Well, Juvie isn't that bad. I think, as I observe the room that surrounds me. I imagined Juvie to be more along the lines of being stuck in a cage with a bunch of teen guys trying to grab my ass. I wasn't entirely sure I was in a Juvie cell, though. There was no bars on the windows, no chains or handcuffs strapped to me, nor were there any beds or nasty toilets that were filled with bacteria and bugs. The walls were white, their mission was to calm me, having no intention to scare or punish my eyes. The room was silent and empty, leaving only the chair in front of me and the chair I was sitting on to occupy the room. Wait, was I in the looney bin? That theory would explain the room and why I can't remember what the last 24 hours consisted of.

A man opens the door, immediately grabbing my attention. I observe him as he closes the door behind him and walks slowly towards me. He was dressed in a fine suit, tall, and fit with dark brown hair and the finest of blue eyes. He grabs the empty seat that was placed across from mine and takes a seat. He clasped his hands, resting them on the table that is placed in the middle of us.

"Hello Maddison." He paused, trying his best to give me a friendly smile. "I'm Arthur Campbell, President of operations."

"What operation? Where are we?" I asked as calmly as I could, trying my best to pull myself together.

"Central Intelligence agency." Answering both of my questions with three words.

Say what? I scoff, giving him a puzzled look, "Why…" I begin.

"As you know, until you are eighteen you will be held in Juvie ." He ignores me completely, cutting me off. "I'm here to offer you a deal."

Even after hearing the judge reveal my time, I still shivered at the sound. Me in Juvie? "A deal?" I liked deals…

He nods. "Instead of Juvie we invite you to work for us until you're eighteen."

Silence fell between us for a moment. "Let me get this straight, instead of Jail, you're offering me a job working for the C.I.A?" I ask, making sure I understood him right. What the hell did the C.I.A want with me?

He nods once more, "Indeed. And once you turn eighteen, every record of you working for us will disappear, as well as your criminal record. While working with us, you'll be provided with state of the art schooling, training, and a home."

It sounded too good to be true. "What's the catch?"

"There is none. The job however, can at times be dangerous. We will put you through the proper training. You'll be seeing many countries, giving you many things to write about on your college essay. Oh, and did I mention we will pay for your college too?"

I scoff, was I dreaming? "Why me?"

"Many reasons. The crime you were convicted of was not your fault. Second reason, you are fluent in four different languages, including English. Your grades are excellent; you're very intelligent young lady. Sadly, with your record your chance of making it big is gone. And last, but not least, you're in the system."

The system, the nice word for being thrown back in forth in foster care. There was no one to miss me. No one that would know I was working for the C.I.A. I nod, acknowledging his reasons.

"Do you need time to think about what I'm offering?" He asked, knowing my answer.

"No." I said, not hesitating. "I'm in."

The man smiled, "Welcome to C.I.A, Maddison." He held out his hand in front of me.

I shook his hand, smiling back. It's just three years…How bad could it be?

I hope you enjoyed the prologue! I know it's vague, but Chapter one does a better job of explaining. :)