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He was astounded. The situation was to unusual… "Nothing surprises me anymore…" Garry mumbled, covering his face with one hand to cover the extreme blush. Ib heard something, and looked down at him. "Should I stop?" She stuttered, suddenly embarrassed.

He throws his hand up n the air, revealing his still bright red face. "No!" Then, he covered his face and let his head slam helplessly on the ground beneath him. "I mean… Ah…"


"I-I can leave," she starts and begins to shift away.

"N-no! It's fine, please. Just stay," he grunts, "put, dammit." She shifts again suddenly things are awkward in a different way. Ib drapes a leg back over his hip and one arm over his chest, and Garry figures at least this solves the question of cuddling.

"Are you sure?"

She's quiet for a long moment, fingers clenching and unclenching slowly On the rims of his tattered jacket. When she finally speaks, he has to strain to hear her. "I love you. I trust you."

"I love you too." But then repeats, " But are you sure about THIS?

"Yes…" she mumbles into his collarbone. Her nose is pressed against the column of his throat, and she can feel him swallowing thickly.

Ib shifts again, trying to get closer to him, closer to that feeling. Beneath her, he groans.

"Ib- Ahhh…" Her lips brush against his jaw and he fits his hands to her hips. "You should stop that."

""Why?" she murmurs, breath tickling his ear.

"Does it hurt?" Her teeth sink into her bottom lip uncertainly. Soul blinks in surprise.

"No…" He sighs, "The exact opposite…" She rolls her hips again and Garry makes a noise in the back of his throat. "I can stop," she offers.

"N-no. You don't have to stop if you..." he swallows, "if you don't want to."

He cups her jaw, and she leans forward to press her lips against his. They bump noses awkwardly. She pulls away slightly just as Garry angles his head and finds her lips again. It's much smoother this time; he parts his mouth, worries her lower lip a little with his teeth, and she makes a muffled squeak against him before her tongue darts out to taste his mouth.

A small, frustrated groan leaves Garrys lips, because it had been years since he had even seen another living being. It had been and he had never been with someone like this anyways. His hands search everywhere for her the perfect place to grab her, then comfortably grab hold of her hips.

Just like that, he is PAINFULLY reminded that she wasn't wearing any underwear. His thoughts were interrupted by a small voice that sounded almost angry. "Why did you stop?" Ib whimpers again, drawing him back to reality. (Or what was left of it)

"Sorry." He apologizes, sensing her urgency. "I think we should move a little…" He tells her, adjusting his grip on her hips before laying her down under him. For the first time, their eyes met. Not just a quick glance, but it was like boring into one another's soul.

There was just another small amount of the awkward shifting before they were settled. Garry blushed brightly when Ib's hands found his zipper.

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