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Viktoria POV

"So you actually saw her?" I asked in awe. Kane nodded.

"Yep. It was gross. She had scratches all over her and a big one right here." He pointed near his heart. I shuddered.

"That's awful." We walked a bit longer in silence down the road, scuffing our shoes. I had invited Kane back to our place for a snack, plus we had to do our science assignment together. Plus it kinda didn't hurt that he was, like, super cute, and really sweet as well. He was tall for fourteen, a little taller than me, and skinny, too. He had a sunny tan from days in the air or in the water, and freckles on his nose. I liked his eyes the best, they were an ocean bluey-green.

"Hey, Kane!" Yelled a voice, and we turned. It was his older sister, Ally, walking with a few of her friends. "You okay to fly home?" She asked, and he blushed a little.

"Fine, Ally," he muttered. She rolled her eyes.

"Don't get agro at me. Not my fault if you get eaten."

"C'mon," I told him, pulling him away before he could retort. If they got into an argument, Ally would win for sure. Not only was she a capital-b-badass, she was smart as well. We got to my house and his eyes brightened.

"This is so cool, Vik. I can't believe you live on a boat." I laughed.

"Yeah, I guess it beats a normal house," I teased, and he shoved me playfully. "You hungry?" I asked, crossing into the kitchen, dumping my schoolbag on the ground. He nodded eagerly.

"Hi mom!" I said brightly, waving at her. She looked like she'd had a busy day-papers were scattered all around her, she looked frazzled.

"Hi, Vikkie," she said, looking up from what she was writing to give me a smile. "There are cookies on the counter if you're hungry." She cast a look at Kane, and raised her eyebrows, smiling at me. I blushed.

"Hi Mrs Hook," Kane said politely. She smiled at him.

"Hello, Kane. Call me Diana." James walked in and quickly spied the cookies, smirking at me.

"Oatmeal and chocolate. Nice, mom," he called, and stole about five.

"Hey!" I protested, and he gave me a grin, trying to ruffle my hair, but I dodged him. I tried to wrestle the cookies away from him but he held on tight, tickling me to make me let go.

"Jerk," I told him, passing Kane two of the four cookies that were left. "It isn't like you need them", I told my brother, who gave me a lopsided oatmeal smile.

"Growing boy," he managed with a grin as I looked at him disgustedly. Boys. Did they ever learn not to talk with their mouth full? Noo.

"Yeah, sure," I muttered, and we went outside to sit on the deck, swinging our legs over the edge and soaking in the warm sunshine.

"Are you scared?" I asked him after a while. He shrugged, but then nodded.

"Yeah. You?"

"Yeah," I said quietly. We sat in a comfortable, thoughtful silence for a while longer before he groaned, standing up to stretch his long legs.

"C'mon. We aren't getting our assignment done by sitting here."

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James POV

"I'm going out to the Wanderers," I told my father, who glanced up and nodded.

"Alright. That saves me some trouble, I've business tonight. Be careful, son." I rolled my eyes as I left the boat and headed into the forest. I knew that the Wanderers would probably be on the west side at this time or year, so once I was in the forest I started to head that way. They were strange people-not quite like the Indians, more mysterious and cryptic, less friendly. I was interested in the legends and tales they had about ShadowCreatures and figured that if anyone would know what was going on these days, it might be them. I walked for about twenty minutes, then flew some, and was nearing the camp when I heard a whistle of wind in the near-silent forest. My instincts pricked and I turned, hearing a twig or two crack as footsteps neared me. Ducking behind a tall, thick tree I waited, and then saw a flash of colour pass as I realised who it was.

It was-rather, had been-Ally-maybe she'd been to see the wanderers as well? Didn't seem likely, she was running parallel to the camp, not to or from it. Feeling like an idiot, I checked around, making certain that she wasn't running from something. A completely irrational fear overcame me as I imagined the D'Laqua girl, or the one found just a few nights ago, but this time, in my head, it was Ally's face, Ally's blood...I shuddered, shaking off the stupid thought, and continued.

"Summer," I said curtly, reaching the edge of the camp, and the colourfully-dressed middle aged woman nodded at me.

"Go in. Raine and Harlan's tents are next to the campfire. They are expecting you." I rolled my eyes. Of course they were. Raine and Harlan were the nomadic leaders, and also mystics. Apparently, the rumours that they had special gifts had some merit, but I'd always believed they were to be taken with a healthy dose of salt. Aware of the many eyes on my back as I walked through the simple campsite, weaving through children and animals, I entered the tent.

"Come in, Hook," said the musical voice of Raine. I entered, grimacing when I smelled the incense.

"We expected you," said Harlan's voice. Both were old with white ahir and strange golden eyes, yet had young features only aged by a profound kind of wisdom.

"You are here to ask us if we have any knowledge of the DarkCreatures," Raine said. I nodded. Well, I thought. At least there's no beating around in the bush. She continued.

"Our kind do not work like this. We know many things, but the time for knowing is not yet here."

"I understand," I began to say. "But I come on behalf of the Guardians. Surely you've heard about the attacks." Both faces sobered.

"A great tragedy, Harlan said gravely. And many great tragedies yet to come." The way Raine regarded me, with knowing eyes made me uncomfortable. She seemed to be able to see deeper into me than I was comfortable with. Suddenly she smiled.

"I like you," she said suddenly. Oh, Brilliant. Do me a favour, and give me a straight answer, will you? "You have a good heart. In time, you will have to choose whether to use it or not. You are capable of great goodness, but also great darkness." What?

"I don't understand," I said flatly. "But the ShadowCreatures-"

"-Walk among us," Harlan said harshly. "Monsters, young man, do not always take the shape of a beast. They may be people you trust and respect. A friend, a mentor, a-he smiled knowingly-pretty girl."

"The Guardians would be wise to listen to what the shadow creatures say," Raine chimed in. "In their own way, they are wise. Much like the Wanderers, they are capable of Foresight, but whilst ours is clear, theirs is flawed. They are here, as you know, but not in great numbers. They walk our lands, swim our waters and fly our skies."

"Did you see them?" I urged, thinking-stupidly-that I might be getting somewhere. Think again, sonny boy.

"I See many things," Raine said tiredly. "I see our past, our future. I see many different outcomes- all different, all dangerous. There is war coming."

"We have not Seen where they hide," Harlan said brusquely. "They hide themselves well."

"The real danger comes not from the ShadowCreatures," Raine said quietly. "It lies within the Guardians of Neverland themselves. United, the Darkeland might be vanquished. Divided, Neverland as we all know it is doomed to fall."

One headache later I stumbled from the tent, my head spinning. They seemed to suggest that the Guardian Families were planning to turn on each other. War is coming. Those words rang in my head. Against who? For what? Why? I walked slowly, trying to straighten out the hidden meaning behind those words. Suddenly coming back to the real world, I groaned as I saw a group of people ahead. It was the Losties, and relations between my family and them had been strained at the best of times-and this was certainly not the best of times. About four of them were there, and as I tried to sidestep, not looking forwards to this confrontation, Riley blocked my path.

"Hook. Where've you been?" He challenged. I shrugged.

"None of your business."

"Actually, it is," he shot back. I sighed, exasperated.

"To the Wanderers. That good enough for you?" Clearly not, because he stepped closer, eyes narrowed.

"You stay the hell away from them."

'Nothing stopping me," I said lightly, trying to humour him.

"What did they tell you?" Another one, Niro, called. He was about my height, with get black hair and dark skin. I shrugged again.

"Not much. I asked about the ShadowCreatures. Got a half-hour of mumbo-jumbo in return." A few of them chuckled with me, but Niro crossed his arms.

"Edward sent you on Guardian business?" He asked, skepticism clear in his tone.

"So what?" I challenged, my temper rising. It took quite a bit to get my temper up, and these guys were making fast work of doing so. My consolation was that I seemed to be having the same affect on them. Niro shoved me, I shoved him back.

"Don't touch me," I growled.

"Stay away from the forest," he growled back. "You stay away from Ally, as well."

"Whoa!" Yelled another voice as both of us were shoved away from each other. Ally glared at both of us, then the others.

"What were you lot doing, enjoying the show?" She snapped. They grumbled, some looked a little sheepish. She turned her gaze to me.

"What the hell's going on?" She demanded. I shrugged.

"He started it."

"Good thing I'm finishing it, then," she retorted. "God, you're all such asses." I glanced down at her, and realised she must have still been running, and ran straight in to us. She was barefoot, wearing cutoff denim shorts and a red tank top, her cheeks flushed from the exertion of running and telling us off. Jesus. Focus, James, I told myself. Now's not a great time to be checking her out.

"Where've you been?" She asked, her tone slightly less aggressive.

"I went to see Harlan and Raine," I told her. Her brow crinkled.

T"he Wanderer's?" I nodded. "And?" She asked.

"Not very much. Told me there's ShadowCreatures here. Nothing we don't know."

"Great," she muttered. "I'm going with Dad to the Indians tomorrow. Maybe that'll be more useful." One of the Losties-Sam?- put an arm around her shoulder, and a surge of-jealously?-filled me, embarrassingly strong.

"Let's go. Going to be dusk soon," he told her. She rolled her eyes, clearly not relishing the fact that she couldn't be out along in the forest too late. Even though she knew the risks very well, she was fiercely independent, something that never failed to intrigue him.

"Fine. Race you home," she challenged, and both took off between the dark green trees, laughing. I turned to head back home, and Niro stepped closer to me, his black eyes dangerous.

"I see how you look at her," he growled. "Stay away from her. If you hurt her, we'll hurt you." I frowned and began to retort, but he shook his head.

"Consider this your warning, Hook," he told me abruptly, and then turned, striding back into the forest.

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