This will be lemon at some point. Lots of fluff in this one, so read it and wiat for next chapters! Get ready for sex soon ()3 ß lol Ummmm… okay so… in this story, Ib is eighteen and works the night shift at the museum. She talks to the painting every night, hoping gary will hear her. What will happen when she finds herself trapped in the world again, reunited with Garry? XDDDDDD

She took her flashlight of the counter in the entrance, and tiptoed down the hallway. Ib was going to the same place she went every night when she had the night shift at the museum. She passed through a few big rooms, and dark long corridors before stopping in front of a painting.

She called it Gary's painting.

Ever since she was a little girl, Ib had regretted leaving without Garry. Her parents would bring her to the gallery, because she often begged… but every time they returned this picture wasn't there. But Ib knew. She knew it was, but there had to be some kind of secret.

When she turned eighteen, Ib applied for a job at the gallery. She was given the night shift, and ever since then she discovered that at night… The long, familiar painting sat in the same place it had when she was ten.


She stood in front of the large canvas. She stared intently at the taunting image in front of her. It seemed innocent, displaying a rose, painting or a women in red, and a long hallway. But to Ib, the images were sick and twisted… only because she knew the true nature.

She sighed, slumping against the wall behind her. "Hi, Garry…" She knew she was probably crazy, but it was the same every night. "I painted another picture at home. This one was for you… I just…" Again, she sighed. "I just wish you could see it."

Knowing that Garry probably couldn't hear her… or was probably gone, Ib felt tears in her eyes. "If I could, I would go back. And I would get you."

Ib couldn't help but jump. She didn't know why, but she felt a presence. It felt familiar, but there was another feeling behind it too. Like life was giving her a present. A gift. A chance.

Her big red eyes moved slowly back to the painting. It had changed. The setting was different… it was her everyday art gallery. Which could only mean one thing….

Ib had returned to the hellish nightmare from her past.

Not sure what to do, Ib stood in disbelief for a moment. If this place still existed, then it was possible that Garry… Her long time best friend was still here. "Garry!" She called, immediately smacking a hand over her mouth. How stupid can I be? Those things are most likely still here…

After Realizing this, she staggered back in fear. But her thoughts of saving Garry overpowered any other emotion. With a nod, Ib began to pace down the long, strange hallway.

Things were different from before. It had the same, eerie, frightening feeling, but… The hallways and paths were changed. Ib wasn't sure of what to do. Deciding to just follow her instinct, Ib turned a corner, finding herself in another familiar room. "It seems," she noted. "The rooms are all the same, just in different order."

A loud bang sounded off in the darkest corner of the room, causing Ib to spin around. Then, she freezes. A low growl ascends onto the air, causing every muscle in her back to strain, and she knows that of she tries to move, she would lose conciseness. The growling gets louder, and Ib just about gives in. She had already failed her second chance. "Garry…" Escapes her lips.

Suddenly, a strong hand took her by the waist, the other wrapping firmly around her lips. Just as she recognized the strong hands… everything went black And she was left alone in complete darkness. The last place she wanted to be alone.

Hands. Fucking everywhere. Tearing her apart. Her clothes were in shreds around her, soaked and bloodstained. All around her were frames, hands reaching outward to help tear at her skin. "Ah! Stop!" She cried. Then two of them were gripping her shoulders, and began to violently shake her.

"No!" She yelled, kicking and thrashing outwards, to fid nothing was around her. Her eyes darted around the room, which was one she instantly remembered. Years ago, after she had fainted, Gary brought her here to rest. "Gary…" She whispered- probably a lot louder than she thought.

She pawed at the gray tattered jacket underneath her. It was his for sure. Ib could smell the overpowering smoke on his jacket, the same smell she dreamt of every night. "You called?" A voice appeared from nowhere. Turning around slowly, Ib found herself looking into the eyes of her only friend.

"Gary…" She repeated, as if testing to see if it was him. He smiled at her, drawing a strand of hair behind her ear. "Long time no see, kid."


Her silence brought a warmer smile to his lips. "Shy as ever, huh? I thought that would have changed now that your eighteen…" He remarked slyly, hinting at her.

No way…

"You could hear me… outside?" Ib asked, shocked. Every day this last year, Ib had talked, and sang to the painting almost positive it was useless. But… he was listening all this time? Garry nodded. "Every word… Even," His eyes darkened. "Even what you told me about school…"

Ib immediately blushed. "It didn't bother me so much… I just wanted to feel like someone would listen. And you would be the only one to know it was true."

Garry kept his sad gaze fixed on her. "The depression didn't bother you? The suicide attempt?"

"well," She breathed. "I-."

"It's good to see you Ib. Alive and well." Garry suddenly said, voice cracking. Ib was surprised by his tears, but it brought tears to her eyes too.

"I'm sorry I left you… I had no idea that would happen." She sobbed lightly. Gary laughed. Ib turned her head, displaying a shocked expression. "You never left me, Ib…"


"I'll explain it to you later." He continued slightly laughing, but held out a hand to pull her to her feet. "You've gotten quite tall!"

She nodded shyly. "You look like you haven't even aged…"

He put a big thumb up in the air. "One of the best parts of being stuck in here- getting to stay smexy!" Finally, for the first time in a while, Ib smiled. She even giggled a little. "And you," He continued. "Have become very beautiful."

Her body stopped shaking. With wide eyes, she stared at Gary. "Your eyes are deep and red as ever, though. Haven't changed at all." Mistake! She snapped her head to look in a different direction.

"Nevermind." He sighed. "Let's rest, okay? We have a lot to talk about tomorrow."


Gary woke up first. He stretched his arms into the air, feeling relieved by the faint cracks in his joints. He sat up to look around for Ib, who he found was suprisingy close to him on the floor. He gasped and jumped back, thankful that it didn't wake her.

He couldn't help but stare at her. She was currently only half covered, her white buttoned shirt unsnapped in a few places, and red skirt pulled upwards… displaying her long, creamy legs. Unable to pull his eyes away, Garry just let himself stare at her until she awoke.

When her eyes opened, the first thing she saw was Gary. "Hi…" She breathed out, smiling. He felt his cheeks burn. "A-are you blushing?" She asked.

Garry forced his head to turn away. "Fix your clothes… please?"

With those words, she nearly jumped up and was situated again in a matter of seconds. Trying to pass the awkwardness by, they both broke into a loud laughter. "Nothings changed… Ib." gary said smiling. "We have quite a long day ahead of us. Lets just stay in here for today?" Ib nodded in agreement.

They both sat against a wall, fidgeting with their hands. "First things first," Gary finally started. "Tell me about what happened to you after you left here." Ib instantly shook her head. "I already know, cant you just trust me with some details?"

Ib sat quietly for a second. An awful second. Her head ached with the memories. "Well…" She whispered. "I didn't tell anyone about my experiences here. Life carried on like nothing had happened."

Garry scooted a little closer. "But, I was secluded. I didn't trust anyone. I felt like the few hours that I knew you were all I needed to trust you… but nobody else is the same. I was ignored up until high school." Her voice was becoming weaker, but he understood her words.

"I had become an artist. Either I was 'too' caught up in it, or I was just weird to everyone else… but they began to show up at my house. Tell me my paintings were disturbing. They would burn my canvases, then threaten me as well."

She didn't notice that Gary was only about an inch away now, and he was on the brink of crying. "Then… That's when I noticed. The depression. I didn't care if they threw me into the fire… because that's where I belong."

"Ib, wait! Stop…" Garry cried out, laying his head on her shoulder. She flinched, but didn't do anything to stop it. "What were the paintings?"

Ib sighed. "Mostly things I saw here. Enemies. Paintings… Roses… And There was one special one." Her voice came to an abrupt stop. "I painted it when I got the job to work as the night security guard."

"What is it?" Garry asked simply.

"You." She answered, putting a hand up to cover her embarrassment. "A lot of them were. When they burned those pictures, I… I lost it."

"You don't have to say any more." Garry reassured her, fingers lightly entangling with hers. His head remained on her shoulder, and his breath was making her collarbone tickle and heat up.

"What about you?" Ib shot out in the dark. "What did you mean when you said I never left you?" Garry wasn't ready to leave the safety and home of her neck, but he answered.

"Every day you were at the museum, I felt you here. And when you would talk to me… I could've sworn we were in the same room." He continued speaking into the crook of her neck, tickling her skin. "I remembered the feeling of holding your hand, pulling you down the corridor. And as I heard you grow up, I felt your hand beginning to slowly fit into mine. It was like you were always here."

Ib sat quietly, biting her lip to keep from crying. "And when you sang to me… I love your voice. When your talking and singing. Every time I heard the sweet sound… I fell in love with it…" Another deep, unbearable breath. Garry pulled his head away from her, and looked Ib in the eye. "And I fell in love with you."

She wasn't sure how to respond. Ib had loved Garry ever since she realized it was her fault he was stuck in this hell. She even loved him when they were here together once before, him eighteen and her nine.

"Never mind…" Garry laughed, letting go of her hand and standing up again. "Lets just talk about how to get out of here, okay?"

End of chapter one! Will be some more! AND LOTS OF ROMANCE BETWEEN GARY AND IB! THEY IS SAME AGE NOW! XD Lemons will be coming your way, too! Gary confessed his love but was ignored! IB MEANT TO SAY SHE LOVED HIM TOO! maybe it shall happen soon?