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There are time I wake in the middle of the night, the nightmare memories of those terrible nights after the Indianapolis haunting me. I remember my buddies, killed by the sharks, and I wondering when they would get me.

Sometimes, I wish they had.

I found no peace when I returned home. Then I found that my buddy Jason had left me a bit of land, on an island off the coast of Massachusetts. I sold what little I had, and moved their, using the profits to purchase a boat.

I named it after a known killer of the beast I hated, Orca.

And so my campaign of death and blood began. I've long lost caught of how many sharks I've killed, but the walls of shack are covered in them.

How I envy Ahab. The cursed captain of the Pequod at least could lay his troubles down to one accursed beast. I have no such luck. It was many sharks that tore my friends and comrades apart, that tore them beneath the sea.

I hate Moby Dick. Captain Ahab is to similar to myself, and his fate was death in his quest for revenge.

I fear that not only shall I share the same fate, but that I, Bartholomew Quint, am cursed as well.


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