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i. in which Tsuchiura realizes that for every guy, there's always a Medusa to capture his eyes.

His eyes searched the sea of black and white. In his mind he chanted, "blonde and blue eyes". He was in the school cafeteria, and, unavoidably, so was half the school's population, grabbing their lunch. Sasaki had proposed him a challenge, which he'd readily accepted before hearing it out.

In the midst of the crowd, Ryotaro thought he saw his target.


Said girl turned and caught his hazel eyes, then smiled. He suddenly stood unmoved, frozen in place.

"I swear, when she looked at me, I literally turned to stone."

He snorted. "What is she? Medusa?"

"See for yourself!"


Author's Note
I actually got a total of 100 words! XD
Just felt like writing and this idea struck me yestereve.
I must say, this has one weird title.

Tell me what you think? ;)

footnote: I am actually thinking of making this a fifty one-shot collection. purely TsuchiMori.