friends," Angel – Booth? – muttered, automatically hunching his shoulders. "How are you doing Willow?"

"Uh, uh… g-good Ang-Booth!" She gave him a stony glare. This couldn't be happening… it couldn't. Not here, not in Willow's supernatural-free zone. There couldn't be Buffy's ex. There couldn't be an ensouled vampire standing in front of her with an FBI badge pinned to his jacket. We need to talk, she sent to him telepathically. 'No spells, I told myself. No spells at work, no magic, no monsters, no demons…'

"Ange, do you mind if I steal Willow from you for a minute?"

"Not at all," a still thoroughly confused Angela said, releasing her rather firm grip on Willow's upper arm.

"Angel!" Willow cried, slapping his arm. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing!" He cried. "And ow."

"Oh get over it."

"Look, Willow, I came here looking for the same thing as you."

"And what might that be?" The red-head was still kinda pissed at him … stupid supernatural interruptions.

"A day job, a chance at having a normal human life, even if it's just in the background while demons are right up the front… a normal human life can feel like an escape. No demons or monsters, no witches or magic… That's what I was looking for when I took this job."

"Well mister, same goes for me!" Willow said indignantly. "And you've kinda messed that up, being a vampire and all!"

"Okay, look, while I'm here, I'm FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth. You're Forensic Anthropologist Willow Rosenberg. There's no Ensouled Vampire Angel, no Masterful Watcher Wicca Willow, just our entirely human selves, got it?"

"Deal." Willow grumbled. "But what are you doing demon-wise?"

"Slayage by night… DC is the murder capital of America, they just sort of neglect to mention that 90% of the murders are demonic in nature."

"Been on this hellmouth four years now Angel, figured it out."

"I'm still in touch with the LA gang too. What about you?"

"Slayer Central's a buzzin'. I got called as a watcher, so I'm taking care of a lot of our new slayers and helping Buffy and Kenn with training them and setting up computer data-bases for demons."

"I'm glad the operations are going well, Willow." The red-head just nodded. "What about, uh, romantically… for all you guys?"
"Xander is enjoying bachelordom… Dawn's been banned from dating since a recent vampire-of-the-non-soul-having incident, Giles has a girlfriend, I seem banished to be eternally lovelorn and Faith and Buffy are screwing like bunnies while we pretend we don't know."

"You and Kennedy…?"

"We fell apart after less than a year. Had a couple of brief… since, but nothing really monumental."

"And Buffy and Faith, really?"

"Yeah," Willow giggled. "We're still pretending we don't know though. Glad you're not all jealous guy now though."

"Yeah, well, got my sights set on another now. Though she's just as unattainable. Maybe even more so." He glanced through the glass divider into the office, where Dr Brennan was sitting hunched over her books, reading furiously.

"I'm sorry, Angel… er, Booth."

He gave her a smile, then led her back outside to the waiting Angela.

"Hey sweetie, this is Willow Rosenberg."

Brennan looked up from her books, giving the shy looking girl in front of her a smile. "Hello Miss Rosenberg," Brennan said kindly, "I'm glad you're here."

"Thank you, Dr Brennan. It's really an honour to be here."

"Bones?" Angel-Booth asked. "We kinda got to get on the road, case-a-waitin'."

Willow was, to say the least, shocked. She'd NEVER heard Angel speak like that before… usually he was more mono-syllabic and dryly sarcastic, only popping up to deliver grave messages.

"Okay, let's get going Booth." Brennan stood, grabbing a kit-bag from the corner and walking out the door. She stopped and turned, "are you coming Miss Rosenberg?"

"Oh! Uh, yes. Yes of course…"

Angela rolled her eyes, but left and returned to her office, her mind still reeling with the concept of the pretty, young redhead.